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    11 Applications to Make Business Card (Updated)

    Check out 11 apps to make business cards without spending anything! Your business card is the first impression your customer has of you and it is important that this first impression is perfect. You can do this on your Android phone or iPhone using simple tools to create and edit designs worthy of specialist graphics.

    Developing and creating a business card becomes a much easier task with the applications that we have separated for you. Check it out now!


    • Canva Graphic Editor
    • Digital Business Card Maker – Visiting Cards
    • Card Maker & Logo App
    • free business card
    • Card Maker Creator
    • Business Card Maker
    • Business Card Creator
    • Branding Template Editor
    • Business Card Maker & Creator
    • Digital Business Card Maker
    • Free Visiting Card Maker

    Canva Graphic Editor

    Canva is a famous free post and image maker and has a special business card creation section. There are dozens of templates ready to edit, choosing the art, font and color that the user wants.

    Canva Graphic Editor is available for:

    Android IOS

    Digital Business Card Maker – Visiting Cards

    Novo 12/08/2022

    This app has a fantastic platform to help you create beautiful cards from existing shapes and easy-to-use editing tools. There are many templates for making detailed business cards. Very complete and free. Check out!

    Digital Business Card Maker – Visiting Cards is available for:

    Card Maker & Logo App

    The app meets the needs of virtually all users who want to develop their own beautiful and creative business card. The application has several tools that will help you in a simple and easy way to make the perfect business card.

    Business Card Maker & Logo App is available for:


    free business card

    This app has 75+ free business card templates for you to edit according to your preference. It also allows you to use all your creativity creating a design from scratch for your cards. Worth a try!

    Free Business Card 75 Photo Templates Create is available for:


    Card Maker Creator

    Create your business cards in 5 minutes – that's what this app promises for iOS users. An easy-to-use app, with lots of templates to choose from and customize. Use all your creativity to assemble cards with unusual formats and surprise your contacts.

    Business Card Maker, Creator is available for:


    Business Card Maker

    If you seek 100% customization to make your card then this app will solve everything for you. Here you can use the logo maker to create business cards in standard or vertical format.

    Business Card Maker is available for:


    Business Card Creator

    This is one of the easiest and most practical apps to use to create your business card. It has templates, fonts and icons that can make your card beautiful and personalized in a few minutes. Really a free and practical solution to make your cards. It's worth downloading and testing!

    Business Card Creator is available for:

    Android IOS

    Branding Template Editor

    Create professional business cards with QR code! The app contains a multitude of tools with templates, fonts and an image editor to make your card personalized. Usability is also a strong point of this app, very easy and intuitive to move and make your cards.

    Business Card Maker – Branding Template Editor is available for:


    Business Card Maker & Creator

    It's not that simple to use, but once you get the hang of it, it's easy to create amazing artwork for your business card with Business Card Maker & Creator. It allows you to assemble the card from scratch and for that it has a series of text and image editing tools to facilitate the creation

    Business Card Maker & Creator is available for:


    Digital Business Card Maker

    This business card creation tool has several templates and allows you to make many changes and make the design your own. The idea of ​​the application is to transport your company to the customer's hand. It's worth trying the app and turning your card ideas into reality!

    Digital Business Card Maker is available for:


    Free Visiting Card Maker

    Make your business card using fonts, images and logo, create your design and transform your company's image into a beautiful business card – this is the proposal of the application that has numerous image and text editing tools.

    Business Card Maker Free Visiting Card Maker photo is available for:


    Have you just graduated or are you starting a new business? Check out more lists of apps below that will help you!

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