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    Yoga Online: 16 channels to practice wherever you want

    Yoga Online: 16 channels to practice wherever you want

    por Equipe AllYourVideogames | out 7, 2022 | Youtube | 0

    The practice of yoga has become increasingly common, as it brings numerous health benefits.

    Through the internet it is possible to do yoga online from wherever you are.

    The purpose of yoga is:

    • Connect body and mind, through exercises that are able to reduce the level of stress and anxiety;
    • Relieve pain and result in balance, making you sleep better, bringing well-being and mood in everyday life. 

    Yoga can be practiced by people of all genders and ages, even children.

    But to start noticing the benefits of this activity, it takes at least 6 months.

    It's like a gym, the result comes with the time and effort of those who practice bodybuilding, combined with good eating habits and mental health. 

    In view of this, we made a list of some YouTube channels that offer free classes, which you can practice without leaving your home, during a trip or anywhere else.

    Just be connected to the internet to practice yoga online.

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    Yoga online: the 16 best YouTube channels to practice

    1. Shanti house

    The Casa Shanti channel has a variety of videos to practice yoga online with a professional as a guide.

    The channel has classes for beginners and intermediate and advanced classes.

    In addition, the channel also talks about meditation, Ayurveda (Indian therapy) and spirituality, with several videos on the subjects, interviews, chats and guided meditation and relaxation.

    2. Yoga for You

    The “Yoga para você” channel is quite complete, with very detailed and complete classes.

    The channel helps very well especially those who are beginners and even has a podcast.

    There are playlists teaching yoga postures, others for deep relaxation, meditation, tips, guided meditation and also breathing exercises.

    Discover the Yoga for You channel and start practicing today!

    3. Fernanda Cunha Yoga

    The FernandaCunhaYoga channel, in addition to offering yoga and guided meditation classes, also has several videos explaining a little more about yoga, the myths and truths and much more.

    Anyone who wants to change their lifestyle will definitely like to know this channel.

    4. NAMU

    The NAMU channel helps you on your way to a healthier life in all aspects, with online yoga classes, pilates and also gastronomy classes with healthy recipes.

    It also has several videos full of tips, such as correct breathing in yoga, benefits of Hatha Yoga, how to activate the chakras and a multitude of other things.

    On the NAMU website, it is also possible to find quality of life courses and free materials.

    5. At Leite Yoga

    One of the best-known channels on YouTube is that of yoga instructor Pri Leite, containing classes of all kinds, from flexibility to classes for pregnant women.

    It has online yoga classes for all tastes.

    The classes are very didactic and easy to follow, being totally free and of great value.

    6. Pura Temple of Arts

    The “Pura Temple of Arts” Channel is focused on Hatha Yoga, the classic modality of yoga with slower movements, in order to rest the mind and reflect.

    It has classes available for complete beginners, and among them, a class on how to use breathing to ease anxiety and improve balance.

    Yoga Online: 16 channels to practice wherever you want

    7. Yoga with Cainara

    “Yoga com Cainara” is a channel more aimed at children, as we mentioned, yoga is also suitable for children, bringing the same benefits and improving the quality of life of the little ones.

    Despite this, there are also classes for adults and online yoga classes for seniors.

    8. Fernanda Yoga

    Professor Fernanda's channel is also complete, full of educational videos related to yoga and classes so you can practice yoga online.

    According to the channel, we can find videos of:

    • How to do yoga postures;
    • Exercises to relieve and prevent pain;
    • Yoga to strengthen and tone the body;
    • Yoga to sleep well;
    • Yoga to wake up well;
    • Meditations and much more.

    9. Bruna Bali

    Yoga teacher Bruna Bali's channel is aimed at women, as she works exclusively with the female audience.

    Her Yoga classes are mainly aimed at women who suffer during their menstrual period, teaching yoga to help with pre-menstrual tension days, as well as raising self-esteem and stimulating female empowerment.

    10. Amanda Dreher

    On the channel of businesswoman, therapist, writer and speaker Amanda Deher, you will find, in addition to online yoga classes, videos teaching techniques and mental triggers for you to improve your life.

    There are also meditation videos teaching you how to do an Emotional Detox and calm your mind.

    11. Yoga With Adriene

    Despite not being a Brazilian channel and its videos are in English, the “Yoga With Adriene” channel is also a good option to practice yoga online.

    There are several videos available and there is no need for you to know English.

    Just follow the teacher.

    12. Dynamo Play

    On the “Dynamo Play” channel there are several classes aimed at different purposes.

    It has abdominal exercises, pilates, functional bodybuilding, tips to end back pain, tips to lose weight, HIIT classes and of course: online yoga classes.

    13. Babi Rezende

    Teacher Babi Rezende's channel is full of yoga classes and very interesting tips on how to incorporate the practice of Yoga in everyday life in a simple way.

    On the channel we also find tips on how to deal with anxiety and cure it, in addition to lives, tips on postures and guided group meditations.

    14. Yoga Practices

    The channel “Practice of Yoga” presents several yoga classes with specialized teachers.

    They include yoga for runners, inclusive yoga, classic Hatha, restorative yoga, meditation and more.

    15. Prana Yoga

    “Prána Yoga” has videos teaching yoga for beginners, tutorials on body techniques, breathing and meditation techniques, sleep meditation, among others.

    It is a complete channel that is worth following, whether to practice yoga online or just to practice meditation and find balance between body and mind.

    16. Yoga Mudra Raissa Zoccal

    Raissa Zoccal's channel already has almost 1 million subscribers.

    There you will find everything you need to start the transformation within you through yoga.

    There are yoga classes, chats, tips and many guided meditation videos to help you start this activity that brings so many benefits to our body and psychological.

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    Benefits of Yoga

    1. Decreases anxiety

    The first great benefit to be mentioned is the control we can have over anxiety and stress, since, when the balance that yoga seeks is achieved, body and mind are connected and relaxed and tend to bring a feeling of well being and inner peace.

    Anxiety can affect our lives as a whole, making us unable to do even the simplest tasks of the day.

    Therefore, it is extremely important that we know how to take care of our mind and keep it stable. 

    2. Helps in weight loss

    Yes that's right!

    Depending on the type of class and exercise practiced, yoga can help you lose weight.

    But the biggest cause of this, in fact, is because of the aforementioned benefit.

    With anxiety under control, it will certainly be easier to maintain a healthy diet, without wanting to take out all your emotions on food and ingesting more calories than you should.

    3. Increases physical endurance

    Yoga is also capable of making you gain lean mass, and it is also possible to improve muscle strength, keeping the body in shape, as the mind gets along with the physique.

    4. Relieves body aches

    If you suffer from body aches, such as leg pain from sitting or standing for a long time or back pain, for example, you can invest in yoga without fear.

    In addition to all these benefits, we can still mention the improvement of self-esteem and self-confidence, concentration in studies and work, among others.

    Soon, we realized that yoga can improve our quality of life 100% and that it is worth practicing.

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