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    What is follow up and how to do it?

    What is follow up and how to do it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 7, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Everyone has gone through a follow up process. Imagine that you are looking to hire an internet service for your home. You contact a company. During the conversation, he listens carefully to the available plans, but he still doesn't know when he will make the decision. The seller promises to call in two days. 

    After this period, the consultant will contact you again to know your decision. You can give him two answers right now: close the deal or think about it some more. This call that the seller has just made is called a Follow-up. This is a step in the sales process that seeks to track the progress of any sale. 

    Want to understand more details about this concept and how to execute it more efficiently? Keep following this article. 

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    After all, what is follow up? 

    Follow up in Portuguese means "follow-up". It is a strategy in which the salesperson monitors the contacts that have been made with leads and consumers during the purchase journey. 

    In practice, it is the next conversation the salesperson has with a future customer after the prospecting moment. In it, it is possible to strengthen the relationship with the consumer in a simple and practical way. 

    The follow-up meeting can be run through multiple channels such as phone, email and Skype. The ideal format is the one that was defined together with the client at the time of the first dialogue. 

    Sales follow-up cannot be done in any way. It is important that the professional builds a quality cadence flow and that he always delivers some relevant information to the client. The main objective is to show how that call can solve the pain he is facing at that moment in the company. 

    How to follow up?

    After discovering the meaning of follow up, let's know what are the best tips for you to learn how to do a successful follow up? The process is simpler than it looks. Follow up! 

    Invest in a CRM

    The first step is to invest in a CRM (Customer Relationship Management), which in Portuguese can be translated as Customer Relationship Management. It is a platform that aims to assist in the management of sales and in the relationship with consumers. 

    In practice, it helps salespeople register, organize, monitor and close increasingly efficient sales to customers. Gone are the days when professionals had to write down this information on papers or spreadsheets. Now, everything has been automated to facilitate the routine of team members. 

    Do a planning 

    One of the main mistakes salespeople make is not planning for the follow-up time. This process must be developed soon after the first contact with the consumer, which occurs in the prospecting phase. 

    To be successful with this step, you must record all the data you were able to collect about that prospect in your CRM. After all, the more information you have about the potential customer, the more positive results you will have with the follow-up. 

    Forget those old strategies that teach the salesperson to build a service script to say the same phrases to everyone. This type of attitude can have a negative impact not only on your image as a professional, but also on the company's credibility. 

    Then, make all the notes about the consumer. At this point, it is worth registering if he is single, where he lives, the company he works for, what are his favorite activities, what are the subjects that most interest him, among other questions. 

    When you manage to do this homework, the service becomes personalized, generating an easier connection with the customer. Generally, professionals who usually hit goals are those who write down a lot of information about consumers. Collecting this data helps to establish when the next contact will be and start the follow-up process with more clarity and assertiveness. 

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    You can mark the next contact at the time of prospecting. Imagine that the potential client has informed that he will not be available to think about the information that has been shared or that he will only have money after the holiday season. 

    Given this scenario, the seller already knows when the next approach will be: after Christmas and New Year's commemorative dates. In some cases, the customer may not inform the time for the new contact. So, the professional needs to take a more proactive stance. 

    " It's all right. I'll look for you again after the holidays, because I believe that by then you've already talked to your partners and can already make a decision: What is the best time to contact you: in the morning or in the afternoon?”. 

    We know that most people have a hectic routine and the more objective you are in the conversation, the better it will be for your results. To have positive interactions, try to rehearse before contacting the consumer and set a clear goal for that moment. 

    It never hurts to remember that in sales there are always exceptions. After all, you are in contact with people and each one has its own characteristics. There are those customers who like to chat and can forward the conversation to other subjects. 

    If you are faced with this type of situation, we recommend keeping your cool, gently returning to the point of the conversation, and getting back to the main point, which is closing the sale. If you have difficulties, it is worth looking for other techniques to influence the customer. The book How to Make Friends and Influence People brings great tips for the reader to achieve the dreamed yes in any situation. 

    Be proactive 

    One of the main characteristics of a salesperson is proactivity. You need to master the sales process to maintain a good relationship with the future customer. Although the consumer has responsibility for the decision, you need to influence the negotiation so that she answers yes or no. 

    Never call a customer without purpose. Getting in touch to find out “if everything is ok” with that person is not a strategic way to execute a follow-up. 

    In order not to fall into traps, it is interesting to use some resources to bring more value to the negotiation, such as: sharing an example of a client who achieved positive results with your product or service; show some news about your area of ​​activity or in relation to competitors; present the launches, promotions and discounts. 

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    Keep the customer informed 

    Another interesting tip to follow up is to keep consumers and prospects informed about various points that can influence the sale. Among the most suitable materials for this step, we recommend indexes, numerical analyses, case studies and other data that can help in the negotiation process. 

    This strategy is interesting because it shows that it is not just about selling a product, but about sharing how that solution can directly impact the success of your business. 

    Always think about the next step 

    Every contact a salesperson makes with the customer should make the path between the conversation and closing the deal closer. Seeking evolution is an inherent characteristic for any type of professional. To make this process possible, always establish a next step in every conversation, with a phone call, online meeting or face-to-face meeting. 

    Keep Calm 

    That old saying “haste is the enemy of perfection” should be taken to heart by salespeople. We know how important it is to hit the target, especially in difficult times of economic crisis, however, anxiety can get in the way of the entire negotiation. 

    What is follow up and how to do it?

    If the customer asked to call between 10:12 am and XNUMX:XNUMX pm during the follow-up, follow the guidance. Can you imagine how complicated it would be to call someone during an important meeting or while they are having a difficult conversation with their family? In order not to cool the process, keep calm and respect the schedules. 

    Know the exact moment to stop 

    One of the most common doubts among salespeople is knowing when is the best time to complete a follow-up. Contrary to what many people imagine, there is a right period to finish attempts. When the client requests that the trade be closed, finish. If it doesn't, call again to let you know about new releases for your product. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the cadence and the number of attempts made by a salesperson depends on the agreement of the process that has been established by the organization. Therefore, be aware of the information that is shared by the managers of your company. 

    Here, we mention the best tips to follow up in a company. The learning process can vary from professional to professional. The most important thing is not to give up. The more training, the more sales you can close during a follow up.

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