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    How to be a realtor Find out how to work in the field

    How to be a realtor Find out how to work in the field

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 25, 2022 | News |

    If you want to know how to be a realtor, we have separated this text especially to help you, telling you everything you need to know about how to act in this area. One of the many attractions for those who want to know how to be a realtor is the quick training and great salary. 

    As well as the most sought after professions, such as doctors, lawyers and engineers, the realtor is gaining more and more prominence, so check out below everything you need to know about how to be a realtor.

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    What does a realtor do?

    The first thing you need to know about being a realtor is what he needs to do in his profession. The broker works directly with the sale, exchange and lease of real estate, whether residential or commercial.

    The function of guiding the customer through the entire sales and purchase process. In addition to carrying out the contracts that serve to initiate and finalize the business, thus ensuring a good payment compared to the market value. Also analyzing the state of conservation of all assets involved will be the broker.

    A realtor can work in law firms specializing in the real estate sector, in real estate agencies, which are the most common places, in the construction industries or even as a self-employed. 

    In addition, among the broker's role is to act in the training of new businesses and find places that meet certain needs of the interested client. It can also provide real estate appraisal services, open its own real estate agency and be its own boss and even act as a real estate correspondent for Caixa Econômica Federal. 

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    What will it take to become a realtor?

    As in almost all professions, if you want to know how to be a realtor, you need to have a degree in the area or technical course. Among the course options you can take, we can mention Real Estate Management, Real Estate Business and/or Real Estate Transaction Technician, as some of the main possibilities.

    Training a realtor

    To be able to take the Regional Council of Realtors (CRECI), anyone interested in knowing how to be a realtor needs to have training in the real estate area. Having a degree in some other area doesn't help. So, there are three types of training you can do, check each one in detail below:

    Technical course of a realtor

    The first option that we can mention for those who want to know how to be a realtor is the Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions, which is reliable and recognized by the Ministry of Education (MEC), also integrating the area of ​​Management and Business in the group of level courses medium.

    This type of course lasts, on average, one year, preparing the professional to be able to work with the rental, purchase and sale of real estate of all types. During the training, the student will learn about the necessary documentation in the business, the types of operations and legislation, in addition to the parameters of occupation and use of properties.

    Interested parties can study the Technical Course in Real Estate Transactions at our country's Institute of Professional Education (IBREP) and at the National Service for Commercial Learning (SENAC).

    Technological course of a realtor

    Two other courses that train technologists and offer higher education degrees that can also serve those who want to know how to be a realtor are Real Estate Business and Real Estate Management. The duration of this type of course is shorter compared to other degrees, being between 2 and 3 years.

    During classes, students will not only learn about the legal and practical part of the profession, and the curriculum will extend beyond the technical part. Some subjects will prepare students to be able to assess the market with greater precision and depth. 

    Among the universities that offer this type of curriculum with MEC recognition are: Universidade Estácio de Sá (UNESA) and Faculdade Pitágoras (PITÁGORAS) – in Minas Gerais.

    Bachelor's Degree for Realtor

    In our country, at the time of writing this text, there is only one option of a bachelor's degree in Real Estate Sciences for those who want to know how to be a realtor. The entire course is done in person and lasts an average of four and a half years, with a curriculum that stands out for being multidisciplinary and complete.

    Enrolled students will study, more specifically, on Management. However, subjects such as Sociology, History and Psychology will also be approached in a complementary way. Interested parties can take this course at the Federal University of Maranhão (UFMA), a public institution.

    Internship for a realtor

    One of the main steps that the student who is preparing to be a realtor is the mandatory professional internship, which does not spend a period where the student will carry out a period of experience. 

    This time will be used to learn more about the routine of those who work as a realtor, to know how the function works in practice, in addition to experiencing and learning to deal with the most diverse types of real and difficult situations that can happen to any broker during transactions. 

    The student's guidance during the internship and support period for professional qualification will be done by a realtor accredited by CRECI. However, in order to be allowed to carry out the internship, the student must contact CRECI and request registration as an intern. 

    After having the authorization, the student will be able to carry out activities such as being a realtor with autonomous or real estate brokers, working with prospecting, negotiation, customer service and much more.

    After completing their training and internship period, the student must gather all the internship and course documentation in order to apply for registration as a realtor at CRECI. The institution will also be responsible for creating your email address, thus ensuring greater security during work.

    How to get CRECI registration

    One of the main points you should know about how to be a realtor is the registration of CRECI, the regulatory body of professionals in this area that is present in all states of our country's territory. After you have completed your training, you must go to CRECI to start the process of issuing the professional registration, which is called Application for Enrollment of Individuals.

    The CRECI registration will be evaluated by the Council of the body and to get yours after registration, it will be necessary that the issuance is approved in advance. The entire process can take between 30 and 60 days, until your registration is ready. However, for you to maintain, you will need to pay an annual fee to CRECI.

    The documentation required for the issuance of the document may vary in each state, however, in general, the documents for the issuance are: CPF; ID card; proof of recent residency, voter registration with proof of the last vote, certificate of reservist if you are a man over 45 years old, proof of completion of high school, diploma of higher education or technical course, 3×4 photos and proof of payment of CRECI annuity, fees and fee issued by the agency.

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    Important differences for the profession

    Before learning how to be a realtor, you need to know that hardly a professional in this area will have a fixed salary, and not even those who end up working in a real estate company have a guaranteed fixed income per month. The money earned as a realtor depends almost entirely on a commission received on contracts signed.

    You also need to know that not all professionals guarantee a high monthly income every time. The value will vary a lot depending on how the market conditions are and the differentials that the professional will add to the profession as a differential for the competition. Below, we list some differentials that you can have on how to be a realtor:

    • As a broker you must have great trading skills;
    • Master the legislation and all the technical aspects required for the area;
    • Have a wide and good network of contacts;
    • Have great communication skills and try your best not to be shy;
    • It is important to always be persevering and patient to close deals;
    • Pay attention to customer needs and always try to meet them. 

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    What don't they tell you about the profession?

    There are three main points that many people don't tell you about being a realtor, below we have listed them for you. 

    It's not easy to earn well

    Working as a realtor can have its advantages as it is one of the most profitable professions on the market. However, this will depend on how hard you work to achieve the high value for money. As a newcomer to the profession, you can prepare yourself, as holidays and weekends without work will be quite rare in your daily life. This profession will require dedication and attention 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

    The profession can be summarized as follows: if you can sell, then you will be able to have an excellent income. The more sales, the greater your monthly profit. If you have a bad month, you will have to chase the loss later, dedicating yourself more and more.

    Before learning how to be a realtor and deciding to actually enter this profession, research and study in advance, talk to other professionals and learn all about it, thus avoiding the shock of reality.

    It's not just showing properties

    As stated above, your income will come from sales, so just showing the properties will not guarantee you anything, as any broker can take the client to check out a property. Now, your differential should be the ability to convince the client to keep a certain property, arousing their interest.

    The best way to do this is to get informed, know everything about the property, know the region and the market. Inform the client about the benefits he will have when staying with the place, whether good schools for the children, bus stops, supermarkets and nearby stores, quiet and noiseless place, security or what the property and the region has to offer.

    The broker also needs to pass on credibility to the client, so the best thing is also to have a course in Real Estate Transaction Technician (TTI). This course will allow you to have a broader view of the market, in addition to being a legal requirement for the profession. You can ask for an indication of the best TTI courses at CRECI in your region.

    You must enjoy working with the public

    One of the biggest dreams of our countrymen is to acquire their own home, so, as a realtor, this is a role that will fall to you, and you must know how to manage the wishes and expectations of clients correctly.

    To know how to be a realtor, you must also know how to bring peace of mind and security to your clients. Give as much information as possible so that he feels confident in closing the deal and has no regrets in the future. You need to be ready not only with the market information, but also emotionally and technically to deal with the human being.

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    How much does a realtor make?

    How to be a realtor Find out how to work in the field

    Last but not least while trying to learn how to be a realtor, you need to know how much a professional in this field makes. Even saying that you will not have a fixed income in this profession, and that it will depend on how much you work in the month, we can draw an average, however, this price can vary, so try not to get attached to all the values ​​​​that we will describe below.

    Minimum salary of a realtor

    Companies that usually pay minimum wage to their brokers are becoming increasingly rare, most work with the commission system in their sales and rentals of real estate to clients. 

    However, the bill PL 6497/13 is filed in the Chamber of Deputies, but may return in the future. He proposes that realtors should work 40 hours a week, earning a fixed monthly fee of R$950.

    Average salary of a realtor

    We cannot say with 100% certainty how much the average salary of a realtor is, however, according to information from the job portal Catho about the real estate market, the national average salary per month can reach R$ 2.470. On the other hand, the National Jobs Site (Sine) also has a survey that says that the average earnings per month can reach R$ 2.500, depending on the time of experience of the broker in the company in which he works. 

    You can also check it on your city's CRECI website, as the institution has a guide for brokers and contractors for their services. In each state, they define how much will be the fee for real estate transactions and other services provided by brokers.

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