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    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 10, 2022 | Social Networks | 4

    Have you ever searched for any free dating site for people over 40?

    There are several platforms for people aged over 40, ideal for those looking for people with different ideals and serious commitment.

    Love is ageless and the internet can make it easier to find someone who makes your heart beat faster.

    It doesn't compare to the traditional way of meeting someone, where maybe there is "love at first sight". In this case, love emerges little by little and during conversations, until face-to-face meetings arise.

    A new love is beneficial in many aspects of life, it brings back that butterflies in your belly and rejuvenates you, makes you have that feeling of renewal and curiosity to live the new. It is psychologically positive.

    It is undeniable that social networks contribute to flirting, but you can also take advantage of other tools that the web offers.

    With that in mind, we made a list of the best sites where you can find other users compatible with your profile.

    It is interesting to note that social networking sites are not limited to relationships between people of different sex.

    It is also possible to search for people of the same sex who want mature relationships.

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    Free dating site for people over 40: see the best

    To end loneliness, relate to someone more mature and experience new feelings, there are sites with an exclusive audience of middle-aged and elderly people.

    Check out the best ones below and which one best suits what you are looking for:

    1. Half Crown

    The Coroa Metade website is a specific platform for people over 40 and is very similar to the famous Tinder dating tool.

    In addition to the web version, an app version is also available for Android and iOS.

    It is a site that has a free package, which is the basic package but also has a Premium version that is paid and has some extra features.

    With Premium, you can “jump the queue” which means to appear more frequently to other users, know who has visited your profile, exchange messages unlimitedly, among others.

    Within the platform, you can configure your preferences and based on that, it will suggest people that match your tastes and goals.

    You can like the profile you are interested in and start a private chat.

    Regarding the basic free features you will come across the list of “matches”, blocked, favorites and limited chat.

    In addition, you can also filter your information and who it will be available to.

    To start using the platform, simply register or log in with your Facebook account.

    It is a very intuitive and simplified service. Within the platform, you will be able to search for someone by specific filters or through profiles that the site indicates and much more.

    2. Old Love

    Amor de Idade is a site aimed at people over 45 years old, but nothing prevents someone younger from registering and taking advantage of the tool.

    Many younger people are looking for a serious relationship with older people.

    On the platform, there is a lot of content about relationships, health and behavior.

    Just access it and register.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    3. Our Time our country

    One of the biggest sites for web dating is Our Time our country. Like the others, this one is also aimed at an exclusive audience, in this case for people over 50, who are looking for a serious relationship.

    The site has more than 1 million members and several features such as search filters, suggestions for compatible profiles, favorites, messages, photos and much more.

    But, it is important to note that the features of the free version are limited and the paid versions have plans starting at R$21,99.

    Despite being a site suitable for people over 50, you will also find people a little younger there, after all, the goal is just one: to give love a chance.

    In addition to the web version, you can also find the app available for Android and iOS.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    4. Singles50

    Singles50 is another site aimed at people over 50 years old. But anyone interested can register on the platform that analyzes personalities to indicate profiles aligned with their interests.

    It is free to register, but has features released in the Free version.

    With the Premium version, you have more freedom and autonomy within the site, such as the fact that you can access the photos of potential suitors and have unlimited chat.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    5. New Emotions

    Novas Emoções is another free dating site for people over 40 who are looking for a serious relationship and also for friendships that make you feel literally new emotions.

    Your registration is free through the site and it has a chat, where you can see who is online and start a conversation.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    6. Be2

    Despite not being an age-specific site, Be2 allows you to create your profile and filter your interests.

    Even the indications are based on the age you want your future suitor to be.

    Its registration and several features are free, but the paid version brings more freedom and ease to navigate within the platform and interact with other profiles and who knows how to engage in a relationship with one of them.

    You can also find the version of Be2 in an app for Android and iOS.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    7. Perfect Pair

    Par Perfeito is not a site specifically aimed at an older audience. There are people from 20 to 50 years old who are looking for a relationship.

    He is among one of the best known and most used to flirt online, so his flow of people is huge.

    Therefore, the chance of meeting someone compatible is also great.

    Following the pattern of the sites, Par Perfeito has a free and paid version. There are several types of plans that you can hire, if the free version is not enough to meet your needs.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    8. Bumble

    Bumble stands out for being a more serious and professional platform.

    The site has three modes, where you can search for friendships, business contacts or people for a romantic relationship.

    In other words, he ends up being more selective. Therefore, it has this characteristic of being safer, which ends up attracting people over 40 who are looking for something concrete.

    The service is available on the web and in an app version for Android and iOS.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    9. Zoosk

    Zoosk is also not a specific site for people over 40, but it can be used for that without any hindrance.

    The site will refer people according to what you are looking for.

    The site is present in over 80 countries and has a great reputation when it comes to security. Zoosk is able to perform account verification and its users can verify their respective accounts via phone number or Facebook account.

    The platform has several free tools. However, for better use, a monthly subscription is recommended, which allows you to send private messages.

    It has an app version for Android and iOS.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    10. My Sponsorship

    Finally, if you are older and looking for a younger person or vice versa and want something more casual, then you need to know Meu Patrocínio.

    The main idea of ​​the site is to encourage a type of “sugar relationship”, which consists of older men finding women who are in the prime of their youth to be their providers.

    This also goes for older women looking for younger guys and for people looking for someone of the same sex.

    How does it work? Basically, the younger person receives gifts, travel and treats in exchange for maintaining a loving relationship, combining love and stability.

    The site is the pioneer in our country in this segment and they guarantee that you and your partner have a pre-established agreement so that nothing happens that you don't want.

    Boundaries are set even before the first meeting.

    Free dating site for people over 40: Which are the best?

    Cautions when using a free dating site for people over 40

    The internet is a facilitator and ally for many things, but it can also be the gateway to countless scams and older people end up being targets for being more vulnerable and needy.

    Malicious people take advantage of these sites to apply their scams. They usually use a fake profile, impersonate someone with an attractive appearance and a perfect personality, but they just want to buy confidence so they can attack.

    One of the ways these criminals find to do this is by impersonating a person with financial problems and asking the victim to transfer an amount of money, and believe me: this happens very often.

    So, if you use the internet to flirt, be careful and stay tuned to the signs, always be aware and don't pass your personal data, bank details and address of your residence.

    For the first date, never book at your house or accept to meet the person at their house, choose public and busy places. If possible, let someone you trust know about the meeting and let them know the location.

    Also be careful on the way home. Take a taxi, for example, rather than hitchhiking with the person you went out with.

    But if you still come back with her, avoid inviting her in and be careful on the way. Do not hesitate to ask for help if you notice any suspicious behavior.

    With these precautions, you have a greater chance of protecting yourself, since, despite the digital world being full of benefits, it is also full of pitfalls, so all care is still little.

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