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    How to download Reels from Instagram?

    How to download Reels from Instagram?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 7, 2022 | Instagram |

    Instagram short videos have gained more and more space among users and investment in platform resources. Whether to do audio dubbing, dances, quick tutorials or the famous challenges, better known as challenges. But what about you, do you know how to download Reels from Instagram?

    The social network gives you the possibility to download a Reels from your account after posting. Just access the video on the Reels tab of your profile, click on the 3 dots on the right sidebar and then on Save to Camera Roll (or Gallery). The only problem is that this file will download without the audio.

    Its biggest competitor today, TikTok, has the native option to download any video, even from other profiles. Provided, of course, that the user has activated this option in their profile or in the published video. We talk and show you how to do this in the post How to download TikTok without watermark.

    Even though you don't have this option in the app, it is possible to download Reels from Instagram with audio and from private accounts. Want to know how? Keep following this text.

    How to download Instagram Reels on mobile?

    The most practical way to download Instagram Reels is from your mobile phone. Since this way, it is easier to post the video on any of your social networks. For those who have a cell phone with the Android operating system, we discovered two applications. As for iOS, only one, but it's not free.

    But we are going to show you how to download Instagram Reels on iPhone for free, without needing any other apps. Learn how and learn about Android apps in the tutorials below!

    1. How to download Instagram Reels Android:

    To download Instagram Reels on your Android phone, you can use the app Download Instagram Videos – InStore or Reels Video Downloader – Instagram. The two work pretty much the same way, but let's show you the step-by-step of the second app:

    Step 1. Enter Instagram, open the Reels you want to download and tap on the 3 dots in the lower right corner;

    Step 2. Choose the option Copy link;

    Step 3. Get the app Reels Video Downloader by clicking on that link. Open it, paste the video link in the indicated field and tap the Download;

    Ready! That way, the video will be saved in your image gallery on your phone.

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    2. How to download Reels from Instagram iPhone:

    Now, downloading Instagram Reels on iPhone can be a little more work. We found the InSaver application, but to use it, you must subscribe to one of its plans. If you don't want to pay some money, you can use your mobile browser to download it.

    Does it take more work? Yes! But at least it's free. So we are going to show you a website to download Instagram Reels directly on your iOS phone. Follow the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Open Instagram and access the Reels you want to download (it can be yours or another user);

    Step 2. click on 3 dots that are in the upper right corner when the post is in Feed. If you are watching the video directly in the Reels tab, the 3 dots are in the lower right corner;

    Step 3. From the options, tap Copy link;

    Step 4. Access the website with your mobile browser SaveFrom.Net to download Reels online by clicking here;

    Step 5. Paste the video link in the indicated field and tap the down arrow button;

    Step 6. A preview will appear just below. To download Reels from Instagram click on Download MP4;

    Step 7. The video will open on your screen. Tap the share button and choose the option save to files;

    Step 8. Reels will be available in the folder Archives from your iPhone. Click on the Safari download icon located next to the address bar. Then tap the video name to open it;

    Step 9. Again, tap on the share button which is now located in the lower left corner;

    Step 10. Choose the option save video for Reels to be in your gallery of Photos iPhone.

    Reels downloaded to your cell phone and now just share the content.

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    How to download Reels from Instagram hair PC?

    In addition to mobile, you have the possibility to download Instagram Reels from your computer as well. For this you can use sites like SaveFrom.Netthe InstaVideoSave and the InstaDP. Basically they all work the same way.

    To teach you how to download video Reels online, we will use InstaDP as an example in the tutorial below:

    Step 1. Go to Instagram, enter profile, open Reels video, tap on 3 dots and click Copy link;

    Step 2. Enter the site InstaDP clicking on this link;

    Step 3. Paste the copied link in the indicated field and click the button Download;

    Step 4. Check and answer the CAPTCHA according to the website guidelines;

    Step 5. The site will automatically load a preview of the profile and also of the Reels chosen to download. click in Download just below the video;

    Step 6. A new page will load, right click on the video and then click Save video as…;

    Step 7. Choose the computer folder where Reels will be saved and confirm by clicking Save.

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    How to Download Private Instagram Reels?

    Not all Instagram users allow their content to be seen by anyone on the platform. They can make the profile a private account. In this way, only those the user authorizes to follow will be able to view the published posts, Stories, Reels and IGtvs.

    So, if the previous apps or tutorials don't work to download Instagram Reels, it's probably because the user account of the chosen video is private. But don't worry, we'll teach you how to get around this. For this you will need access to a computer.

    To download Private Instagram Reels follow the steps below:

    Step 1. Access the browser you want to use, click here and log in to your Instagram profile;

    Step 2. Enter the profile from which you want to download the video. Remember that you need to be a follower of him;

    Step 3. Open the Reels video in your browser and copy its link in the address bar;

    Step 4. Go to website link Save Instagram – Download from Private Instagram, clicking here;

    Step 5. Paste the Reels link in the first field;

    Step 6. A text will automatically appear in the field below. Copy it by clicking on the green written button Copy of;

    Step 7. Open a new tab or page in your browser. Paste the copied text in the address bar and click enter to access;

    Step 8. Select and copy all the source code that appears on the page. go back to website Save Instagram – Download from Private Instagram and paste in the text box of item 3;

    Step 9. Click on the button Vision;

    Step 10. A preview of the file will appear just below, click the green button below the video;

    Step 11. The file will appear on a black background, so to download Reels from Private Instagram, just click on it with the right mouse button, select the option Save video as…, choose the folder where it will be saved and confirm by clicking on Save.

    Always remember to respect the copyright of the videos you download. Mention in the caption and credit the original author.

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