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    Tray Store: how to set up your virtual store on the platform

    Tray Store: how to set up your virtual store on the platform

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 29, 2022 | Technology |

    Investing in e-commerce, as in Tray store, has been a popular path for store owners or people who want to start their own business. There are several platforms that allow you to create a virtual store, such as Shopee, Aliexpress, Nuvemshop and many others.

    However, now it's time to talk about the Tray Store, what are the advantages, what is needed and how you can create your virtual store on the platform.

    If you are looking to create your own business, this path may be the solution, as an online store is a booming business for the public and much faster and more practical than creating a physical store.

    Let's check out more about the Tray Store.

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    Advantages of having a Tray store

    Tray Store: how to set up your virtual store on the platform

    If you still have doubts about whether or not to open a virtual store, whether it's a Tray store or on another platform, we've separated some advantages that this business can have and that can end up convincing you to invest in the area.

    Here are some benefits you will have when investing in online commerce:

    24 hours service

    If in practically all physical stores, work is done only during business hours, a virtual store allows sales and customer service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

    The products and services you will be making available to customers will be available online throughout the day. 

    In addition, this is a very safe option, as there is no way for someone to break down the door or break the window of your store to steal from you. And after a sale, the money falls directly into an account, being safe in the bank. 

    There are no geographic limits for sale

    In physical stores, if you do not integrate the business into a marketplace and also make virtual sales, you will suffer from geographic limitations selling only to those customers close to you.

    In a virtual business like the Tray Store, the internet will take care of eliminating these limitations and barriers to reach, expanding your audience even more. 

    That way, products that you would normally only sell in our city, for example, can be delivered to our city or even further afield.

    Depending on how you set up your online business, even international sales can be made. 

    It's comfortable

    A virtual store guarantees the comfort of its customers and consumers, which is one of the reasons why ecommerce has become so sought after and so accessed by the public. Many no longer want or do not have time to go from store to store to buy something.

    Therefore, they do virtually all their shopping virtually and in the comfort of home. 

    If the virtual store also has a physical store close to your home, there are also those who prefer to make the purchase online and just pick up the product at the store, if they do not want to pay shipping or do not want to wait several days for delivery.

    This ends up saving the customer a lot of time. 

    Various promotions

    Online stores allow sellers to make promotions more spontaneously and quickly, ensuring that disclosure is also made on the internet, such as on social networks and advertisements, reaching customers much faster.

    Unlike a physical store, where the promotion may take a while to reach consumers' ears.

    This also increases the control of your business, as you can inform about changes in promotions with a few clicks or inform you when a product is out of stock.

    What's more, you also save a lot of money with printed material, as you won't have to spend money on flyers and posters for your store. 

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    What is needed to create the Tray Store?

    Before you create your Tray store on the platform, there are a few things you need to know about, as they are extremely necessary to open your online business.

    We separate them to help you, as they can be quite bureaucratic processes before putting your Tray Store in action. 

    In the Tray website's own menu, there is a tab called Resources. There, you can find information about logistics, management, sales channels and much more. 

    Tray Store: how to set up your virtual store on the platform

    Basic documentation

    Although your business is moving towards being an online store, that doesn't mean you won't need documents to formalize your brand.

    That is, you will need to run after documentation such as the National Register of Legal Entities (CNPJ), state registration, business license and several others.

    The recommendation for this step is that you have an accountant to assist you during the process so that you do not miss any documents or necessary information. This also ensures that your store correctly pays the necessary taxes and complies with current legislation.


    Decree 7.962, a new E-commerce Law that was enacted on March 15, 2022, says that no business and merchant can breach the rules set for online stores.

    It is necessary that you read and pay close attention to the Decree, preventing legal problems in the future. 

    Among the standards, there are some recommendations such as: having a physical and virtual address, exposing all the characteristics of the product sold, detailing the price and additional costs, ensuring security mechanisms to protect payment and customer data, in addition to several other standards. 

    Taxation and costs

    Do not fool yourself. While they may be smaller than a physical store, a virtual business will also have its costs. So it is important to be aware of this to perform a good management of your Tray store or any other virtual business. 

    A tip is to consider that, initially, your expenses are divided into three categories:

    • Resources related to the IT area and the basic structure of the site, such as layout, for example;
    • Operating your online business;
    • Promotion of your brand and products/services.

    It is quite complicated to say an exact amount you will spend, as it will depend a lot on the platform plan you will choose, your area of ​​expertise, the size of the virtual store, etc. 

    In addition, you also need to pay attention to the taxation regime. It will depend a lot on the legal nature of your company.

    So, be sure to research the subject and know the details to avoid further complications. 


    Although it can be a bit of a boring process, the ideal thing is that you dedicate time to ensure functional and good logistics, both for you and your client. This ensures good experiences for users, who are sure to buy from you more often.

    Ensure a simple-to-use platform, with simple payment methods and affordable and fast shipping. For this, you can consider that deliveries are made by carriers or by the Post Office.

    Define if you will sell through marketplaces, the types of contracts you will close, what your investment in Marketing will be, etc. 

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    What to watch out for when opening your Tray Store?

    There are some points that you should be careful about when opening your online Tray store. By doing this, you will increase the chances of your business succeeding and decrease the chances of problems. 

    Competition Analysis

    Don't think that just because your Tray Store will be virtual, that you won't suffer from competition in the digital market. Perhaps, the competition could be even greater than having a physical store.

    With just one click, the customer can find another online store that sells the same product at a cheaper price. So, it is advisable to always be checking competing stores and the prices of their products. 

    Create a list of top online competitors who sell the same product as you, then monitor them periodically and see how you can adapt your Tray Store and get the customer to choose your business over theirs. 

    To do this, you can do research directly with your store's suppliers and customers. Or even using Google to look for products similar to yours that are sold online. 


    One of the first things you should define when opening your online store is what you will sell and, especially, who your product or service is focused on.

    When you find out who your target audience is, you can define the type of product they are looking for in the market and the products and services they need most. This makes you avoid items that are stuck in stock or with little turnover.

    What's more, defining your segment helps when communicating with your audience and will help you develop marketing strategies that appeal to your audience. In addition, you also develop an identification between the public and your brand, ensuring recurrence and loyalty. 

    Define the suppliers

    Having reliable product suppliers is essential for your Tray store. Merchandise is one of the crucial points to define the reputation of your entire online store. So try to choose quality products for your customers. 

    Look for suppliers that respect delivery deadlines, evaluate the payment options they offer, check the reputation of each one in the market, the conditions of the materials sold, that is, prioritize quality over price. 

    product mix

    The product mix is ​​nothing more than the set of goods that have the greatest sales potential among your customers.

    There is no way to clearly define what the perfect mix will be. However, you can use some tips to have the approximate mix to find the most functional products for your business. 

    If you are starting out in ecommerce, we recommend that you focus on a small variety of products and gradually increase your merchandise.

    Choose just one category to highlight at the beginning and within that category, look for product varieties. For example, start by selling clothes and offer varieties between men's, children's and women's. 

    How to create your online Tray store?

    Tray Store: how to set up your virtual store on the platform

    Now that you know what you need and where to focus your attention, we are going to explain how to open your Tray store online. It is worth mentioning that before starting to create your store, you will need to choose one of the plans offered by Tray. Among the plans are:

    • Starter Plan: R$49 per month and the option to register up to 100 products with 10 thousand visits;
    • Basic Plan: R$99 per month and the possibility of registering up to 500 products with 25 thousand visits;
    • Advanced Plan: R$199 per month with up to 1.000 registered products and 35 visits; 
    • Professional Plan: R$499 per month, 5 thousand products registered and up to 60 thousand visits to the store;
    • Executive Plan: R$749 per month and the possibility to register unlimited products and have unlimited visits. 

    After choosing your plan, you can start creating your Tray store on the platform.

    store information

    The information of the stores is among the mandatory that are required by law that we mentioned above. In addition, they also increase the credibility of your brand, making it easier for the consumer to trust you. After all, who would buy something from somewhere where we don't know the phone number, CNPJ or other information?

    In addition, information such as address is also used to calculate the shipping of products, as your store's zip code will be used as the origin zip code to determine the value of delivery by carriers or Post Office, for example.

    Therefore, when registering your Tray store, try to complete as much data as possible, and try not to leave any fields blank. 

    Define categories and subcategories

    After entering the store data, the next step that the platform will require will be to choose the categories and subcategories of your store's products. By doing this categorization of your store, it will be easier for your customers to find the products sold. 

    A tip we give is to use simple names, as it is also easy to organize and edit whenever you want. For example, create a category called: Accessories, then add the subcategories: bracelets, rings, watches, necklace, earrings, etc.

    Register the products

    After entering the categories, it is time to register the products you will sell. Always try to relate products to the categories and subcategories you created earlier. Always try to put detailed images, such as weight and size of the product to calculate shipping, quantity in stock, etc. 

    This is important because the more information and details you add, the fewer questions customers will have, which will also improve your Tray store's ranking on search platforms like Google. 

    If you already have all your products categorized in a spreadsheet, the Tray platform also allows you to import all the data from the spreadsheet to the store register, which greatly optimizes your time.

    Do the same with product variations

    By registering more product variations, you end up making your customer's life easier when purchasing the material. Tray allows you to add “Single” and “Double” products and that's where you'll add variations. For example, entering different sizes of clothes and shoes, different voltages of appliances, product colors, etc.

    However, be careful not to overdo it, less can often be more. So don't exaggerate the variations and just put a few punctual options for your customers. 

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    Define payment methods

    Extreme care must be taken when setting up the payment methods for your Tray store. We don't just talk so that the customer can close the order and you receive your money with sales, but also because this can define consumer trust in your store, in addition to extra fees, shipping, delivery delay and more.

    It is a standard for the Tray platform to have the Yapay intermediary enabled and configured for payments.

    You also have the option to edit and configure Yapay as you see fit, such as adding more installments, for example. However, you will need to contact Yapay directly to validate the rules for change.

    There is also the option to enter new payment methods in your store, such as Boleto Bancário. In addition, the integration will be done directly with the bank, without needing an intermediary. Currently, only a few bank branches make this integration with the platform. They are: Banrisul, Bradesco, Itaú and Banco do Nosso País.

    It is worth mentioning that you will need to contact the bank and request an ecommerce payment solution. Then, just follow the steps listed below to enter the Boleto as a payment method. It is worth mentioning that Tray's service tab explains the process in detail.

    Step 1. Go to the Tray Store settings, search for “Payment Methods” and then go to “See all other forms”;

    Step 2. Look for the alternative of “Boleto Bancário”, and select the blue frame with a pencil to edit;

    Step 3. In the next window, go to the “Funding” tab and inform if an additional R$ in the order will be necessary;

    Step 4. Configure the shopping cart price range. Thus, he can use this payment option (leave the options going from “0,00” to “0,00” to cover all orders);

    Step 5. There is also the “Discounts” tab, where you can configure the possible discounts or extra values ​​that will include the payment method of the ticket;

    Step 6. After that, you can select this payment method for all shipping and shipping methods. Then, just go to the bottom of the page and save;

    Step 7. Returning to the “Settings” tab you will select the platform and then “Technology”. Remember: this will be the part where you will enter the data linked to the bank and not the Tray store. Then, just go to the bottom of the page and save with the data you added;

    Step 8. In order to finish the configuration, go to the bank's “BackOffice” environment and edit the return URL. With this, communication between the bank and the platform will be possible, also generating notified orders;

    Step 9. You will still have to edit the “Fixed Boleto Maturity” and “Expiration Days” part as well. In the first option, check the “Yes” option on the platform and then add the number of days to expiry. If you select “No”, the ticket will be set to expire on the same day as the purchase of the product;

    Step 10. In Tray's "Status" tab, click on "In Test" on the payment method to check if the boleto is working correctly. Then go to “Save” in the lower right corner of the page;

    Step 11. A window allowing the simulation of a test purchase will appear. Check the information on the screen and click on “Generate order and test”.

    Shipping and shipping

    Many online stores end up not meeting the requirements required by the Post Office to open a contract.

    At Tray this may not be a big problem. The platform developed the Easy Freight system, which generates shipping labels, allowing products to be delivered through the Post Office.

    What's more, the seller even receives a discount from the normal value, which can reach up to 50% of the regular shipping value.

    Personalize o e-mail

    The Tray Store has several emails that are sent in a standard and instantaneous way according to the actions taken in the virtual stores.

    So the advice is for you to take a little time and customize it to match your store's face and not be too generic. With just a few clicks, Tray allows users to change these messages.

    Invest in Marketplaces

    Tray stores can integrate with several marketplaces on the market, but the most popular and most used on the platform is Mercado Livre.

    By going to the “Marketplaces” menu in the Tray settings and choosing the “Free Market” option, you can make this integration and then immediately place the ads for your products.

    Have a good layout

    The layout of your online store deserves your attention, as it can convey your professionalism to the customer. After all, everyone takes a step back when they enter a sales site that has a dubious layout, right?

    To help you have a good visual identity in your Tray store, we have separated some topics that you should be aware of:

    Your store pages

    You can use the pages to inform customers a little more about the store, such as its beginnings, its policies, who the employees are, the company's mission, values ​​and vision, and many others.

    You can even create some pages focused on explaining how to make payments on products, how to exchange, return and request a refund, etc. That way, whenever the customer has any questions, they can have solutions on these pages.


    This is practically your company's brand, the symbol that the customer will automatically turn on to your virtual store.

    Do good research and study ways to create a logo that conveys a positive image.

    edit the colors

    It is important to have basic colors linked to your brand, colors that will be predominant in your online store.

    For example, Shopee has the classic orange, Americanas has the red. What would your colors be? Try making that connection with your logo by choosing the same colors for both. 

    Integrate social networks

    Tray allows sellers to include social media icons in their store. In this way, customers are forwarded to social networks with a few clicks, which is also a great form of advertising.

    With this, customers will be able to follow you on virtual platforms and follow your promotions posts, new products and etc. This even makes it easy for them to tag you in publications and spread the word about your brand to their friends.

    have banners

    Banners are great ways to advertise discount coupons, promotions, social media and everything related to your store. They are usually located at the top of your online store, even above the menu.

    You can also use this alternative to give notices to consumers. It is advisable to mount the banner with the predominant colors of your brand, in addition to always leaving your store logo visible.

    invest in the domain

    Initially, most online stores tend to have a shared domain with the platform. However, this may not be very good and may even take away some of the credibility that the store has with its customers.

    Investing in your own domain can increase consumer confidence and make you safer to shop.

    Tray offers the possibility for you to register your own domain for free. But remember that you already need to have purchased a hosting.

    To do this, go to the “Settings” of your Tray store, then go to “My store” and click on “Store Domain”. After that, go to the option “Include Domain”, in blue, and in the window that opened click on “I understand, let's get started”. After checking all the information, click on “Continue” at the bottom of the page.

    Then, enter your domain, with the presence of “www.”, and go to “Verify domain”, also at the bottom of the page. If you don't have one, it will be registered and then you just need to click on “Continue”, again. 

    Then, configure the hosting settings you purchased for the domain previously and wait up to 4 hours for it to be activated.

    When everything is correct until this period, click on “Continue” to perform the last SSL step to ensure the security of the domain. Remembering that SSL is paid, but you will have the options to enter the domain with SSL contracted and without SSL in the Tray Store.  

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    Tray's First Steps Course

    Tray also offers a course to help you create and configure your online store on the platform.

    You will learn all the basic information needed to run your online business. You will receive course support materials and have access to interactive video lessons. 

    At the end, if you have answered more than 70% of the required questionnaire, you will receive a certificate.

    To check out the course and register, just access the Tray First Steps Course link. You can even consider and submit a proposal directly to other participants to have certified partners to work with other Tray stores.

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