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    How to apply for PicPay credit card?

    How to apply for PicPay credit card?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 5, 2022 | Shopping |

    If you do not know How to apply for a Picpay credit card, you've come to the right place. We'll show you a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to place your order without leaving home. That's right! To apply for your PicPay Card, it is not necessary to face long lines at a bank or an establishment. All you need is a computer or mobile device with internet access. 

    After reading this post, it will be easier to enjoy all the benefits of the credit card.

    And, so that you have no doubts if the PicPay card is the best solution for your pocket, let's talk about the following topics:

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    How to apply for PicPay credit card?

    The process to apply for your PicPay card is simpler than it sounds. It is not necessary to be a technology expert to have access to the advantages offered by the credit card. 

    Check it out: first, you must download the PicPay app, which is available on the App Store and Google Play. It is secure and your data will not be shared on the internet.

    Afterwards, we recommend creating a PicPay account. Then click on “Request my card”.

    In some cases, the credit option may not be available to the user in the app. However, you don't have to worry. This is because the system is analyzing your data.

    As soon as you have news about your monthly income assessment, you will be informed through your digital account. 

    How to apply for PicPay credit card?


    When learning how to apply for a PicPay credit card or any other type of service, many people click on various links.

    To avoid scams and future problems, always give preference to the official PicPay Card website or to our articles here on the blog. We only prioritize trusted links.

    So, remember to take care of your data security, okay? 

    Who can apply for the PicPay credit card? 

    Now that you know how to apply for a Picpay credit card, let's find out who can be entitled to this benefit? 

    Before downloading the application, it is important to make it clear that the PicPay credit card is only available to people who are at least 18 years old.

    If you haven't reached this age group yet, you can take advantage of the benefits that are available in the debit function for customers over 16 years old. 

    How does the PicPay credit card work?

    PicPay Card works like any other type of credit card. The customer makes a purchase, informs his data and makes the payment only on the next invoice. 

    Many people still have doubts if the PicPay card is credit or debit. Now, you can take advantage of this option in both ways, ensuring more practicality for your routine. 

    What are the benefits of the PicPay card? 

    The PicPay card brings several advantages to customers. Find out which are the most important below:

    No annuity fee 

    You know that annoying feeling of applying for a credit card and being surprised by the annuity fee and hidden fees at the end of the month? If you've ever been through this kind of situation, you've probably been quite annoyed and worried about the costs that weren't foreseen in the budget, right? 

    With PicPay Card you don't have to worry. It has no annuity fee or hidden fees on the bill.

    In this way, you guarantee good savings and you can spend this amount on an order in a delivery app, subscribing to a streaming service or simply investing the money. 

    So, if you hear around that the PicPay credit card has an annual fee, ignore this type of information, as it is fake news. 

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    Cashback is a term that was created in the United States and has conquered our countrymen. It is a reward program in which the consumer buys a particular product or service and receives part of the money back. 

    On PicPay Card, it works as follows: when the consumer uses the card in the credit function and registers in the PicPay digital wallet, he guarantees 5% of the amount back. To be entitled to this benefit, the transaction must be carried out in the following ways. 

    • Via QR Code in Cielo, Getnet and Rede machines; 
    • Establishments registered in PicPay Empresas;
    • PicPay Store; 
    • Partner sites (virtual stores that authorize transactions with PicPay).

    Practicality Question

    Practicality is another very interesting feature of the PicPay card.

    You can make this type of payment at any store, such as: bakeries, restaurants, gas stations, supermarkets, among others. It is accepted in many establishments. 

    Security Question 

    If you are looking for security in an application, PicPay is one of the best alternatives on the market. It contains the “technology approached, paid”. In it, you do not need to put your credit card in the machine.

    Just zoom in to complete the order. 

    Mastercard brand 

    Another interesting benefit of the PicPay Card is that it is operated by the Mastercard brand. It is one of the best alternatives when it comes to credit cards.

    Furthermore, it is accepted not only here in our country, but also abroad. You can make purchases in national and international stores, with practicality and safety. 

    Mastercard Surprise Program 

    If you like a benefits program, Mastercard Surprise is a great suggestion.

    Through it, you earn one point for each transaction made on your credit card, debit card and prepaid card.

    The dynamics are simple: the more the customer accumulates points, the more chances he will have to make exchanges for various rewards. Mastercard Surpreenda has partnerships with several establishments. 

    Unlike other alternatives available on the market, here there are partnerships for various types of profiles. So, you don't run the risk of getting accumulated points without knowing where you can spend the benefit.

    payment in installments 

    One of the main advantages of PicPay Card is the possibility of paying your bills in up to 12 installments using the credit function.

    It's a great benefit, especially in those months when it's hard to keep all your bills up to date. 

    Pay friends in installments 

    If you are also having trouble paying your friends, we have good news: with Picpay Card, you can pay your debts in installments using the credit function.

    However, take special care so that these financial problems don't get in the way of your budget even more, okay? 

    cash withdrawals

    The PicPay Card customer can withdraw money not only in the credit function, but also in the debit function. This benefit is limited according to the balance that is available in your wallet or the credit limit. 

    To withdraw any amount with the Debit card, the customer can go to a Banco24horas ATM. (Note: the amount received from the cashback cannot be redeemed).

    Cash withdrawal also has some rules. The credit card user can use this service for free only once. In other opportunities, a fee of R$6,90 is charged for each withdrawal. A free withdrawal is renewed every month. 

    Another point that we must take into account is that the withdrawal amounts contain a limitation. Know the rules below:

    • Minimum amount per withdrawal: R$20;
    • Maximum value per day: R$1.000;
    • Maximum amount per month: R$5.000.

    There are no mysteries to use the Banco24Horas ATM. Initially, you must place the card in the terminal. At this time, be careful not to pull the card out of the machine for the transaction to complete. 

    Then tap the green screen to continue. Then choose the Current Account option. Enter the desired amount for withdrawal and enter your password. Ready. Process completed successfully. 

    In the credit functions, the customer will be charged a fee in the amount of R$9,90 for the withdrawal made in our country. If the withdrawal is made abroad, the amount is R$19,90. In it, the IOF (Tax on Financial Operations) is added.

    For withdrawals at airports in our countries, an additional fee is usually charged to the consumer. 

    Is the PicPay credit card safe? 

    Yes. It belongs to one of the best payment apps on the market known as PicPay. This technology aims to improve the financial transactions that are made between customers and companies.

    You can also make apportionments between friends, relatives and co-workers, in addition to paying a bill without bureaucracy. 

    The power of PicPay in the market is impressive. To give you an idea, it has more than 50 million registered users. In total, more than R$3 billion in transactions are made every month through the app. 

    It is accepted in more than five million establishments, being authorized on Cielo, Rede and Getnet machines. All of this is operated with the help of more than 2.100 employees who are spread across offices in our city and Vitória. 

    These numbers show how much PicPay is a recognized brand in the market and valued by its customers.

    The number of users on the system is a great proof of how many people are safe and confident with the technology that is offered by the company. And the PicPay credit card follows the same characteristics. 

    After discovering how to apply for a PicPay credit card, follow us on social media and learn about other important tips for your pocket. We have an Instagram profile and a Facebook profile. Follow up!

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