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    Drugstore Portal: what is it and how does it work?

    Drugstore Portal: what is it and how does it work?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Sep 11, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Portal da Drogaria is a system that acts as a quality administration and provides infrastructure for various drug discount programs. Developed in 2006, it was designed to integrate pharmacies and agreements into customer support programs. The system brings several benefits to users. 

    • Enhance service tasks at the counter;
    • Ensures participation in PBMs; 
    • It facilitates development opportunities for pharmaceutical enterprises. 

    SevenPDV, which is headquartered in our city, was responsible for formulating the Portal da Drogaria system. The company belongs to the Interplayers group, which contains several companies that offer solutions that integrate systems in the pharmaceutical area of ​​our country. 

    From now on, we will explain the main details about the system, offering a complete guide on the subject. For that, we will cover the following topics. 

    How does the Drugstore Portal work?

    Contrary to what most people imagine, the functioning of the portal is simpler than it seems. The dynamic is similar to a database. It offers information that corresponds to discounts on products. The system also allows registration and access, free of charge, to pharmacies and drugstores. 

    Undoubtedly, it is one of the most efficient ways to enhance the user's relationship with discounts. The practicality is only possible because it brings several Benefit Programs in Medicines (PBM) and health plans. 

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    The ease that it offers to pharmaceutical retailers can be identified by the practicality and agility in locating the benefit program in which the drug is integrated. 

    That way, you guarantee more agility and economy for your routine. Gone are the days when it was necessary to search for a product manually. Just beep your barcode to find out the discount that will be offered to your consumer. 

    It is essential to make it clear that Portal da Drogaria works in a similar way to other process automation alternatives. In practice, the proposal is to ensure efficiency and advantages in the shopping experience and well-being of customers in its stores. 

    With the support of this resource, it has never been easier to offer medicines at a discount. When the strategy is efficiently designed, it brings several benefits not only to consumers, but also to the pharmacy.

    In the next topic we will show you a step-by-step guide for you to learn how to register your pharmacy on the website. 

    How to register on the Drugstore Portal? 

    To avoid future problems, we recommend registering your pharmacy on the official website page. This procedure can be done in two ways on your computer: previous version and updated version in June 2022. 

    Step 1. The first step is to access the official website of Portal da Drogaria. Separate your pharmacy's CNPJ and the user's CPF to register efficiently. You must fill in the data on the home page and click on the “Sign up” button. You will then be transferred to the registration screen. 

    Step 2. Accreditation must be carried out with the owner's information, which can be found in the pharmacy's articles of association. Generally, the following data are requested: social contract, registration of CNPJ, name of the legal person responsible for the establishment, CPF of the person responsible for the establishment, telephone number of the person responsible for the establishment and e-mail of the person responsible for the establishment. 

    Step 3. When you have access to the registration screen, we recommend that you carefully read the guidelines and click on “Start Registration”. 

    Step 4. At the place where you fill in the data, you must upload the Articles of Incorporation and the registration of the CNPJ of your establishment in the spaces indicated. If you are unable to carry out this process, send the documents to the company's email address: [email protected]. 

    Step 5. The next step is to enter the details of the establishment. Among the most common are: CNPJ, branch (drugstore or pharmacy), flag(s), corporate name and other data that are requested.

    Step 6. Tap “Continue” and add the address of the establishment. At this point, it is important to inform zip code, street, address, number, complement, neighborhood, state, city, among others. If your establishment contains more than one unit, it is mandatory to add the data of the parent store. The information needs to be similar to the Social Contract. 

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    Step 7. Enter the information of the legal person responsible for the establishment. The most common data are: Full name, CPF, function, date of birth, telephone, cell phone, username and email. 

    Step 8. Register the password and add the secret question and answer. It is best to choose a complex password, which has a capital letter, a numeral and a symbol. Example: [email protected]

    For people who have trouble remembering complicated passwords, we recommend saving them in a password manager. 

    What do I still need to know about registering on the Drugstore Portal? 

    One of the most common mistakes among users is not filling in the information correctly. Incorrect data may impair access to your website profile. If you have any issues with your account, recovering your account can be more complicated if the data is not added correctly. This is because it will probably be more difficult to remember this information. 

    After following the guidelines in the previous topic, perform the email validation and carefully read the Terms of Service rules. Then tap on “Submit Application Form”. 

    Now, portal contributors will review the documentation. Through them, he will inform if the registration will be authorized or not. In some cases, the process can be completed in up to 10 days. The registration of disapproved users is deleted. If you are part of this group, you will need to run the process again. 

    How is the service provided by the Drugstore Portal? 

    One of the main advantages of Portal da Drogaria is the easy access to the company's team of specialists. You can ask your main questions through the email address: [email protected]. If you prefer the “phone drugstore portal”, the contact is: (11) 3321-9433. 

    The downside is that the “Drogaria Portal 0800” does not exist. Therefore, for those who do not want to pay fees with a call, we recommend communicating with the company via email. 

    On the other hand, the team of specialists is prepared to help you solve several problems, such as: “I cannot access the drugstore portal”, “drugstore portal training”, “drugstore portal products” and “drugstore portal registration ”.

    How to use the Drugstore Portal in the Pharmacy? 

    If you got to this topic, you already realized what the benefits of the program are, right? Therefore, from now on, we are going to show you some tips for you to learn how to use the system during your pharmacy routine. Follow up! 

    Drugstore Portal: what is it and how does it work?

    Know system shortcuts 

    A lot of people don't know, but the system makes it possible to improve sales of medicines with discounts, ensuring more agility for the company and the consumer. 

    This is because the platform contains the most important data in a single place and enhances the search that the attendant needs at that moment to complete the process. So, get to know the system shortcuts to make the most of it. 

    Use automation to your advantage 

    In most cases, the attendant who is not in the habit of using the Drugstore Portal initially researches the program and, soon after, the drug. This scenario is bureaucratic and takes up a lot of time for all the people involved in the process. 

    With the Drugstore Portal, consultation can be carried out quickly, either with the barcode reader or informing the name of the drug. This step issues an automatic verification of the product. From there, you can identify if it is part of a program that offers a discount to the consumer. 

    Analyzing a day to day with several services, these small optimizations can bring very positive impacts to the enterprise. 

    Research key consumer information 

    One of the main advantages of the Medicines Benefit Programs (PBMs), which are registered in the portal system, is that the consumer has access to more than 1.500 items and medicines that are represented by various brands. 

    This scenario allows drugstores accredited in PBMs to guarantee exclusive discounts for their consumers. Generally, they cover almost 80% of all programs that are offered by industries belonging to the sector. 

    Working with the programs that are part of the portal is very practical, especially with the ease of searching for all the data needed at that moment. 

    The customer service can search for any data or questions about the PMB. It is possible, for example, the products that are available, training, product data, information on drug replacement, among others. 

    Invest in quality service 

    There are agreements and programs that develop discount campaigns that are offered to consumers both by numerical codes and by coupons. 

    In most cases, to add the discount on the sale, the service must analyze the medical prescription. Then, register the consumer in the program and, finally, add the code or coupon on the portal. 

    Some people consider this procedure simple, but it can bring several advantages to customers and the establishment. Probably, after a good service, the pharmacy will have more facilities to build a connection with that person who purchased the product. 

    Another positive point is that, when reaching the discount in your establishment, the chances of the consumer looking for better alternatives in other pharmacies is lower. In other words, you will ensure a competitive edge in the market. 

    Register the customer

    Customer registration can be done at the time of service. In addition to ensuring more agility, the process is not complicated either for the establishment or for the consumer. It is not necessary to contact any attendant by phone or enter the website to complete this step. 

    Another positive point is that the attendant does not need to ask the consumer to return to the pharmacy in the next few days to ensure that the service is completed safely. 

    Upon completing the registration, the consumer is already free to enjoy all the benefits of the program. This practicality has a direct impact on consumer loyalty.

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    To register, you need to search for a drug. Remember to verify that the consumer is part of the discount program that is related to the product. This step can be completed with CPF verification.  

    After making the query, if the consumer does not belong to the program, you can add him or her at the same time. In addition, when searching and registering, the establishment professional can communicate to the consumer the discounts on the item and the quantity he is authorized to buy at that particular time. 

    The lack of a tool that automates processes can have several negative consequences for a business, including: losing a customer and not guaranteeing consumer loyalty. 

    The chaotic scenario is built because the waiting period to discover each program until identifying the drug that is included in it can be the trigger for the customer to look for another establishment to solve their problem. 

    What programs does Portal da Drogaria support? 

    According to the Health Portal (updated in January 2022), find out below which programs are supported by the portal. 

    • Aché – Care for life;
    • Alcon – Worth more vision;
    • Allergan – Live +;
    • Amgen – Very close;
    • AstraZeneca – It's good;
    • Bayer – Bayer for you;
    • Biolab – Health in evolution;
    • Biomm – Biomm more health;
    • Boehringer Ingelheim – Health made easy;
    • Cristalia – Quetipin Inclusion;
    • Danone – Danone and you;
    • EMS – EMS health;
    • Exeltis – Woman and pregnancy;
    • FQM – Consciousness for life;
    • Germed – SIGA;
    • Hypera – Mantecorp health;
    • Lilly – Lilly best for you;
    • Lupine - Lupine;
    • Novartis – Worth more health;
    • PBG – More Pfizer;
    • PG – Pampers;
    • Procter – Oral B;
    • Sandoz – Worth more health;
    • FEE – FEE;
    • IP TERM – IP TERM;
    • Theraskin – Programa Theraskin;
    • Torrent – ​​Longevity;
    • UCB – Health Commitment;
    • Under Skin - USK Mais;
    • UPJOHN – Take care;
    • ZYDUS – Zydus our country.

    What is the evaluation of Portal da Drogaria – Reclame Aqui?

    In September 2022, the company's score was 5,4 out of 10, which is considered bad by the platform. Despite this, the company responded to 98.3% of complaints, and 41.2% would do business with the platform again. Therefore, before making a decision regarding the quality of the system, we recommend contacting other users to see if it meets the needs of your pharmacy.

    Drugstore Portal: what is it and how does it work?

    Here, we mention the main information about the Drugstore Portal. However, it is important to note that all data presented is exempt and based on our and users' experience. That is, this is not company-sponsored content. 

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