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    Internet Banking Caixa: how to access and use it?

    Internet Banking Caixa: how to access and use it?Internet Banking Caixa: how to access and use it?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 15, 2022 | Technology |

    O Internet Banking Cashier is an application that has brought more practicality to Caixa EconĂ´mica Federal customers. Through it, you can perform various services and ensure comfort and less bureaucracy during your routine. The tool is free and takes up little memory on your mobile device.

    To top it off, it is secure and your data is not shared with other people. In this article, we will cover the main details that involve Internet Banking Caixa. Follow up!

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    What is Internet Banking Caixa? 

    This is an alternative that facilitates the routine of Caixa customers. Through it, you have access to a financial institution 24 hours a day, in any city in the world. With just a few clicks, you can use various types of services, including: consultations, payments, transfers, investments, simulate financing and even apply for loans. 

    Access to online banking can be done in a variety of ways, either through a computer or through the mobile app.

    The positive side is that the user does not need to be an internet expert to enjoy all the benefits, since the system is quite practical, even for people who do not have mastery of online tools. 

    Is it worth using Internet Banking Caixa?

    Yes. The system brings several advantages to the consumer. The first of these is practicality. The technology works every day of the week, at any time. It is a great benefit, especially for people who cannot go to the Caixa during business hours.  

    Another positive point is that the Caixa Internet Banking system is adaptable to serve consumers with special needs. In addition, the user is able to concentrate all accounts in one place, and access is free not only for Individuals, but also Companies and Government. 

    Caixa customers also have access to several channels to talk to the financial institution. The telephone number for Caixa assistance is 0800 104 0 104. Assistance for the Citizen Caixa is 0800 726 0207. The SAC contact is 0800 726 0101. The financial institution's ombudsman is 0800 725 7474.

    The digital agency's service for capitals and metropolitan regions is 3004 8104. In other regions, just call 0800 208 8104. The team of specialists will be available from 08 am to 22 pm, except on weekends and holidays.

    Internet Banking Caixa is safe? 

    Before downloading the Internet Banking Caixa application, many users have doubts whether the service is safe. It is important to note that your data is not shared with other people. 

    The tool contains an additional security. Here, programs are installed that guarantee the protection of access to both accounts and services and products. In this way, the financial institution has developed a safe environment for all people to make banking transactions with security and confidence.  

    The installation of the Caixa security add-on or module is mandatory for all customers. Otherwise, the system does not authorize access to the services that are available in the application.

    It is never too much to remember that Caixa is one of the most important financial institutions in our country and in the world. It has been in business since 1861, developing products and solutions that meet customer needs. 

    How to access Internet Banking Caixa? 

    The user can access the Caixa account in two ways: through the application on the cell phone and computer. In the first case, the system is available on the Play Store and App Store. On the computer, you must access the official website of Caixa and click on “Access my Account”. 

    The Caixa application is released for computers that meet the Windows, Linux and Mac OS operating system requirements.

    Internet Banking Caixa: Internet username and password

    To access the bank account by cell phone or computer, you must register the user and password through Internet Banking Caixa. On the mobile device, your user will be the CPF. Just create an eight-number password. On the computer, you must choose a password of six to eight characters, which must correspond to letters and numbers.

    It never hurts to remember how important it is to have a password that is easy to remember. That way, you won't have any problems logging into the app. On the other hand, opt for a password that is not easy to identify, such as your birthday. 

    The application also allows the user to enter the system by biometrics. On first access, you must fill in the username and password fields, then activate the button. In the next access, just place your fingerprint on the mobile device reader. 

    If the account owner changes cell phone or formats the device, it will be necessary to register biometrics again. Here, it is important to note that biometrics only allow access to the account. Financial transactions are released only with the electronic signature. 

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    Internet Banking Caixa: Electronic signature

    The Internet Banking Caixa user also needs to create a password to authorize payments, transfers and activate other types of services. You must enter it when performing secure transactions and financial transactions. Therefore, it should not be reported to anyone. 

    Registration can be done in two ways: in the app and then unlock it at self-service or go directly to self-service. Signing up for the app is very simple. See below! 

    1. Click on the “Passwords and Settings” icon; 
    2. Tap on the “Passwords and Access” option;
    3. Click on “Electronic Signature”;
    4. Choose your account and select the “Register Subscription” button;
    5. Check and accept the Term. 

    In some cases, the “Register Subscription” button may not be active. If you are having this problem, we recommend looking for the nearest agency. So the manager can delete the previous Electronic Signature. 

    1. Enter the Electronic Signature and tap “Confirm”; 
    2. Go with your chip card to the self-service terminal. In it, you must follow the path: Other Services > Passwords and Access Validations > Electronic Signature Unlock, enter your CPF and confirm.

    Okay, now you can take advantage of all the services available at Internet Banking Caixa. 

    In total, there are two types of electronic signature: single electronic signature and multiple electronic signature. 

    • Simple: intended for accounts with one or two holders, where both customers are authorized to make bank transactions. The signature will be 6 numeric digits; 
    • Multiple: intended for accounts, where at least two holders must sign to execute a bank transaction. The signature will be 8 characters long, consisting of letters and numbers. 

    If the user chooses an electronic signature and does not remember it when accessing the application, he must request a new access to the financial institution. The subscription will be provisional, valid for up to 15 days for exchange. 

    In some cases, the customer may have difficulty unlocking the electronic signature in self-service. In these situations, the bank locks the account due to fraud risks.

    To resolve this issue, call Caixa Tech Support. The contact for capitals is 3004-1104. In the other regions, the number is 0800 726 0104.

    Many people have doubts about the differences between password and electronic signature. Although they are similar, each has its own particularities. In the first, the customer uses it together with the user to access the account. The electronic signature is indicated to finalize payments, transfers, among other services. 

    Internet Banking Caixa: Device registration 

    The device is any device that the customer uses to access the virtual bank. Among the most common are: computer, tablet or smartphone (cell phone).

    Registration is essential because the system can find out from which device the transaction was executed. The route to register at Internet Banking Caixa is as follows. 

    1. Select the “Passwords and Settings” icon;
    2. Click on “Register Devices”;
    3. Click on “Manage”; 
    4. Choose a nickname that will serve as your device identification;
    5. Set the period in which it will be registered. 
    6. Define the best alternative in the option “How do you want to activate this device” – by another device that already has a registration or by self-service;

    If you chose to activate another registered device, go to the other device, click on the “Passwords and Settings” icon, “Manage Devices”, define the device that is not authorized and select the “Activate Device” button.

    If you chose to activate Self-Service, go to a bank branch, insert the account card, tap on “Phone/Computer Unlock and follow the screen prompts. 

    Your device is now authorized to make payments, transfers and other services on Internet Banking Caixa. 

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