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    12 Best Chat Apps for Android and iPhone

    Chat apps are essential for keeping in touch with friends and family during the hustle and bustle of everyday life. There are even anonymous chat options to meet new people.

    Most programs go beyond text messaging and allow sharing of media files, voice calls and even video calls.

    has gathered the 12 best chat apps to chat online with whoever you want. Check out!

    1 Whatsapp

    The most popular chat app of all could not be left out of the list. This popularity is the main advantage of the program over the others. After all, you are unlikely to exchange phone numbers with anyone other than the messenger you have installed on your cell phone.

    WhatsApp allows you to chat via text, voice and video calls with up to 8 people. It is also possible to share audio messages, photos, videos, documents, GIFS and even the location in real time.

    In terms of security, the company guarantees that all content is end-to-end encrypted. That is, only those who receive and send have access to shared information. “No one else will, not even WhatsApp,” he promises.

    • WhatsApp (free): Android | iOS | Web | Windows or macOS

    2. Telegram

    Considered the main competitor of WhatsApp, Telegram offers features that the rival does not have. The secret chat, in which the user can set a timer to self-destruct the conversation, is one of them. In addition, it is not allowed to take a print or forward exchanged items through it.

    Another highly praised feature is the channels. In them, only administrators are authorized to publish. The other members act as mere spectators. The tool is ideal for those who follow subject matter experts, content producers or even well-known news and information sites.

    Despite allowing file sharing of up to 1.5 GB (as for WhatsApp's maximum of 100 MB), Telegram only has voice calls. There is still no option to talk via video.

    • Telegram (free): Android | iOS | Web | Windows, macOS or Linux

    3. Messenger

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    Initially, Messenger was a chat integrated into Facebook. Until it took on a life of its own and became a separate app from the social network. The highlight of the tool is the various augmented reality filters and the possibility to play different games with your friends.

    As for the other features, it allows you to make voice and video calls with up to 4 people. Users can also upload audios and share photos and videos as well as their real-time location.

    In May 2022, the Messenger Rooms feature was launched, called Rooms in Portuguese. With it, you can create a videoconferencing room with up to 50 people and invite them by sharing the link. It is not necessary to have a Messenger account to join the conversation.

    • Messenger (free): Android | iOS | web

    4. Buzzr

    Buzzr is intended to allow you to chat with strangers anonymously. Just press Start and access the chat. Simple and straightforward in chatting purpose, it doesn't offer any feature other than text message exchange.

    If the conversation succeeds, the subject can continue in some other app on this list. But if it doesn't, just press the Power off button to leave the room.

    • Buzzr (free with in-app purchases, in Portuguese): Android | web

    5. Viber

    One of the pioneers when it comes to chat apps, Viber lets you make free voice and video calls. But it also offers the option of calling international landlines or mobiles at lower rates than those charged by traditional telephone companies.

    There is also the possibility to make video calls, send and receive media files and stickers, create communities, etc. Another cool feature is the chat extension. With it, you can search and share content without leaving the application.

    • Viber (free, with in-app purchase options): Android | iOS | Windows, macOS and Linux

    6. KakaoTalk

    KakaoTalk is one of the most popular chat apps in China. In addition to the classic features of sending text messages and media files, the program has fun voice filters.

    With them, you can make voice and video calls with the voices of characters like Talking Tom the kitten. Not to mention the various augmented reality filters to use in real time. There is also a location sharing feature and an agenda tool so you don't forget any appointments.

    The app also allows you to reply to messages through wearable devices equipped with Android Wear. Unlike WhatsApp, which limits groups to 256 people, the service guarantees rooms with an unlimited number of contacts.

    • KakaoTalk (free): Android | iOS | Windows | macOS

    7. Skype

    Initially known for making VoIP calls, Skype has evolved in recent years to offer several new functions. In addition to text chat, it allows you to make voice calls to other users of the app or to landlines or cell phones. There is also the possibility of making video calls with up to 50 participants.

    The app has a feature that adds subtitles and translations to calls. Both by voice and live video, in real time. Unlike most programs of its kind, Skype natively provides a tool for recording conversations.

    Also: if you want to show someone content directly from your cell phone or computer screen, the service allows you to use the screen sharing functionality.

    • Skype (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS | Web | Windows | Xbox

    8. Kik

    Tired of waiting for your friends to answer you in chat apps. Kik promises to solve this problem by making robots available to answer Kik's questions.

    Bots are themed and can offer news, play games with you, help you buy products, and more. The app does not require a phone number. Just create a username and you will be found on the platform.

    • Who (free): Android | iOS

    9. ICQ

    The classic desktop messenger from the early 2000s is back with a new look. The new ICQ has a chat room feature that supports 25 people, where you can create smaller chat groups if you want.

    The application is capable of transcribing audio messages into text and offers ready-made response suggestions when analyzing the received content. There is also the option to make voice and video calls with up to 30 participants (with options for augmented reality filters).

    The program also guarantees the transfer of large files in real size, has bots to pass the time if you don't find anyone to talk to and much more.

    • ICQ (free): Android | iOS | Web | Windows | macOS | Linux


    Discord is a chat app designed specifically for gamers. The idea is for the platform to be used to create channels to play with friends, find partners, organize your teams and whatever else you want.

    It is possible to communicate by text, audio and video, exchange GIFs and photos. In addition to closed groups, there are also voice channels, open to everyone, to chat and exchange tips about your favorite games.

    • Discord (free): Android | iOS | Web | Windows | macOS | Linux

    11. Hangouts

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    Hangouts is a chat app from Google, which allows communication via messages, voice calls and video calls. To use it, all you need is a Google account.

    The platform is simple, but it offers sharing of images, GIFS, emojis and stickers and creating groups with up to 150 people. Video calls support up to 10 users.

    • Hangouts (free): Android | iOS | web

    12. UOL Chat

    Another option for those who want to meet and chat with new people, Bate-Papo UOL offers dozens of themed rooms, separated by categories. It is possible to search for someone to talk about sports, soap operas, movies and, of course, flirt.

    It is not necessary to reveal your identity. Just create a nickname, include a photo (if you want) and start chatting. If you choose to speak with someone privately, you can communicate via text, audio and video.

    • UOL chat (free, with in-app purchases, in Portuguese): Android | iOS | web


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