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    How to generate leads: 18 tips to grow your email list

    How to generate leads: 18 tips to grow your email listHow to generate leads: 18 tips to grow your email list

    by Camila Porto | Aug 6, 2013 | Digital Marketing | 0

    Having a responsive email list that is interested in what you are communicating is very important. In this text, we will bring important tips for how to generate leads for your business.

    You may already know that buying emails is not a very efficient strategy. The practice goes against all principles of digital marketing.

    That's because email marketing best practices demand that you create a list of people who are really interested in your product or service. In other words, potential customers.

    However, creating an email base of PEOPLE WHO WANT TO RECEIVE YOUR MESSAGES is not an easy task. But, E-goi, one of the largest and largest email marketing platforms, has put together a list of 18 strategies you need to know to generate leads.

    Simple but very useful tips to upgrade your email list if you are one of those people who wonders:

    “I want to do email marketing, but I have a very small database. How can I make it grow?”

    Let me tell you, there is no magic answer!

    But the key is always to promote the subscription to your newsletter. And for that, here are 18 tips!


    1 Tip

    Start with your direct business contact instruments. Make sure that your business card (and that of all your employees) contains a phrase that encourages signing up for your newsletter.

    2 Tip

    Encourage your commercial team to obtain authorization from telephone contacts to register them for the newsletter. Offer a reward for every email captured, as long as these contacts have their permission.

    3 Tip

    Put a link to register for your newsletter in the signature of all your emails (and in that of all your employees).

    4 Tip

    Insert a conspicuous link to subscribe to the newsletter on every page of your website. Also consider making an invitation to register automatically appear (in a popup, for example).

    5 Tip

    Give your visitors something of value in exchange for signing up. For example, offer interesting material in PDF on your website, only to those who sign up for the newsletter.

    6 Tip

    Advertise exclusive promotions and discounts on the site to visitors who have subscribed to the newsletter.

    This is a very effective way to attract a qualified lead.

    7 Tip

    When someone leaves your site, include an automatic reminder about the benefits of signing up for the newsletter.

    8 Tip

    Include a “send to a friend” button on every page of the site. That way you can boost word-of-mouth and bring in more visitors.

    9 Tip

    Use SEO so that your site is well positioned in search engines. The more visits, the more possible registrations.

    10 Tip

    Don't forget about offline channels like fairs and events. Always carry registration forms.

    Encourage visitors to your stand to fill them in to receive information about your brand later.

    11 Tip

    During the event, whenever someone leaves you a card, ask the person if you can subscribe to your newsletter.

    After the event, insert the collected or exchanged cards into your base.

    12 Tip

    Promote your own event. It could be the opening of a new store, a workshop, an exhibition, etc.

    It's great for gathering your audience, friends and taking the opportunity to encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

    13 Tip

    Do you have a customer database with lots of addresses but very few emails?

    How about sending a letter and offering a gift if they sign up for the newsletter?

    14 Tip 

    Partner with business associations. Focus on promoting your company (and inviting you to subscribe to the newsletter) using the respective member databases.

    15 Tip

    Partner with a non-competing company so that both newsletters have a space where they can promote each other.

    For example, reserve a promotional space for your company in this partner's e-news, with an invitation to register for your own newsletter. The other company will do the same.

    16 Tip

    In each newsletter sent, don't forget to design a very striking button with the message “send to a friend”.

    Some automation tools offer code to turn this button into a referral link.

    The idea is that this friend also becomes your lead.

    17 Tip

    Work on creating a community interested in your company. Produce, for example, content on social networks to create an online community.

    Offer relevant data to your audience, use and abuse inbound marketing.

    18 Tip

    After creating your fan page, try to bring in as many followers as possible.

    To do this, regularly put information on your profile that is interesting, so that your followers can pass it on to others soon.

    Whenever possible, include your newsletter registration link in this information.

    Wow! How many ideas!

    Now, evaluate all the possibilities and get to work!

    Every day we have seen the strength of email marketing grow. To those who doubt this channel, remember that many companies are still in the era of 'spam-marketing'.

    They only send advertising and forget useful information for their persona.

    Deliver more than advertising. Use your email list to generate relationships and more customers.

    How to generate leads: success case

    Recently, the online wine marketing company Evino, held an epic event to capture leads.

    They created a free online wine course. To participate in the training, the public had to pre-register.

    Of course, in this registration, the e-mail was requested, where the link to the classes was sent. As the company announced, they got over 10 leads in 14 days!

    The balcony was so good it doesn't stop there. The training was free, however they offered an optional purchase kit with 4 labels.

    At the end of each class, the teacher tasted a label and gave the notes along with whoever bought the kit.

    This was an inspiring idea, but you can adapt the way you capture leads to the reality of your business.

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    How to generate leads with low investment

    For those who send a relatively low volume of emails, it is not always worth investing in a paid tool. Today, there are free email marketing programs!

    So, even if you don't have a large database, you can professionalize your contact with your potential client. The secret is to get started, and then grow your list.

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    How to Generate Qualified Leads: We Test and Approve

    There are numerous automation tools for email marketing on the market. We've already used some.

    If you are already in the growth phase of your business and have already learned how to generate leads, it is worth investing in a tool that automates your triggers and provides information and functionality to manage your leads well.

    Currently, our tool is Leadlovers. We've even been working with them for a few years now.

    It is a very complete option and goes through all the steps: capture and conversion of leads, analysis and optimization, relationship and engagement.

    How to Generate Leads: The Importance of the List

    Now that you know how to generate leads, let's talk about the importance of the email list for your business.

    In addition to allowing you to maintain a closer relationship with your customers, it serves as a good backup for your base.

    But how so? Imagine that your website is experiencing technical issues or that your Facebook account is simply deleted.

    When you maintain a consistent email list, it can help you communicate with your customers. In the case of the site, offer a second purchase option until the problem is resolved. In the case of Facebook, send the link to the new profile.

    These are just a few examples of how the email list can be extremely important and bring security to your business.

    Of course, our main objective with these tips is for you to be able to feed and grow your email base. Don't forget that leads are always potential customers.

    Surely with the application of these steps, you will have your work rewarded with an increase in your sales.

    Now tell us: what have you been doing to generate more leads for your business?

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