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    RD Station CRM: How does it work and how to use it in your business?

    RD Station CRM: How does it work and how to use it in your business?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 16, 2022 | Technology |

    Are you familiar with and know what the RD Station CRM? In this post, we will give you as much information as possible on this subject, but you need to know a few things first.

    If you are looking to increase your sales volume and generate more and more leads, then this tool may be exactly what you are looking for.

    In a very reduced way, we can say that CRM is a system focused on centralizing all your customer interactions and data in a single place. Thus, RD Station CRM ensures that you keep all your information organized and don't miss any business opportunities.

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    What is its importance and what is RD Station CRM?

    CRM is an acronym for a software that stands for Customer Relationship Management, or translating to Portuguese “Customer Relationship Management”.

    In addition to the basic data mentioned above, which are name, telephone and address, RD Station CRM also allows you and your company to record all interactions made with all potential buyers of your services or products.

    Not only will you keep the information organized, but you will also be able to maintain order in every trade you make. In addition, you can always stay tuned for materials sent, all meetings held, proposals made and received and much more.

    In other words, RD Station CRM allows you to have a view and an overview of your entire sales funnel, knowing exactly what stage your lead is in, in addition to knowing in more detail how and where to direct your sales.

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    Who is Digital Results and what is RD Station Marketing?

    Results Digitais (RD) is a company that created RD Station Marketing and is specialized in software creation.

    Unlike RD Station CRM, RD Station Marketing is an inbound marketing automation software aimed at medium and small companies in the market. It helps the user to extract in more detail the main and best results of their email marketing campaigns and strategies.

    What are the main functions and how does RD Station CRM work?

    The operation of RD Station CRM is quite simple and intuitive. The most interesting part is that it can also be integrated with RD Station Marketing tools. Among the main features of the software, we can highlight:

    • Record about customers, interactions and lifetime history of their data;
    • You will be able to create several reminders for the most varied activities and tasks, such as sending e-mails, making calls, scheduling and much more;
    • Use an external spreadsheet to import or export information;
    • It is possible to follow the progress of sales with the generation of detailed reports to have a predictable growth of the company;
    • Definition of the sales funnel, being able to choose the stages of the funnel and ensure that all company employees follow the same process as a basis;
    • You will be able to integrate RD Station CRM with other tools and programs such as Trello, WhatsApp, other social networks and much more.

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    How can you use RD Station CRM in your company?

    One of the most interesting points of RD Station CRM is that it doesn't need a big implementation project, as it works as a self-service tool.

    That is, you will be able to install the software to your business as soon as you want, without having to change or delay the current functioning of your company or business to follow your results and your process. 

    For this, there are two plans available that you can use to install RD Station CRM and start building your digital marketing strategy. Are they:

    Free Plan

    As its name suggests, this plan is free, and you don't have to pay anything to start using it.

    It is best suited if you and your team want to organize follow-ups, processes and gain more results by following up on all opportunities in the best possible time.

    There is no user limit for your free account. Also, you don't even need to register contacts in the system. However, keep in mind that the Free plan has a limit on activity alerts and business email templates.

    Basic Plan

    The Basic Plan has all the tools and services described in the Free plan, being more suitable for teams that want to improve their efficiencies, increase performance and predictability.

    At the time of publishing this text, the Basic Plan has an investment of R$39,90 per user/month.

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