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    The 15 Hottest Fitness Muses to Follow on Instagram and TikTok

    The 15 Hottest Fitness Muses to Follow on Instagram and TikTokThe 15 Hottest Fitness Muses to Follow on Instagram and TikTok

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 15, 2022 | Instagram |

    Are you looking for inspiration to keep your diet and bodybuilding up to date?

    So, you need to know the list of musas fitness most famous on the internet, which we have separated for today's post.

    Ever heard the phrase “your body is your time”? Yeah, it means you should take care of it, do physical exercises, eat well and take care of your mind.

    Practicing physical activities and maintaining a healthy lifestyle is extremely important for our physical and mental health.

    But to start from scratch and always have consistency may not be that simple.

    To facilitate and encourage you to lead a fitness life, a cool idea is to follow the fitness muses of social networks, who daily give training and nutrition tips.

    The 15 most pumped fitness muses to follow on Instagram and TikTok

    1. Eva Andressa

    The first inspiration on our list is fitness muse Eva Andressa, who started working out at the age of 17 and became very successful on Facebook, with over 700 followers.

    Her network of admirers grew more and more and today she is one of the biggest celebrities in the fitness world, with great success on other social networks such as Instagram and Tik Tok.

    The photos and videos in your feed serve as an example of determination, focus and discipline for anyone who wants to change their habits or who is in search of a toned body.

    • Instagram: @eva_andressa
    • Tik Tok: @eva_andressa_

    #routine #legs #gluteos

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    2. Gracyanne Barbosa

    When it comes to fitness and a sculptural body, one of the first names that comes to mind is Gracyanne Barbosa, the greatest example of discipline and healthy living.

    The former dancer of the group “Tchakabum”, bodybuilding model and drum queen is successful on her social networks with her workout routine and healthy recipes.

    • Instagram: @graoficial
    • Tik Tok: @graoficial

    Fast, practical, healthy and yummy #omeletedifferent #viral #fy

    ♬ original sound – Gracyanne Barbosa

    3. Carol Borba

    Carol Borba is a Physical Education professional, digital influencer and successful on her social networks when it comes to health and physical activity.

    In addition to having a profile and YouTube channel full of food, exercise, health and wellness tips, she also gives training tips both at the gym and at home.

    It is a very complete profile and will definitely encourage you to work out.

    • Instagram: @ carolborba1
    • Tik Tok: @carolborba74
    • Canal do YouTube: Carol Borba

    Where's the duet? Call a friend who can do it together? #DesafioFlexao #fyp

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    4. Bella Falconi

    Bella Falconi has a degree in Nutrition and she shares her healthy eating routine and physical exercise in search of good shape on her social media.

    In addition, on her profile, she also helps her followers by teaching her training techniques.

    • Instagram: @bellafalconi
    • Tik Tok: @bellafalconioficial

    5. Natasha Villaschi

    Natasha Villaschi's profile is full of videos of training tips, healthy meals and even humor videos with everyday situations of fitness life.

    In addition to everything, the fitness muse is also an entrepreneur and offers the “Natflix” mentorship on a platform where she offers training, teaches the correct execution and gives extra tips, both for beginners and advanced.

    • Instagram: @nat.villaschi
    • Tik Tok: @nat.villaschi

    6. Isa Binow

    Isa Binow is a digital influencer who, in addition to sharing her personal life routine, also posts tips about the gym, her workouts, her diet and looks to work out.

    • Instagram: @isa_binow
    • Tik Tok: @isabinow_

    at my dinner I talked a little bit about? #fyp #foryou #fitness

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    7. Alexia Clark

    For those who like to accompany people from other countries and see different cultures, Alexia Clark is a personal trainer in the United States and also a digital influencer.

    She has a profile full of workout videos and tips for healthier living.

    • Instagram: @alexia_clark
    • Tik Tok: @alexia_clark

    8. Remi Ishizuka

    Another profile that is also not Brazilian, but that may motivate you to eat better is Remi Ishizuka.

    On your profile, there are several healthy recipe tips that you can adopt in your daily life.

    • Instagram: @rrayyme
    • Tok only: @rrayyme

    9. Bruna Luccas

    Bruna Luccas is a Brazilian digital influencer, who moved to the United States after posting a photo where on one side she was wearing her work uniform and on the other side on a beach.

    From then on, he started to gain many followers and became a reference for those who are looking for their best shape.

    • Instagram: @bruluccas
    • Tik Tok: @bruluccas2

    10. Juju Salimeni

    Juju Salimeni stands out when we talk about a healthy body and healthy life.

    The fitness muse shares several photos and videos that are able to influence people to pursue their goals.

    • Instagram: @jujusalimeni
    • Tik Tok: @jujusalimenireal

    11. Taneth Gimenez

    The photos and videos on Taneth Gimenez's networks are sure to give your spirits a boost to work out and maintain the correct diet.

    This fitness blogger accumulates likes and more likes with her videos.

    • Instagram:
    • Tik Tok:

    12. Monique Rizzeto

    Monique Rizzeto is a Dragon Pharma athlete in our country and is among the fitness muses.

    Undoubtedly, your photos and routine will serve as inspiration for those who need a little push in their fitness life.

    • Instagram: @monique.rizzeto
    • Tik Tok: @rizzetoaoficial

    13. Viviane Araújo

    The actress, dancer and model Viviane Araújo exudes beauty and health.

    At 46 years old, Viviane keeps her toned body up to date and inspires millions of people who follow her on the internet and in the sambadromes.

    • Instagram: @araujovivianne
    • Tik Tok: @vivianearaujo2503

    14. Gabriela Pugliesi

    Blogger and fitness muse Gabriela Pugliesi has more than 4 million followers and it's no wonder.

    She gives several healthy eating and lifestyle tips that are encouraging for everyone.

    Instagram: @gabrielapugliesi

    15. Cristiane Alves

    Cristiane Alves is a Physical Education student and is successful on her social networks, especially on YouTube.

    The differential of Cristiane's channel is that she gives several tips for training at home and fitness recipes.

    The digital content creator shares her results and is an example that willpower and discipline are crucial to being successful in everything she does.

    She is certainly an inspiration, especially for those who for some reason don't go to the gym.

    • Instagram: @cristinealves_souza
    • YouTube channel: Cristiane Alves

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