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    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    Instagram issues are common and can range from crashes and difficulties logging in to unexpected app closing. It can also happen that users are unable to upload photos or Stories, follow people, change their bio, among other inconveniences.

    has gathered the top 10 mistakes that happen on Instagram and explains how to fix them. Check out!

    1. Instagram is crashing or closing by itself
    2. Instagram does not load photos and videos
    3. I can't post stories
    4. I can't follow other Instagram accounts
    5. I can't accept requests
    6. I can't send messages in Direct
    7. Instagram won't let me make comments
    8. I can't delete a comment
    9. I can't change the bio
    10. Problems signing in

    1. Instagram is crashing or closing by itself

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    It is common for users to complain about crashes and slowness when using Instagram. Another frequently reported problem is the unwanted closing of the app and the appearance of the Unknown network error message.

    What few know is that your cell phone can be the main culprit in these situations. If your smartphone has many apps running in the background, it may be that the device's RAM memory is being used a lot.

    Also, using an old version of the application can also cause unexpected crashes and crashes. Below, we explain how to resolve each of these cases.

    Close background apps

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    The first suggestion is to close all programs. Sometimes the user opens new apps without closing the ones they were using. These applications continue working in the background, taking up temporary memory. So closing them can help a lot.

    To find out which ones are open, just swipe up from the bottom of the screen on both iPhone and Android. To close a program, tap on it and, without releasing your finger, drag again from bottom to top.

    Repeat the process with all the apps you want to close and you're done.

    O Android offers a shortcut: when swiping all open apps from right to left, the option Clean all.

    Clear cache

    Clearing the cache also helps to free up space on the device by removing all temporary data stored on the system. The action can make using Instagram more fluid and with fewer crashes.

    To clear cache on an Android phone, just follow the path:

    • open the app Files → access the tab free memory → in the Junk E-mail tab, go to release xxx MB.

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    The iPhone does not offer the feature, but when turning the device on and off, the system automatically frees up the RAM memory. Therefore, when you restart your smartphone, you should already feel a difference when using the social network application.

    update instagram

    Make sure the version of the Instagram app you're using is the latest. Despite being created to implement new features and/or fix problems, updates can sometimes contain errors that create difficulties in use.

    In such cases, developers usually work quickly to resolve and release a new update with the fix as soon as possible. To find out if there is an upgrade available, just go to your operating system's app store.

    On Android:

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    • Open the Google Play Store → Type Instagram in the search bar → In case the app is not up to date, there will be a button Update.

    On the iPhone

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    • Open the App Store → Tap on the magnifying glass icon and type Instagram in the search bar → Go to the button Update.

    On both systems, if the application is up to date, it will be written Open rather than Update.

    2. Instagram does not upload photos and videos

    When Instagram doesn't load photos or play videos it can be quite frustrating. In these cases, it is possible that there is a problem with your internet connection or that the social network has fallen and the platform is down.

    Check your internet connection

    It may seem like an obvious tip, but it doesn't hurt to check it out. Instagram itself suggests switching between your mobile data connection and a Wi-Fi network to check if there is a problem with either network.

    On android:

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    To connect to a Wi-Fi network, swipe the screen from top to bottom. Tap on the Wi-Fi icon and keep your finger pressed for a few seconds. Then activate the option Use Wi-Fi.

    If there are any saved networks, they will be connected automatically. If not, choose one of those listed and enter the password.

    On iPhone:

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022
    Playback / Apple

    open the app Settings and then go to option Wi-Fi. Activate the key next to Wi-Fi. If you already have any Wi-Fi networks saved, they will be connected automatically.

    Otherwise, you must tap on the name of the network to which you want to connect and, if necessary, enter the password. When the connection is made, a blue check icon will appear next to the network name.

    Check if Instagram is down

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    Knowing if Instagram is down is pretty simple. Sites like Downdetector and the OutageReport receive error and instabilities information sent by social network users and create real-time reports with this data.

    When a large number of people report the same problem, the services understand it as a general failure. If, when accessing the site, you notice that in the country where you live there are records of the same difficulties that you are facing, then it is a general error.

    In these cases, the solution is usually to be patient and wait for the situation to normalize.

    3. I can't post stories

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    It is also common to find Instagram users complaining about not being able to post a photo or video in Stories. Causes can vary. You find all of them in detail in our article I can't post Stories on Instagram: how to solve it.

    Below, we list the main reasons and their possible solutions:

    • device overloaded: restart to clear cache and resolve possible conflicts between open processes.
    • Instagram off the air: check the status of the service on specialized sites such as Downdetector and Outage Report;
    • Date and time not automatic mode: the conflict of time between the cell phone and the app can make it difficult to publish in stories;
    • outdated app;
    • Disrespecting Instagram's Terms of Use.

    4. I can't follow other Instagram accounts

    If you are unable to follow new profiles on Instagram, it is possible that the social network thinks that you are not a real person. To prevent robot actions, the platform has set a daily limit.

    According to the website Instazood, the maximum number is 200 daily accounts. If you exceed this set amount, you may receive an Action blocked. If this happens, you will have to wait at least 72 hours to follow someone again.

    5. I cannot accept requests

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    People ask to follow your profile, but you can't accept it? It is likely that Instagram is trying to “punish” you for switching your account from public to private many times in a row.

    When this happens, the platform limits the number of requests to follow that can be approved per day. According to the social network itself, the measure is taken to protect the community from users of fake profiles.

    Also, constantly changing account privacy can “create a poor sharing experience for others”.

    Be aware: if after the limitation you insist on changing the profile from public to private or vice versa, you may have existing requests deleted.

    6. I can't send messages in Direct

    Difficulties sending private messages on Instagram can be caused by different reasons. We list some of them below.

    Profile doesn't follow you or has blocked you

    Some users restrict the receipt of Directs only to accounts they follow. So it's worth checking if the person you want to DM follows you.

    The way to do this is as follows:

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    Open Instagram → Profile picture (in the lower right corner of the screen) → Followers (top of screen) → type the profile name in the search field. If it does not appear, it is possible that the person does not accept to receive messages from those who do not follow.

    Another possibility is that you have been blocked by the person. In this case, you will not be able to find this user's profile even in the general search of the social network.

    Sending too many messages

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    If you are sending several Directs in a short period of time, the sending may be blocked by the platform. Tech site Guiding Tech found that Instagram allows sending between 30 and 100 DMs per day for unknown profiles.

    The amount may vary depending on the quality of the content shared, such as individual and personalized texts, for each recipient.

    If none of the above is your case, it is worth following basic recommendations, such as restarting the app. If it still doesn't work, uninstall and reinstall the app.

    7. Instagram doesn't allow me to make comments

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    If you are unable to comment on posts on Instagram, it is possible that you are disrespecting some criteria established by the platform. For example, it is not allowed to quote more than 5 profiles (@username) or use more than 30 hashtags in the same comment.

    The social network also does not accept that you post the same comment several times, even if it is just an emoji. The network also blocks phrases or words deemed offensive.

    In some cases, the user himself closes the comments and prevents non-followers from writing in their posts.

    It could also be that you're pushing the envelope on engagement practices, like giving too many likes or commenting too much. In this case, Instagram stops you for considering your actions as spam.

    According to Visual Social Media expert Louise Myers, the daily and hourly limits for some actions would be as follows:

    Per hour Per day
    Likes 30 to 60 1000
    Comments 30 to 60 400 to 500
    Follow / stop following 30 to 60 250

    If you do not identify with any of the above cases, Instagram itself recommends that the user check that he is using the latest version of the application. And if not, recommend that you update.

    8. I can't delete a comment

    If you're getting an error message when trying to delete a comment, it may have already been deleted.

    According to Instagram, it's likely that you're viewing an old version of the page, so the text is still showing. “We are aware of this issue and are working to resolve it,” explains the social network.

    In addition, it is worth noting that it is only possible to delete comments made by you on third-party publications or those made by others in their publications.

    9. I can't change the Bio

    As with other problems that occur in the app, the first procedure indicated is to close and open the app. Or, upgrade if you are not using the latest version.

    If after that, you still can't change the information, you need to report the error to the platform. The guidance was given to users who reported the problem on the website Reclame Aqui by employees of the Instagram team.

    To do this, follow the path:

    1. Open the Instagram app and go to the profile picture in the bottom right corner of the screen;

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    2. Tap on the icon formed by three lines, in the upper right corner;

    3. Now, choose settings;

    4. Touch Help;

    5. Then choose Report a problem;

    6. In the box you open, again, in something is not working;

    7. Write about the difficulty in editing your profile on the social network. If you prefer, include a print that can help them understand the situation;

    8. complete in Send.

    10. Problems logging in

    In general, problems logging in happen due to forgetting the email address, username or password to access the social network. But it can also happen that your account is hacked and stolen or your profile is blocked by the platform.

    See how to act in each case.

    I forgot the password

    Solving this problem is usually simple. On the Instagram login screen, tap on Get help signing in ou Esqueceu a senha?, depending on the mobile operating system. Then enter your username, registered email or phone number and tap Advance.

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    Then choose the option Send email. In the message that arrives in your inbox, click the Login with @username.

    I forgot my username

    In this case, Instagram itself suggests asking a friend to search for your name and take a screenshot. Thus, you will be able to check if you are entering any wrong letter or if characters are missing.

    Another way to find your username is by searching for Instagram in your email inbox. When creating the account or changing the username, a message is sent to the registered address.

    I think my account was hacked

    Instagram having problems and crashing: how to solve it in 2022

    If you think your profile has been hacked, Instagram recommends that you search your inbox for the address Through it, notifications are sent that the email registered by the user has been changed.

    If you have received it, you can undo the change in the option revert this change, located in the body of the message.

    If you still cannot regain access, the social network advises you to request a security code. The process is the same as for password recovery.

    Instagram blocked my account

    Instagram may block an account if the user violates the platform's terms of use or community guidelines. If you think it was a mistake, you can request access back via the ransom request page.

    Our article about How to reactivate Instagram and recover account you can check the entire process step by step.


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