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    TNT tracking: how to track your order?

    TNT tracking: how to track your order?TNT tracking: how to track your order?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 23, 2022 | Shopping |

    One of the many carriers that you can come across as responsible for delivering your purchases is TNT, so you need to know how to use the TNT rastreio to track your order and find out when it will be delivered.

    In purchases in online stores such as Shopee, Amazon, Americanas, Casas Bahia and others, it is possible that TNT is one of the carriers responsible for delivery.

    In this post, in addition to showing you how to use TNT Express and TNT Mercúrio tracking, we will also talk about how TNT tracking works, the normal delivery time for your orders and the communication channels you can use if you have any problems with the your request.

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    How does TNT tracking work?

    To be able to use TNT tracking, you need to have a document that allows access, such as the CT-E of the invoice or the AWB. As soon as you hire TNT's service or make a purchase that will be sent by the carrier, this information can reach you via email or in the "My order" tab on the platform where you made the purchase.

    As soon as you make the payment to complete the purchase, you can also check the information, which will only consist of numbers, on your invoice or on the AWB. It is also necessary to identify in advance which method was used to ship your product.

    TNT has two shipping modalities, TNT Mercúrio and TNT Express, and you can check this information on the platform where you made the purchase, if it is not there, it can be found in the same email as the invoice or AWB. In the case of the TNT Mercúrio modality, it is usually used for sending national products and not for other countries, whereas TNT Express is more used for international deliveries. 

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    TNT Mercury tracking, how to track the order?

    If you want to know how to use TNT tracking in Mercury mode, the process is very simple and just follow the step-by-step described below to find your product in the company:

    Step 1. Access the TNT Mercúrio tracking/radar website;

    Step 2. Fill in the small form that will appear on the screen to track the order, informing if you are the recipient or sender, informing the CPF or CNPJ, the branch of origin of TNT, the type of document you will use for tracking and the document number , then just click on “Search” to check the information. It is worth mentioning that, in the “Origin branch” option, if you do not know, you can leave the “All” option checked.

    Step 3. A screen will be displayed with all the TNT tracking information, where you can follow the trajectory and the delivery forecast to the recipient.

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    How to track the order on TNT Express?

    Now, if you want to check the TNT tracking of the TNT Express modality, the process will be even easier, check it out below:

    Step 1. Access the TNT website in the Express tracking option;

    Step 2. You will see some options on the screen such as “TNT Mercury Invoices”, “TNT Mercury Tracking” and “TNT Express Tracking”. In the latter, when positioning the mouse, you can choose between “Shipment Number” or “Customer Reference”, check the first option. Then, enter the AWB number and click “Search” to check the tracking;

    Step 3. You will be able to check on the screen all the information of your Express order, including the delivery forecast and the trajectory it is following. It is worth mentioning that the AWB number is composed of numbers and letters, unlike the option of tracking by the invoice.

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    What is the TNT tracking lead time?

    Now that you know how to use TNT tracking in both Mercury and Express modes, it is also very useful to know more about the carrier's delivery times. The waiting time to receive your merchandise may vary a lot, depending on where you live and the method chosen for shipping.

    Keep in mind that only working days are counted in the expected delivery period, so holidays, Saturday and Sunday do not count as delivery periods. Once you follow the TNT tracking to know where your order is, you will also be able to check the package delivery forecast information more accurately.

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    What are TNT Tracing's service channels?

    If you had any problems with the delivery of your order or need to contact TNT tracking, we have separated the carrier's service channels:

    • TNT's Talk to Us Channel: Just access the talk to us link and fill out the form on the screen;
    • TNT carrier chat: Just fill in the details and a TNT employee will contact you;
    • Email for TNT tracking service:, you will be answered back through your informed email
    • TNT Help Channel tracking: You can look for help in the frequently asked questions already searched on the platform;
    • TNT Carrier Customer Service (SAC) telephone number: 3003-0199 or 0800-979-6979.

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