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    YouTube Clips: What is it and how to use it?

    YouTube Clips: What is it and how to use it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 9, 2022 | Youtube |

    Have you heard of YouTube Clips? Since its inception in mid-2005, YouTube has undergone several changes both to its terms of service and to its functionality. Initially the video platform only supported shorter content.

    Already today it is normal to find long videos like full movies and podcasts. Sometimes we want to share only specific moments of these contents, which ends up being a bit complicated. And for that, YouTube developed the YouTube Clips.

    What is YouTube Clips?

    YouTube Clips is a feature that allows the user (viewer and the content creator himself) to highlight small snippets of complete videos for sharing.

    At first the function was originally only available for live broadcasts. But YouTube has already released the function for regular video uploads as well. Clippings can average between 5 and 60 seconds in duration, and when generated, they can be shared via a unique URL that links back to the channel and helps the creator gain more engagement.

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    How to use YouTube Clips?

    The feature is still in limited alpha testing phase, and unfortunately not yet available for all channels.

    Altogether, it is not possible to have an estimate of the people selected to compose the test group. According to information from YouTube, priority will be given to gamer content creators. Channels that have the ability to create clips feature a button below the video viewer and next to ”Like” and ”Dislike” like the image below:

    YouTube Clips: What is it and how to use it?

    By clicking on “Clip”, a window will open where you can select the start and end time of your clipping, as well as add a title. Once this is done, the clip will be generated instantly and then just click on “Share Clip” to be able to send it to friends or post it on social networks.

    The user will also be able to create a clip by entering a timestamp of the start and end of the video or use the YouTube visual slider. An important detail is that you need to be logged in with your YouTube account to use the tool.

    YouTube Clips: What is it and how to use it?
    The clip has a public view count, allowing other users to see how many times that clip has been viewed.

    It's clear how useful YouTube Clips are for ordinary users. But even better for content creators, especially those who are still starting, as it is another way to promote their work and attract more viewers.

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    YouTube Clips: Channels of Cuts

    Something that has become popular mainly among those youtubers who usually make long-lasting content are the cut channels.

    It's a way of separating only the best moments from the videos and being able to reach an audience that often doesn't have as much free time to follow the videos or that simply prefers shorter videos.

    Even so, the average duration of these cuts is usually longer than the clips, reaching up to 15 minutes in some cases. It's not yet known if YouTube intends to keep the 60-second limit, but maybe if that time were expanded, it could be of great help to these creators.

    YouTube Clips: Deployment in our country

    Despite being new to YouTube, the function of creating clips was already very popular on other streaming platforms like Amazon's Twitch, for example.

    Although it is still restricted to a few channels, especially here in our country, YouTube has plans to expand these numbers by 10 times in the coming weeks. It will be a gradual increase until all users are able to use the feature to create clips from their own videos.

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