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    Shopee Tracking: How to track your order?

    Shopee Tracking: How to track your order?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Feb 22, 2022 | Shopping |

    You may already know someone who has made online purchases on the Shopee ecommerce platform, or you may have already done so yourself, but do you have any idea how the shopee tracking?

    When we make a purchase on the platform, Shopee has some statuses for us to track the order delivery progress. In one of these statuses, we can even follow the path of the order in the carrier until it arrives at home.

    So that you have as little trouble as possible with the delivery of your products purchased online, below we will show you how to track Shopee tracking. It should be noted that the process is quite simple. With just a few clicks you can access various shipping information and can even get an idea of ​​where your order is. 

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    How to use Shopee international tracking on orders to our country?

    It is important to note that the Shopee screening process will be the same for international purchases as for domestic purchases. The difference may be in the waiting time to receive the products, as international purchases tend to take longer to arrive, for obvious reasons of distance. 

    Thus, the process you will use to follow the trajectory of your products will be the same. That way, you can also use Shopee tracking, which we'll describe later in this text, to track your international purchase.

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    How to access Shopee tracking?

    The Shopee tracking process can be done both on the website through computers, and on mobile devices, through the application that is available both for Android devices in the Play Store, and for devices with iOS system, in the App Store. 

    After you click on “Checkout”, simply follow the step-by-step instructions below to track your order. It is worth mentioning that the following process is being done on the Android smartphone, but if you use an iOS device or computer, the process will still be similar.

    Step 1. Logged into your Shopee account, go to the bottom right corner and click “Me” to open your profile;

    Step 2. In the “My Purchases” section, go to the “On the way” option to view all orders that have already been delivered to your address;

    Step 3. Below each order, in a green font, you will see where your order is, click on to check more detailed information;

    Step 4. On the page that will open, you will be able to see the package tracking number and the date and time with the order shipping information and where it went;

    Shopee Tracking: How to track your order?

    Step 5. Returning to the “My Purchases” part, you can also see the “Preparing” option. In this tab are the orders that have not yet been shipped;

    Step 6. By clicking on it, you will be taken to a page with orders awaiting shipment, below each one will be the expected date for sending your order. After that, you can also follow up using the Shopee tracking process described above. 

    Shopee Tracking: How to track your order?

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    What does each status of your order mean?

    Shopee Tracking: How to track your order?

    Now that you know how to access Shopee tracking and track your order throughout the delivery process, let's explain in detail what each status that may appear during your purchase, or with the purchase completed, means. 

    Order placed

    As soon as you complete a purchase on Shopee, the first status that becomes available is “Order placed”. This means that the ecommerce platform is analyzing your payment and, after that, it will send the order to the seller.

    order payment

    The second status in the purchase process, it indicates that your payment has been approved and processed. It is important to keep in mind that some forms of payment take longer than others to be approved, such as boleto, for example, as they depend a lot on bank opening hours.

    Upon completion of this part, the seller will forward your order to the sorting center for it to reach you. 

    Order dispatched

    Before being shipped to you, the order goes through the sorting center to ensure that everything is in accordance with the purchase, only after that it will be shipped, and that is what this status means.

    The delivery time will be contacted from this stage, however, international orders may take longer to be delivered, with a deadline between 45 and 60 days for delivery.


    The “Incoming” step is the most important of the entire “My Order” process, as it means that your order is already on its way.

    From here, you start receiving updates on your order's location, including the Shopee tracking code with the carrier or the Post Office.

    To be evaluated

    The status of “Evaluating” means that you have already received your package, and you can now click on “Order Received” in the app or website to confirm.

    The user can also rate the product received and the seller, earning Shopee Coins in the process.

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    What information will I have in the Shopee Tracking “Receivable” status?

    You will receive Shopee tracking information when the package leaves the ecommerce sorting center, when it is on its way to our country, in the case of international orders and when it is delivered to the post office to go to your address. In addition, you will also know if there is a problem with the IRS when the package arrives in the country.

    In addition, you also receive the code to track the order as soon as the package arrives at the Post Office, so you can follow the trajectory in real time.

    However, in the case of international packages, it will only be possible to use the tracking code by the Post Office after one week to access the status. The expected delivery date also appears, so you can schedule yourself to have someone pick up the package at home.

    When the order arrives, confirm receipt

    One of the great advantages of shopping on ecommerce, in addition to Shopee tracking, is the so-called Shopee guarantee. To ensure that everything works perfectly, the platform keeps the money from the payment of your order until you confirm that everything is ok with the purchase when you receive it. 

    Thus, it is important to click on “Order Received” so that the seller can receive the product money through Shopee. By evaluating orders and the store, you also help the seller improve their reputation on the ecommerce, receiving Shopee coins in return to use with discounts on future purchases on the platform.

    With this, everyone also knows which are the best and which are the worst stores that everyone can buy.

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