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    12 websites to watch anime online (free and paid)

    Watching your favorite anime on PC or cell phone is possible thanks to the various websites that make animations available online and legally. In some of them, streaming is free, while in others, you have to pay per episode or per month.

    There are drawings dubbed in Portuguese, English or with original Japanese audio. We've rounded up the best options below. Just open the browser and play!


    • Free with ad (or paid without ad and other benefits);
    • Episodes dubbed/subtitled in Portuguese.

    O Crunchyroll is the anime streaming service with over 30 episodes available. Most of the drawings have original Japanese audio and Portuguese subtitles. The platform allows you to watch animations for free with advertising.

    Already subscribers to paid plans have access to premieres first and can check out episodes one hour after they air in Japan. You can watch videos on PC, cell phone, video game and smart TV.

    Anime planet

    • Free with ads;
    • Few titles with Portuguese subtitles.

    Created by and for fans, the Anime planet is a streaming site that provides free and legally more than 45 anime episodes. You can find drawings like Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academy, Hunter x Hunter and more.

    It is possible to watch the videos in high definition with original audio and subtitles in Portuguese. The page also has a section dedicated to manga, where several titles are available for free.

    The service also allows you to interact with other fans of Japanese comics and animations, through a forum, Discord room and challenges. All in the track and without having to make any registration.

    Pluto TV

    • Free of charge;
    • Episodes dubbed/subtitled in Portuguese.

    A Pluto TV brings together in one place a live online TV service and video on demand transmission. As far as anime is concerned, there are titles dubbed in Portuguese and others with the original audio, subtitled in our language.

    Street Fighter II, Yu-Gi-Oh! Vrains, Beyblade are among the animations that are part of the catalog. The player, however, does not offer many features, such as changing playback quality or being able to select audio and subtitles.


    • Payment;
    • Episodes dubbed and subtitled in Portuguese.

    Not everyone knows, but the Netflix has a vast catalog of anime series and movies. Subscribers can watch both productions like Yusuke and Castlevania.

    One of the main advantages is the possibility of seeing the drawings dubbed in Portuguese, Japanese, English and other languages. Not to mention the option to check the videos on different devices and in high resolution, depending on the contracted plan.

    The downside is that Netflix is ​​paid and does not offer a free trial period.

    Amazon Prime Video

    • Payment;
    • Episodes dubbed/subtitled in Portuguese.

    A Amazon Prime Video also has a wide variety of anime in its catalog. There are classics such as InuYasha, Magical Warriors of Rayearth, Street Fighter, among others. And, of course, there is room for recent animations, such as pet and the praised Beatles.

    Some of the titles are dubbed into Portuguese, while others keep the original language, in Japanese, with subtitles. The user can choose the resolution in which he wants to watch the content and watch the videos on his PC, cell phone or smart TV.

    Amazon Prime Video is paid but offers a 30-day free trial.


    • Free of charge;
    • English subtitled episodes.

    O Tubes is a free video streaming platform, which has partnerships with major studios and a rich catalog with over 20 titles. Among them, anime like Street Fighter, Toriko and Bubblegum Crisis.

    The animations have original audio or dubbed in English, with the option of subtitles in English only. You can also select the quality you want to watch videos in the settings. There is no need to register to use the service.


    • Paid (with a 30-day free trial);
    • Episodes subtitled in Portuguese.

    hide is a streaming service specializing in anime, with over 500 titles. Movies and series have original audio, in English or Spanish, with subtitles in Portuguese. Videos can be watched in HD.

    The website makes episodes available shortly after they air in Japan. Content can be watched on PC, cell phone, video game and smart TV.

    The service is paid, but it allows you to do a free trial for a period of 30 days.

    Rakuten viki

    • Free with ad (or paid without ad and other benefits);
    • Episodes subtitled in Portuguese.

    O Rakuten viki is a video streaming platform dedicated to Asian productions. The animes are available with original audio and subtitles in Portuguese.

    The player offers screen mirroring feature to Chromecast or Android TV. In addition, it has the Watch Party function, which allows you to watch and comment online about programs with your friends.

    The list of designs is not long, but the service has expanded its catalog. Despite being free, subscribers to the Standard (paid) plan have access to some content first, in HD quality and without advertising.


    • Payment;
    • Episodes dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese.

    O Looke is a streaming service that, in addition to offering a subscription option, allows users to buy or rent movies and series. In terms of anime, the catalog has titles like Digimon, Yu-Gi-Oh, InuYasha and more.

    The animations are dubbed in Portuguese or in the original language, with the option of subtitles in Portuguese. It is possible to watch content on PC, cell phone, video game and smart TVs.


    • Free with ad (or paid without ad and other benefits);
    • Episodes with subtitles in Portuguese or English.

    Yes, YouTube can be a good place to watch anime online. The video platform has its own animations available for free on YouTube Originals. Among them, IDOLiSH7 Vibrato, a spin-off of the TV series IDOLiSH7.

    In addition, some specialized streaming services provide full seasons of some manga series. You can check out content on Crunchroll and Funimation's international channels.


    • Free with ad (or paid without ad);
    • Episodes with English subtitles.

    ConTV is a service created for fans of the Comic Con convention and has a section entirely dedicated to anime. The animations are dubbed in English or Japanese, with English subtitles, and most are available for free.

    Among the on-demand titles are Yu-Gi-Oh! Bonds Beyond Time, Kite, Blue Submarine No. 6, among others. The site also has a live channel, ConTV Anime, which shows animations of the genre 24 hours a day.


    • Free with ad (or paid without ad and other benefits);
    • Episodes dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese.

    Funimation is a good option for those looking for anime dubbed or subtitled in Portuguese. There are more than 200 series and movies to watch online.

    The site has animations for free, but many of them can only be accessed by users of the paid plan. Subscribers also have access to newly released videos in Japan already dubbed into Portuguese.


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