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    How to bring up the subject on WhatsApp: 7 apps to help chat with crush

    Bringing up your crush or anyone else on WhatsApp, Instagram or whatever the platform may not be easy for everyone. After all, when you don't know each other very much, you have to be creative so the conversation doesn't end.

    For the salvation of those who are flirting or just want to make new friends, there are some apps created just for that purpose. They bring together interesting questions, beautiful phrases, nice compliments, games, jokes and even sing-alongs.

    makes your life even easier by gathering here the 7 best apps to chat on WhatsApp or wherever you want. Check out!

    1. Pull Subject

    Puxa Subject brings together more than 23 thousand phrases, divided into dozens of categories, so that the conversation never ends. Just to start a conversation, there are over 3 options.

    In terms of flirting, the user can count on the themes of Love phrases, Spicy messages, Crush, Sung, Compliments, Invite to go out, among others. There are also fun themes such as Trucker phrases, Riddles, Indirect, Repression, Puns and much more (really!).

    When you find content you like, you can copy it, add it to favorites and share it on WhatsApp or Facebook. You can even post them on Status or send them to someone.

    • Go Subject (free): Android

    2. I'm out of topic

    Tô without subject is another app option that brings together several options for phrases to inspire users. The texts are divided into very different themes, ranging from To Crush to Animes.

    There are even questions, which start with Why or Which and famous jokes in the messaging app like One or the other. The variety is wide, so it's likely that some content can help your conversations unfold.

    When selecting a theme, a suggestion is automatically displayed. If you want another one, just tap Generate New Phrase. The text can be copied or shared on WhatsApp via a conversation or Status.

    • I'm out of topic (free): Android

    3. Mobile Ready Messaging

    As the name suggests, this app gathers more than 20 thousand messages ready to enrich not only your conversations, but your posts on social networks. The phrases are divided into more than 70 categories.

    As far as bringing up the subject, there are topics to say good morning, sung, with humor, in addition to various jokes on the topics of Questions and WhatsApp. Did you like any? Tap on it, edit it if you like, then copy or share it on the famous chat app or on Facebook.

    • Mobile Ready Messages (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    4. Sung - Top Phrases

    Specifically aimed at chatting with your crush, Cantadas - Top Frases can seem a little confusing at first. The home screen displays topics that have nothing to do with flirts that are actually links to other apps. To go straight to what you want, go to View Categories.

    It is possible to find jinx phrases divided by themes such as Dick Face, Creative, Infallible, Romantic and even Harry Potter. When you find the perfect message, copy, share or create an image and make a post with it.

    • Sung - Top Phrases (free): Android

    5. Pappus

    Pappus is a random question picker that can help break the conversation sluggishness. To use it there is no mystery. Just tap on the program icon to draw a phrase.

    If you tap on the text, you will return to the home screen. There is no option to copy or share the content or any other type of configuration. But offering 100+ creative questions might make the download worth it.

    • Papus (free): Android

    6. Indirect Phrases

    Want to chat, but don't have the courage to say so? Indirect Phrases can help you. The app gathers more than 2500 indirect messages by categories, whether to send to fake friends, ex-boyfriends, crushes or make a catch.

    If you prefer, draw the sentences at random. When you like one, go to Use Phrase and then copy or share the content. There is also the option to insert text into a layout to post as an image in status or stories, for example.

    • Indirect Phrases (free): Android

    7. WAStickersapp

    A picture can be worth a thousand words. So, how about sending the right sticker to start a chat? It's a relaxed and fun way to break the ice or not let the conversation end.

    There are images from the traditional good morning to meme phrases combined with funny pictures. Developers promise new stickers every week.

    It is not possible to download just a sticker, but the entire package in which it belongs. To do this, just go to Add to WhatsApp and confirm on Add.

    • WAStickersapp (free): Android


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