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    Tired Mom 2022: 10 Ideas to Help You Relax

    Tired Mom 2022: 10 Ideas to Help You RelaxTired Mom 2022: 10 Ideas to Help You Relax

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 28, 2022 | News |

    tired mother 2022: this article is for you, a tired mother who needs means and tips to relax and rest her mind and body. Stay with us until the end to check out everything you can do differently in your day to day to help you.

    Being a mother is something beautiful, but not everyone knows the truth behind the sleepless nights and the tiring routine of trying to do your best every day, at all times for the well-being of your children.

    But often being a mother is also a challenge, because in addition to the tiring routine with a child, mothers also have to deal with housework, work and other tasks.

    There is already pressure that mothers must be perfect, make the right decisions and cannot fail at any stage of motherhood, which doesn't help at all.

    Since the period of pregnancy, women are already listening to comments from others about what they should or should not do, and unless this advice comes from your doctor or your child's doctor, let it go in one ear and out the other.

    Tired Mother 2022: How can tiredness affect a mother's life?

    If you're a first-time mom, you're certainly still learning to deal with all the overload and stress that comes along with this task. There are new habits, messy schedules, unregulated sleep, inexperience and several doubts that arise all the time.

    Having unregulated sleep is enough for the stress level to increase considerably and for a few months it is very likely that your routine will be like this. Apart from the other day-to-day tasks that, if not managed well, snowball.

    This can generate wear, both physical and emotional. The mind gets tired and the body reflects, tiredness is evident and if you don't take some action, this situation can take drastic proportions and more complex to be reversed.

    This physical and mental exhaustion generated by the routine can also affect your relationships at home, with your husband or with your other children, for example. Or even reflect on your performance at work.

    That way, you can't give 100% of yourself to anyone, not your child or yourself. Therefore, it is extremely important to take a moment for yourself and take care of health and well-being, body and mind.

    With that in mind, we are going to give you several interesting tips for you to introduce into your life and relieve that tiredness that is on your shoulders. Stay with us to find out more.

    10 ideas to help you relax

    1. Exercise

    That the practice of physical activity is extremely important for the human body, everyone knows. It is responsible for a greater quality of life, prevents diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, among others.

    But it is also essential for our mental health, because when we exercise, our body is able to release endorphins (the famous hormone of happiness). This, in turn, acts on the brain to reduce stress, anxiety, bad mood and helps the body to relax.

    Therefore, exercising provides the wonderful feeling of well-being, which is all you need right now. Be aware that in addition to taking care of the body, you will also be taking care of the psychological, putting them in balance.

    Plus, know that you don't necessarily have to join a gym to start exercising, you can do it at home.

    This is an activity that can also be done with the company of children, children with energy need to spend it and nothing better than a physical activity for this. Make this time relaxed and fun for both of you, but don't forget the main focus.

    The Home Exercises channel has a variety of workouts for you to do in the comfort of your home. Just choose from the various content available for free and get started.

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    2. Bet on dance

    Dancing is a great ally in reducing stress and preventing depression. In addition, it helps in weight loss, improves posture, memory and balance. It's a fun activity, full of benefits and that you can also include your child.

    For this, there are also several legal channels such as Daniel Saboya, where there are choreographies for different genres. Take a moment out of your day, even if it's just 15 minutes, go in front of the TV and be happy.

    3. Take care of your food

    Ever heard the phrase “you are what you eat”? It's the purest truth and we'll explain why! Food has the power to act on our body and our brain, through food you can fight and prevent various diseases, including depression.

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    By ingesting foods rich in carbohydrates and sugar, for example, it makes the body feel tired, instead of giving energy and sustaining it. This is due to the fact that blood glucose levels fluctuate, requiring the body to produce larger doses of insulin.

    So, learn how to eat healthy and try to find and maintain the balance between what is really necessary to truly nourish your body and what you like and usually eat. After all, one treat or another is not prohibited.

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    4. Take time just for you

    Taking a moment to take care of yourself is more than necessary. When was the last time you did a skin care or gave your hair that hydration? Allow yourself to do these little rituals, they have a high power of relaxation and well-being.

    Watching your favorite movie or series, reading a good book, writing or putting a hobby into practice is also super valid. The focus is to do something that makes you feel good more often, without making you feel guilty about taking time for yourself.

    Don't get stuck in the thought: "I have to do everything" and accept that you are human and that you also need some alone time with yourself. A good mother does not stop being a good mother because she also wants to be a woman who also takes care of her appearance and mental health.

    Here are some tips and homemade recipes that can be very useful for your spa day:

    5. Take relaxing baths

    For baths in the bathtub, you can use and abuse things like mineral salts, which have ingredients that in addition to helping with cleaning, are also able to relax the muscles and even relieve pain.

    But if you're thinking that you need a bathtub to take a relaxing bath, you're wrong! Even mineral salts can also be included in shower baths.

    A suggestion is to make the mixture in a container and after the bath, pour it through the body.

    In addition, there are several other tips to make the bath, a moment of relaxation. Take your best playlist and play it in the bathroom, turn off the lights (trust me, it makes all the difference) and use scented candles.

    You can even use essential oils like chamomile, lavender, cedar. Just drip a small amount on the floor, inside the shower, before starting the bath. Ready! Your homemade relaxing bath is guaranteed.

    6. Have leisure time with your friends

    It's important to do programs like going for a snack, watching a movie at the cinema or walking through the park or just an exchange of messages or calls, whatever. You need to talk, distract your mind and nothing better than friends to give you support and refuge.

    Even if you don't have more than half an hour to do this, use whatever time you have. Don't wait for the right moment or a break from busy life to make a simple call, circumstances won't always cooperate as you expect.

    7. Meditate or do Yoga

    If you knew the power of yoga and meditation you would be doing it right now. Reconnecting mind and body to balance all aspects of your life is all you need at a time like this.

    We guarantee that you will not regret knowing these practices and starting to insert them in your life. Today, there are several apps and classes available on YouTube to help you learn.

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    8. Delegate tasks

    You don't have to take care of everything alone, if you are married, your husband can not only help you with household chores. You can pre-establish what each one will do on the day and that way, it doesn't get heavy for anyone.

    Don't be afraid to ask for help with chores and to delegate those tasks that other people in the house can do. The union is strength and all help is welcome.

    9. Sleep well

    The ideal for a human being is to sleep 6 to 8 hours a night, but we know that mothers of newborns do not have that privilege. Take advantage of every moment when your baby sleeps, to sleep too or alternate with the father the care of the baby so that both can sleep peacefully knowing that the other will be on alert.

    10. Take care of your sex life

    Sex plays an important role in relieving stress and also directly influences the couple's life. With the arrival of the baby, fatigue and the lack of time alone, sex life can be a little hampered.

    So try to innovate and take time just for the two of you. Affection and physical contact are also part of this package, so even if you are tired, it is interesting to invest in massages, a romantic dinner, programs for two and surprises.

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    Apps to Meditate and Sleep Better

    As mentioned, meditation and yoga can be great allies in combating stress, anxiety and fatigue. That's why we've also brought you some app options so you can practice at home.

    1. Meditate. is available for Android and iOS. It is an app that has guided meditations, free of charge and in Portuguese. You can follow your evolution, meditate with a group of people and download the audios to meditate offline.

    2. Sattva

    Sattva, available for Android and iOS, is another great app choice to start meditating. Inside it, you can record your mood before and after practice, so you can track your performance.

    The tool has a timer that measures the time of your sessions and also a heart rate monitor.


    Aura (Android | iOS) is somewhat more sophisticated as its users can have a personalized guide. For the tool to present content suitable for you, it studies your routine and your stress level.

    4. Calm

    Calm (Android | iOS) is an app that will help you meditate, sleep better and improve your concentration. Sleeping well is part of the “how to relax” combo.

    So, download and enjoy this wonderful tool, which offers guided meditations, breathing exercises, bedtime stories and relaxing music.

    5. Insight Timer

    Insight Timer (Android | iOS) has more than 100 meditation sounds, as well as a guide to control and combat anxiety and the possibility of group meditation.

    6. Smiling Mind

    Smiling Mind (Android | iOS) has meditations for adults but also offers meditations for children over 7 years old, which can bring many benefits to parents and children.

    7. Mindbliss

    Mindbliss (Android | iOS) is another alternative app for meditation, which features breathing exercises, hypnotherapy (which stimulates the development of the mind and body) and 3D sounds.

    8. 5 minutes

    The 5 minutes app (Android | iOS) is suitable for those people who don't have much time to practice some activity, it promises to take just 5 minutes of your day to improve your quality of life.

    You receive breathing and posture instruction, which over time will improve your mood and disposition. You can schedule sessions in the app.

    9. Zen

    Zen (Android | iOS) in addition to offering relaxation exercises, is also able to help fight insomnia, anxiety and stress, through videos and audios.

    10. Meditopia

    Meditopia (Android | iOS) will also help you have a more peaceful night's sleep, as well as being efficient in meditation. It provides sounds and tales that aim to reduce stress and relax before falling asleep.

    Extra Tips

    Another interesting tip is to be part of an internet community, where you can talk to other mothers who go through the same situation. Nothing more welcoming than a rant from a tired mother to other tired mothers.

    In the Facebook group and blog “Confessions of a tired mother” you can find a message from a tired mother, a letter from a tired mother, reflections, memes and general content about motherhood.

    We can consider that bonds capable of being created by the internet, since the feeling is only one: "the tired mother that lives in me, greets the tired mother that exists in you".

    Signs of postpartum depression

    Talking about postpartum depression is necessary and we will bring this subject briefly, so that you understand what it is and what are the warning signs about this condition.

    Postpartum depression affects thousands of women around the world and it can occur until the first year of a child's life. Which can end up affecting the mother-child bond, in addition to the consequences of the disease.

    Among the causes are sleep deprivation, lack of physical activity, hormonal changes, poor diet, depression before pregnancy, mental disorders such as anxiety, unwanted pregnancy and lack of support.

    Symptoms can include an intense feeling of sadness and anguish, pessimism, tiredness, irritability, anxiety, crying, fatigue, sleep disturbance, lack or excess of appetite, lack or excess of care for the baby and in more severe cases, suicidal thoughts. and hallucinations.

    In this case, it is necessary to seek specialized professional help, in this case a psychiatrist. Only he can diagnose and make the correct treatment.

    Finally, we hope that you will be able to make the most of all these tips and implement them in your daily life, managing to truly relax.

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