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    5 apps to turn photo into drawing

    5 apps to turn photo into drawing

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 17, 2022 | Technology |

    I bet you've ever looked at a drawing and thought it was a photograph it was so perfect, right? Not everyone has the gift or can develop techniques to make a good drawing. Above all, even if you can't draw, some apps can gift you with beautiful works. In this post, you will see apps to turn photo into drawing.

    The idea of ​​this post is to introduce you to five apps and the main features that differentiate one from the other. Thus, you will see image editors that transform photos into pencil drawings, comics, avatars, Renaissance paintings and even characters in the style of 8-bit games.

    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    1. Pencil Photo Sketch

    The Pencil Photo Sketch app, the name is already self-explanatory, is a perfect app for you who want a photo as if it were a handmade drawing. There are several effects. If you take the time to edit a photo, you will even be able to make fun of a friend saying that you made a cartoon with just a pencil.

    The App is available for Android and iOS. It's free, but you can pay to remove the ads or buy an effects resolution pack.

    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    2. Comedy

    If you are a comic book fan, you will definitely love the Comica app. In it, you can choose your images from the gallery or take a selfie. From there start editing using filters, placing balloons and stickers. Another very cool feature is being able to create a complete story in the style of comics with the “Multi” option.

    The app is available for free for Android. If you want to use more effects, remove ads or edit your photos in 4K, there is a paid version.

    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    3.Portrait Al

    If you've already received those chants that call you a work of art, with Portrait Al really doing that is possible. The app has a filter that transforms photos into Renaissance paintings. With just one selfie, the app generates three different “frames”, which you can save to your gallery and then share on social networks. The end result of each effect is very interesting.

    The app can be downloaded for Android or iOS systems. However, be aware: Portrait Al is only available for free for three days. After this period, you will need to buy a license if you want to continue using it.

    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    4. MojiPop

    MojiPop is a kind of social network for photos turned into avatars. In addition to creating your own edit, you can follow images from other users around the world. After choosing a photo from your gallery or taking a selfie on the spot, the app analyzes your physical features and gives you an image with a realistic avatar, which you can edit and add accessories.

    The app is available for Android and iPhone for free, but some features can only be used with the premium version.

    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    5. 8Bit Photo Lab, Retro Effects

    This app is for 8-bit game lovers. If you want to transform photos with effects in the style of older games, 8Bit Photo Lab, Retro Effects will suit your needs. The application has more than 50 color palettes, including: GameBoy, Game Boy Advance, NES, 7/70, Amstrad CPC 6128, Apple II, ZX Spectrum, Commodore 16 and 64, VIC 20, CGA , EGA, Atari ST, Amiga, VGA.

    The app is available for free only on the Google Play Store. You can also opt for a PRO version that increases the amount of features.

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    Apps to turn photo into drawing

    All five of the listed apps are photo editing apps, but each has its own characteristics and strengths. Take your photo and use one of the funniest effects apps that have been listed and have fun.

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