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    Living in the present: Do you suffer from the “have to” syndrome?

    Living in the present: Do you suffer from the “have to” syndrome?Living in the present: Do you suffer from the “have to” syndrome?

    by Camila Porto | Nov 14, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Have you ever thought of something when it can't be done? Could it be that instead of live the present, do you always think about the future? In today's post I'm going to talk about the "have to" syndrome.

    Imagine the following situation:

    You are having dinner with your husband or out with some friends, and suddenly in the middle of the conversation with the person you say:

    "My God! Look, today we have to go to the supermarket after dinner”, or “My God! We have to take out the garbage after we finish dinner.”

    I believe you have already experienced such a situation!

    Learning to live in the present

    This is the kind of situation where you think of a certain thing, but it can't be done at that moment.

    It starts to consume your dinner, your leisure time and your life, being something that cannot be resolved at that moment. This is the “have to” syndrome.

    I heard this story from coach Geronimo Thelm, he talks a lot about the issue of productivity.

    How to solve the “have to” syndrome?

    Basically, Geronimo says to make a “must deposit”.

    It works like this:

    You're having dinner with your wife, and you say, "Honey, we have to go to the supermarket."

    Instead of having that thing in your head consuming your energy and not letting you live that moment with your wife, Geronimo suggests that you put this activity in the “must deposit”.

    As soon as the “must” syndrome hits, you grab your cell phone or somewhere you can jot it down, and create your activity depot.

    It can be in an app like Evernote, a note-taking app, or email it to yourself, whichever you prefer.

    Write down “Going to the Supermarket”, download this “must” and let it stop consuming your energy.

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    Living in the present is more important than worrying about the future

    If you suffer from the “have to” syndrome, having this deposit is very important. So you can live in the present without your head being in the future, thinking about the things you need to do.

    The time will come when you will put several things in your “must have” deposit and it will get huge.

    The cool thing is that in idle hours, you take your list and start crossing out activities. Without them consuming you at other important moments 😉

    Camilla's tip

    I put everything I want in my “must have” deposit, and once a week I check it out.

    I usually set aside time in my week to solve my “musts”. I go in there, and a lot of the things I put in that warehouse have resolved themselves.

    These are things that could consume my energy, but time simply took care of them. I didn't necessarily have to do anything to get it resolved.

    Often, just because we have free time, we create tasks that don't need to take our time, as they are resolved naturally.

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    I want to know if this idea will help you to live in the present and not be thinking about things you have to do, but not right now.

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