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    How to verify your Business Manager account

    How to verify your Business Manager account

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 2, 2022 | Facebook | 38

    Facebook recently started requiring new Business Manager accounts to be verified. We believe that the intention of the social network is to have greater control over who is serving ads on the platform.

    Some people are already reporting that without this verification they are unable to advertise. Other restrictions on the use of features, such as access to creating custom audiences for those who are not yet using Business Manager, are also already being imposed by Facebook.

    Therefore, in order to use Business Manager, verifying your account is important.

    The verification process is simple, it only requires you to send a document to Facebook that proves the existence of your company. In addition, you also need to prove the phone number and address of your business.

    What document to use?

    In its help center, Facebook gives examples of documents that can and cannot be used in the process.

    We use the CNPJ card, it is issued quickly over the internet and already has all the information required by Facebook, such as: phone and address. To access this document, you must:

    Step 1. Access the website of the Federal Revenue and in the area destined to the issuance of proof of registration and registration status, enter your company's CNPJ. Then confirm the captcha and click on query.

    Step 2. The Revenue will generate the document and then just download it. Once this is done, you will now have the proof you need to verify your Business Manager account.

    How to verify your Business Manager account

    Once you have the document you want to use to verify your Business Manager account on your computer, the process is simple and takes just a few minutes.

    Step 1. Go to Ads Manager and go to Business Settings;

    Step 2. On the screen that will open, go to company information;

    Step 3. Under Company Verification Status, click Start scan;

    Step 4. A popup will open. click in Advance and then fill in the requested data according to the document that you will send for verification.

    Step 5. Once this is done, you must upload the document you have chosen to prove the existence of your company and click on Advance.

    Step 6. You will now need to upload a document that proves your phone number and business address. If you chose to use the CNPJ card as we did, just load it again.

    Step 7. At this stage, Facebook will send you a code. You can choose to receive it via a call or email. Important: the email must have its own domain like ours that Gmail, Hotmail and other free providers are not valid.

    Choose which way you want to receive your code.

    Step 8. Once you receive the code, enter as prompted and click Check.

    Step 9. Once this is done, the process is complete. Just wait for a response from Facebook to let you know if your request to verify your Business Manager account has been confirmed.

    Verifying your Business Manager account is a simple, quick process and helps you gain access to the features provided by Facebook.

    Now, tell me here in the comments: has Facebook already required this verification for your account?


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