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    Internet for rural areas Vivo: know the plans and how to hire

    Internet for rural areas Vivo: know the plans and how to hire

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 27, 2022 | Technology |

    A internet para zona rural Vivo was developed for people who live in regions that are far from large urban centers, especially in places where cable technology does not reach. 

    To facilitate access for this part of the population, Vivo's rural internet contains several plans and exclusive benefits for those who need an agile and constant connection, whether to perform everyday tasks, to study or to work. For this, the service offers a wide coverage that manages to serve a large part of the population quite efficiently. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the quality of the connection may vary from municipality to municipality. Therefore, before contracting the service, the client must check how the coverage is in their city. That way, you can make a more assertive decision for your place of residence. 

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    What is needed to install internet for rural Vivo? 

    The investment in equipment will depend on the plan that was contracted by the client. Generally, you need a rural internet kit that contains the following items: Vivo modem, Chip, antenna or router. 

    Contrary to what many people imagine, the installation process is simpler than it seems. When hiring the internet for rural Vivo, the operator sends the customer a Wi-Fi modem with an internet chip.

    To unlock the connection, he must insert the chip into the equipment and call Vivo to complete this step.  

    As for the satellite installation option, the process is different. For everything to go smoothly, it is essential to install an antenna. She will be responsible for making the internet signal reach your home.

    This step is conducted by the operator and the customer must pay a fee to perform the service. 

    Is the internet connection for rural Vivo fast? 

    One of the main doubts of customers when hiring the internet for rural Vivo is in relation to the quality of the service. To give you an idea, the operator is classified as one of the best options on the market and offers coverage with a good reach for consumers. 

    However, in some regions, it is not possible to transmit the signal or the connection is very slow. In most cases, this failure occurs due to the lack of infrastructure in place, due to the lack of infrastructure in place.

    In order for the customer to invest in a quality service, Vivo offers a coverage map on its website.

    The main objective of this tool is to show the customer if the region where he lives is covered by the operator. The step by step to use the tool is very simple. 

    Step 1: Click on the coverage map link on Vivo's official website; 

    Step 2: Enter your zip code and select the magnifying glass icon; 

    Step 3: Identify your region on the map and which technologies are accessible to the customer. 

    What do I need to know about the internet for rural Vivo?

    The operator's rural internet is sent to your home or business via Wifi Vivo. In this way, the customer does not need to connect the devices with cables, making the process faster and without bureaucracy. 

    The service is made in this type of format not only with 4G technology, but also with satellite connection. In this alternative, the internet speed can change and reach the customer's residence slower.

    The connection drop occurs because the distribution via wifi is spread among the devices that are connected. 

    Is it worth investing in the internet for rural Vivo? 

    Despite the infrastructure, satellite internet and 4G connection cannot achieve the agility or stability of broadband.

    However, those who live in a place where there is no cable coverage, Vivo rural internet serves as a great option to meet their needs. 

    4G service plans are more budget friendly. The installation of satellite internet requires a greater investment on the part of the consumer. On the other hand, Vivo always seeks to offer quality coverage in the country. 

    As the plans are offered by the franchises, the consumer cannot exaggerate in browsing streaming, watching movies on the internet, or network games, since these types of services consume a lot of data.

    However, the franchise can be used without problems in social networks, applications, exchanging emails and websites on various subjects. 

    What are the available Internet plans for rural Vivo? 

    From now on, we are going to present the available Internet plans for rural Vivo. 

    Internet for rural areas Vivo 4G

    Most users choose to hire Vivo 4G rural internet. It is one of the market's favorites because the connection is activated through a chip, which can be connected to a mobile device or modem. 

    Available cell phone plans are similar to mobile phone alternatives. 

    Pricing Franchise Value
    Vivo Pre From 2GB to 4GB From R$11,99 to R$19,99 per recharge
    I live Easy From 5GB to 20GB From R$39,99 to R$99,99 per month
    I live Controle From 7,5GB to 14,5GB From R$49,99 to R$84,99 per month
    Live Post From 10GB to 500GB From R $ 129,99 to R $ 1.299,99


    Before contracting this type of plan, the customer must check the maximum speed that the option can reach for downloading and uploading. In the first alternative, the limit is 5Mbps. In the second option, the speed is 500kbps. If the package exceeds this data, you can increase capacity with additional investments. 

    Vivo 4G internet for rural areas is not yet present in all regions of the country. For it to work properly, it is necessary to invest in an operator antenna.

    If it is located far from your home, there is no network distribution. Therefore, you should analyze whether your residence has coverage for this type of connection. 

    Many times, some people hire the service and soon discover that the region does not have internet coverage. To fix the problem, you can request cancellation within seven days of signing the contract. 

    The Vivo 4G Internet for rural areas brings some advantages to the consumer, such as:

    • Reach in locations where broadband does not have coverage; 
    • The router can be taken elsewhere;
    • The customer can contract additional plans, if the franchise does not support the consumption of that particular month. 

    On the other hand, it contains some disadvantages for the consumer, such as:

    • Need to purchase additional packages;
    • Signal quality may vary depending on carrier coverage; 
    • Internet speed may not be as fast for some types of service. 

    Internet for rural areas Vivo via satellite

    If the connection via 3G or 4G doesn't meet your expectations, the company offers the option of internet for the rural area Vivo via satellite. The network distribution is done between the satellite and the internet receiver that is installed in your house. 

    The service can meet the needs of those who need an internet. However, it may suffer some failures due to physical barriers or weather phenomena, such as rain and wind, for example.

    The franchise for this model can reach 500MB, and the values ​​change according to each region. 

    The downside of this technology is that the service costs are higher compared to other options available on the market. The monthly fee starts at R$32,59 per 1mbps. The installation charge starts at R$2.000. 

    Internet for rural areas: Vivo Box for rural areas

    It is a router device whose function is to distribute the Vivo 4G internet signal through a chip. It offers wifi internet access. It is suitable for regions where 3G or 4G mobile device coverage does not meet customer needs. 

    You can buy the Vivo Box device at the Vivo store. You can find it from R$499. The monthly subscription for this service starts at R$119,99.

    The values ​​and the main deductible may vary if the service is contracted by companies:

    • 1GB: starting at $ 34,90;
    • 10GB: from R$49,90
    • 40GB: from R$69,90
    • 100GB: from R$99,90.

    The service is activated through a Vivo chip. This means that it contains a data allowance with a browsing limit. It can reach up to 100GB, while the speed can reach 20Mbps. The customer can make the contract both on the website and on Meu Vivo. 

    How to contract to Vivo internet rural? 

    The operator has three types of rural internet plan available to customers: Via 4G, via satellite and Vivo Box. All services are activated through a modem. To find them, you can go to a Vivo store and negotiate directly with the attendant.

    The operator's website also has an exclusive page to request the service. It can be located in the business section or in the 4G plan. 

    You can also hire Vivo rural internet over the phone. To negotiate a Vivo Internet Box plan, call 1058. Contact 10315 is recommended for customers who wish to contract plans via satellite or Vivo 4G.

    Anyone wishing to purchase a broadband internet connection should call the following telephone number 0800 760 2121. 


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