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    How to make a logo: 11 websites and apps to help you

    How to make a logo: 11 websites and apps to help youHow to make a logo: 11 websites and apps to help you

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 30, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Your brand's visual identity is very important for your business to stand out and stay in the consumer's mind. And you who still don't have it, you know how to make logo?

    For a successful marketing strategy, you need to pay attention to your brand as a whole and especially to your logo.

    Therefore, in this text today we will tell you what it is and how to make a logo.


    The first question that may come to your mind is “a logo is a logo?” Yes, it is! But the term is no longer used as it is an expression that was “to our countrymen”, so to speak. Another way of referring to a logo is just “logo”.

    Although many people refer to it this way, technically speaking, logo is just the visual image of the logo, like Apple's bitten apple, for example.

    Logo is the graphic and visual representation of your business brand, that is, the logo and name. In a market with a lot of competition, it is through it that the public will identify your service or product.


    Before we indicate some ways on how to create a logo for a company, we separate some points for you to think about before making yours or passing a briefing to a design professional.


    Think about the message you want to convey, as the logo needs to stick in your audience's memory and, if necessary, be easily adapted. So focus on simplicity.

    Want to take a test? Analyze the main brands currently, their logo and also the typography. Thus, you will see how easy it is to remember the logo and associate it with the company.


    Study who your potential consumer is, their persona, what problems your product or service solves, what their doubts are.

    We have the Persona Guide that can help you in this search.

    Another research you should do as a form of inspiration is other logos from the most diverse brands and also from your competitors. It's great to have references.

    Pay attention to the colors, the font, all the elements, what works and what doesn't.


    Design is an area that changes very often. Therefore, it is very important to be aware of what is trending and the elements that are lasting.

    There are sites that are constantly updated on trends, here are a few:

    – Behance

    – Logo of The Day

    – Designspiration

    – Brand New


    Did you know that color can influence your consumer's behavior and what your company wants to convey? Yes, there are several studies on color psychology and their meanings.

    To help you, we have an article here on the blog about the meaning of colors that sums it up well and can serve as a guide when you are thinking about your logo.

    In addition to colors, typography is also essential, as it will define and mark the identity of your logo.

    There are hundreds of font types, so do your research on the topic. We have a post here on the blog with some sites to download free fonts.


    If you are an entrepreneur who is starting out and does not have the money to invest in hiring a professional or company, we have separated some sites for you to create your own logo.

    1. WIX

    We already talked about Wix here when we taught you how to create a blog. But what you may not know is that on the platform you can also create your logo and download it for free.

    As stated on the Wix website: “with our Logo Maker, learn how to make a logo in just a few minutes, just by answering a few questions about your business and style”.

    You will be able to customize the logo and change color, font, text, size and much more. In addition, you receive all commercial use rights to any logos you create.

    If you need the high resolution or pre-sized files ready for social media, you can buy and download your logo at any time.

    2. WE DO LOGOS

    If you are looking for a simple, quick and easy way to make a logo, this We Do Logos website is ideal for you.

    Just put your brand name, choose one of the available icons and that's it. You can even change the font, colors, size, icon position and add a frame type.

    When finished, the logo will be sent to your email.


    Free Logo Design is a free logo maker and generator that enables entrepreneurs and small businesses to create professional logos in minutes.

    You don't need a lot of advanced technical skills to make a logo, as you can choose from hundreds of design options and then edit whatever you like.

    4. ZYRO

    Zyro's logo maker works very similar to We Do Logos, which we talked about earlier.

    You write the brand name, the slogan (if you want), choose the layout and a symbol for your logo. The difference is that you don't need to leave an email, you download it right away by clicking on download.


    If you are looking for something more advanced and professional, we recommend testing Logaster. With it, you can make your logo for free in a few clicks and download it in small size without watermark.

    Now if you want the file in high quality and with more options for stationery and social networks, for example, the paid plans are very affordable.


    On the Tailor Brands website, after answering a few questions to show the style and preferences of your business, you can make a logo. To view the result, you must register for free.

    After that, you are given some options, you choose the one you liked the most and you can still customize.

    But to download the files, you need to subscribe to one of the platform's paid plans. As they say: you only pay if you like it.


    With the Logo Maker website, you can make your logo in up to 9 minutes. Put the brand name, choose font, style and they will give you hundreds of ready-made options.

    If you like any of them, when you choose, you can edit the text, colors and font size. To be able to download, it is necessary to sign one of the platform packages.


    In addition to the website, there is also an application to create a free logo for your company. So, here are a few that can help you:

    1. CAN GO


    Available for: Android and iOS

    We're always going to praise Canva here, because it really does a little bit of everything and that includes logos. So much so that it has a page just for you to create a logo, with several free templates.

    If you want a complete and easy-to-use mobile app with high quality and resolution, download Canva.



    Available for: Android and iOS

    This is a specific application to create free logo on mobile, but it has a paid version with even more features.

    You can make an amazing logo just with the free tools available, such as: logo library, more than 270 fonts, text warping, screen format and much more.

    With InstaLogo, you can exercise your creativity at will.

    Learn More: Thinking with Type: A Guide for Designers, Writers, Publishers, and Students



    Available for: Android

    Logo Maker is a fast and easy-to-use application with many features. It includes a huge collection of stickers, graphics, shapes, backgrounds and textures to create a logo.

    With it, you can also create your promotional material, such as business cards, promotional posters, advertisements, offer announcements, cover photos, among others.

    The coolest thing about this app is that many of the paid functions are released if you watch an ad.



    Available for: iOS

    Yes, this is also an application called Logo Maker (in fact, there are several) but since they are from different companies, and one is for Android users and this one for iPhone, we put it in separate topics.

    Logo Maker also works on iPad and will help you spread your brand even if you have no design experience.

    Among the available resources are: 1.000+ editable and customizable logo templates, hundreds of fonts, backgrounds, filters and overlays.

    The only downside is that your logo will come out with the app's watermark in the free version.


    Many people think that making a logo is easy, as we have given you several tips on websites and apps for you to create one. Now if you want something really specialized, we suggest hiring a designer.

    To make a logo, the professional does a lot of research, uses his knowledge of design, which includes: colors, symbols, composition, concept and even psychology.

    All this to arrive at a logo that, in addition to being beautiful, is also functional and represents your company's business.

    So, if you can afford to invest in a professional, invest!

    But where to find professionals who know how to make a logo? You can hire freelancers or a design company. We have a list:

    - 99 Designs

    - We Do Logos

    - Fiverr

    - Getninjas

    - Workana

    - Freelancer

    - 99 freelancers

    - DesignCrowd

    - The Logo Company


    If, before learning how to make a logo, you are still thinking about what type of business to open, I invite you to read our text with 9 business ideas to start a business with little money.

    And you already have a logo for your business? Did you do it yourself or hire a professional? Tell us in the comments! 

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