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    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Several apps promise to help you sleep better through simple touches on your phone. Some offer sounds of nature, the sounds of rain and even wood burning in the fire.

    Others suggest methods of relaxation and lights in appropriate tones to keep you awake. Not to mention the white noise options that are guaranteed to help your sleep quality by monitoring your behavior throughout the night.

    has gathered apps that help you sleep better for Android and iPhone (iOS). Choose your favorite!

    Apps to sleep with rain noise

    1. Sleepo

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Sleepo is an app that brings together more than 30 different sounds in HD. In the Rain and Water category alone, there are nine varieties, which can be combined with each other, expanding the possibilities.

    Options include light and heavy rain, as well as hitting the window, umbrella, weeds, or roof. Thunderstorm sounds are also available, in addition to dripping and seawater noise.

    The app has an integrated timer, ideal for not draining the device's battery after falling asleep. You can adjust the volume for just the sound or for the system as a whole. The program is able to run in the background while other applications are used on the mobile.

    • I sleep (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    2. Rain Rain Sleep Sounds

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Although it offers other types of sounds, Rain Rain Sleep Sounds has rain noises as its flagship. Just open the app and choose one of the 35 free options available (or 60 paid ones, if you're willing to invest) and listen to them individually or in combination.

    The library gathers noises like heavy rain, summer, in the forest and in the city. There are also options for water over a tent, thunderstorms, drizzle, among many others.

    It is possible to set your favorites, control the volume and activate a timer for the audio to dissipate after a period of time defined by you. If you want, set up an alert to remind you to use the app and get a restful night's sleep. The program works in the background.

    • Rain Rain Sleep Sounds (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Apps to sleep with the sound of nature

    3. Ambience

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Ambience defines itself as a relaxing sound mixer. The app brings together more than 100 high quality audios and allows you to listen to up to 3 at the same time in the free version. You can control the volume of each one individually.

    Tracks are divided by categories. Among them are the sounds of rain, ocean and water. There are also options for night, field and wind and fire noises.

    The user can relax to the sound of dolphins, seagulls, waterfall, wolves howling, seagulls singing and much more. The app runs in the background while using other apps.

    • Ambience (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    4. Naturespace

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Naturespace is an app with sounds of nature for those who value quality. The program offers holographic audio, also known as 3D, due to the immersion it allows.

    There are six free tracks and more than 100 that can be purchased with payment and tested before purchase. Released items include bird song in the morning, rain falling on the water and night on the lake.

    There is also summer in the mountains, the sound of the river and the waves crashing on the beach. The app has a sleep timer feature and works in the background.

    • Naturespace (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Apps to relax and sleep better

    5. Meditation & Relaxation Music

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Meditation & Relaxation Music is an app that brings together different types of relaxing sounds. The audios are aimed at those who want a quiet soundtrack to meditate or to help them slow down and fall asleep.

    There are noises from nature, musical instruments, drops falling into a metal bucket and noises from the mountains of Tibet. It is also possible to hear isochronic sounds and binaural bits. These options promise to influence the brain through the frequencies of the sound waves emitted.

    The user can combine and listen to up to 10 tracks at the same time, controlling the volume of each one individually. Mark your favorites and activate the timer so that the app closes when you fall asleep.

    • Meditation & Relaxation Music (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Free Calm Sleep

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Free Calm Sleep is an app specifically aimed at improving sleep quality. In addition to sounds to help you sleep, it also offers stories for this purpose, as well as guided meditations.

    The audios are divided into categories such as ambient sounds, nature noises and for children. As soon as you select the song, the app lets you set how long you want to play it. If you want, you can schedule your favorite theme to always run at the same time, to wake you up smoothly.

    Bedtime stories are told in specific tones to help you relax and have a restful night. Guided meditations help in the process of falling asleep. Options range from 5 to 45 minutes. The contents, however, are all in English.

    • Free Calm Sleep (free): Android

    White noise apps for better sleep

    7. White Noise Sleep Sounds

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Despite the name, White Noise Sleep Sounds offers different types of relaxing sounds. However, it has a category aimed only at what are known as white noise.

    The At Home section has tracks that play hair dryers, fans, out-of-tune TVs and clock hands. In Urban and Vehicles, there are audios of a train on the tracks, an airplane engine, among others.

    You can add the ones you like best to favorites and combine up to three on the same track, with individual volume control.

    • White Noise Sleep Sounds (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    8. White Noise Free

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Simple and effective. This is how the White Noise Free app can be defined. Just open it to see the icons of more than 40 audio options. In addition to the classic white, it has pink, brown and blue noises, in which each color offers a different frequency of sound waves.

    Among the noises that are also considered to be white noises, there is air conditioning, an airplane engine, a hairdryer, two types of fans and two types of vacuum cleaners. The user can combine the sounds and control the volume of each one individually.

    There is also the option to activate the timer to end the program after a certain period of time. If you want, in the settings you can turn on the fade-out effect, which gradually reduces the volume of the track.

    • White Noise Free (free): Android

    sleep monitoring apps

    9. Sleep Cycle

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Sleep Cycle is a monitoring app that tracks patterns and wakes the user up only in a moment of light sleep. The program does this without alarm, providing a natural and less abrupt awakening.

    When you sleep with your phone by your side, the app records your nighttime activity, such as movements and snoring. Then, it generates graphs with statistics with the collected data.

    The paid package offers more features. These include guided meditations, bedtime stories and relaxing sounds. There is more in-depth monitoring of your nighttime habits and the possibility to save the information in the cloud.

    • Sleep Cycle (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    10 Sleep as Android

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Sleep as Android records sleep cycles, monitoring all user activity during the night. The app records snoring, speech, movements and breathing. Just leave your smartphone next to your body while you sleep.

    To wake up in the best possible way, you must indicate a time range in which you want to be woken up. The alarm will sound only at the ideal time. And it can only be turned off after performing a simple task, as a way of proving that it is awake.

    The app is free, but it offers a paid version with the option of daily monitoring, access to statistics and songs that help you sleep.

    • Sleep as Android (free, with in-app purchases): Android

    Light filter apps for better sleep

    11. Twilight

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    Recent studies show that blue light emitted by electronic device screens can disrupt sleep. Lighting would act as a kind of stimulant, acting on the brain in a similar way to coffee.

    The Twilight app seeks to cut the influence of luminosity, by changing the tonality and intensity according to the sun exposure. That is, after sunset it automatically changes the lighting, which returns to normal after the local sunrise. But, if you prefer, you can configure the schedules manually.

    • Twilight (free): Android

    12. Blue Light Filter

    12 apps to sleep better and relax for Android and iPhone

    The Blue Light Filter's purpose is the same as Twilight's. Shield the wearer from blue light at night, helping to reduce fussing before bedtime. Very intuitive to use, it offers eight different color temperatures.

    It also allows you to customize the intensity and adjust the dimming of the screen. You can enable the app to change lighting settings automatically every day, or do it manually.

    • Blue Light Filter (free): Android


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