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    Sorocred telephone and company service channels

    Sorocred telephone and company service channels

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 28, 2022 | Finance | 1 comment

    Do you know him Sorocred phone? Actually, do you know this company?

    With more than 20 years in the market, Sorocred is a company that was born in Sorocaba and operates in the area of ​​market finance.

    It stands out for always reaching thousands of customers every year, in addition to offering several financial opportunities for Sorocred credit card, investment and loan options. 

    Now, Sorocred serves the market under the name of Afinz, but the operation and services are still the same as before.

    Due to its importance and the large number of people who use the services of this company, it is important to always know the ways you have to get in touch.

    Seeking to make your life easier, we have separated Sorocred telephone and the other means of communication of the company.

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    Sorocred telephone and other means of contact

    Sorocred phone

    Sorocred telephone and company service channels

    If you want to talk about banking transactions, credit cards or other services, the Sorocred phone number you need to call is 0800 55 5515.

    This number is open from Monday to Saturday from 07 am to 22 pm.

    On Sundays and national holidays, the Sorocred telephone also works, however, with reduced hours: from 8 am to 18 pm. 

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    Sorocred Call Center

    If you are one of the customers who wants to talk about your contract with the company or ask questions, you will have to speak directly with a Sorocred attendant through the Call Center.

    For this, there are two numbers available: 

    • If you are an individual, you need to call Sorocred telephone: 4090-1730;
    • If you are a legal entity, the number will be different, and you will need to call the phone: 0800 771 7622.

    The opening hours of the Call Center are the same as mentioned above:

    • From 7 am to 22 pm from Monday to Saturday;
    • From 8 am to 18 pm on Sunday and national holidays. 

    Sorocred Ombudsman

    Sorocred telephone and company service channels

    If you want to make a suggestion, compliment or make a complaint about the company's services, you must call the ombudsman.

    The Sorocred phone for this is: 0800 772 0602.

    The ombudsman's office is open from Monday to Friday, from 10 am to 16 pm. 

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    Sorocred WhatsApp

    If you want to talk to the company via WhatsApp, keep in mind that Sorocred does not have a phone or a WhatsApp account to contact customers, or vice versa.

    So, it is valid to inform you so that you are aware, since several people use the company's name to try to apply scams and fraud via WhatsApp. 

    Thus, avoid passing on your phone, personal data, card photos and other information if someone with the name of Sorocred or Afinz sends a message in this application.

    Most likely this will be a blow, and you could do great damage. 

    Sorocred Chat

    The company's website also provides a chat between the Sorocred telephone and the media.

    In this way, you can have a faster and more practical service with chat than with other options.

    If you want to use this option, the access link is:

    You can go to the bottom of the page and fill in the form that is available, informing about what you are contacting and what you want to know or solve. 

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    Sorocred e mail

    Another option between Sorocred telephone and contact forms is via email, which can take a little longer to get a response.

    This is not a very suitable option for its customers, but for those who want to work with the company.

    The options for sending an email message are:

    • If you want to talk about marketing, send a message to:;
    • If you are from the press and want to get in touch, then the e-mail is: 

    Sorocred's social networks

    Sorocred also offers the possibility of serving customers through social networks, which now, it is worth mentioning, are under the name of Afinz.

    Just access the company's Facebook or Instagram.

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