Affectionate English Nicknames: The 154 Cutest Nicknames to Use

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Affectionate English Nicknames: The 154 Cutest Nicknames to Use

by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 4, 2022 | News | 0

Affectionate nicknames in English: Nicknames are a form of address that can be used as a way to show your feelings. That's why today, we've listed some of the most famous affectionate nicknames in English, so you can vary the way you call someone.

Some of the nicknames are popular terms, others have a more personal context according to the relationship between people, as a characteristic of the person and others represent the importance that a person has for another.

These affectionate nicknames in English can be called “terms of endearment” which means “terms of endearment” and refer to common everyday terms, or even “pet names” that are usually related to games or associations.

If your English level is not that good, don't worry, we will translate all nicknames. Also consider that using cute nicknames in English is a way to learn the language a little more.

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English nicknames for friends and couples

1. Baby or Babe

Baby is one of the most common affectionate nicknames in English most used by people. Baby means “baby” and this expression can be used in different situations with different people.

For example, it can be a nickname between a couple of lovers, but it can also be used between family and friends. It's a very generic and affectionate nickname.

Babe is just a variation of Baby and can be used as our “baby”.

2. Darling ou Dear

Darling is also among the most commonly used English pet names that can be used in different contexts with different people.

Darling means "darling" or "dear", it is widely used among friends, relatives, couples, children, men and women.

Dear, can be used with two meanings: or it also refers to dear (a) or the way to treat someone friendly, as for example: Thank you, my dear (Thank you, my dear).

3. Sunshine

Sunshine literally means “sunshine”, its meaning can be a little more abstract than that and mean that the person is light or that he is able to brighten his days and thus make them better.

It is an affectionate nickname that fits in various situations and for different people. It's a cute way of saying what the person is to you.

4 Prince

Prince is used for the masculine gender, it means "prince". Ideal for romantic people to use to refer to that gentleman, thoughtful, kind and polite man.

5. Princess

Princess means "princess", as well as Prince, is also used to refer to a woman in a more romantic and affectionate way.

6. Beloved

Beloved means "beloved", it can be used with the same meaning for both genders. It is most used among couples in love, but it can also be used with friends and family as a form of affection.

7. Love of my life

The classic “love of my life”, usually used among couples in love.

8. Pudding

Pudding means “pudding”. If you've read Marvel's comics or watched movies with the character Harley Quinn, you'll definitely associate this nickname with her. That's what she called her boyfriend, Joker, “Pudding.” Harley Quinn even wore a “Puddin” necklace.

Just like all other endearing nicknames in English, this is a nickname that can be used for multiple people, in multiple contexts.

9. Sweetheart

Sweetheart means "sweet heart", this nickname is very affectionate and is often used by mothers to refer to their children. Couples also often use this nickname, it caters to both genders.

10. Honey

Honey means "honey", refers to a sweet person. It's a nickname often used in movie lines, for example. It can be used to refer to both men and women.

11. Boo

Boo is a nickname derived from the word Beautiful, which means "beautiful". This is a nickname that in the English language is traditional and is used between boyfriends, it has a romantic context and should not be used for other meanings.

12. Gorgeous

Gorgeous also means “beautiful”, but in a more intensified way. It can be interpreted as "wonderful". It's a great nickname for couples in love.

13. Precious

You know that precious person in your life? You can nickname her like that, as precious literally means “precious”. It can be used with several people and is very affectionate.

14. cookie

Cookie literally means “cookie”, but when used as a nickname, the term comes to have a sense that the person is sweet, sweet.

15. Honey Bun

Honey Bun is a variation of Honey and means "honey bread". It is also something that refers to sweetness. This can be used for both men and women.

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Affectionate Nicknames for Crush

16. Queen - queen

17. Beautiful – bonito (a)

18. Buttercup

Buttercup is the name used for the flower that in our country is called buttercup or buttercup. Just like daisy, which means “daisy”.

19. Wifey

Wifey is derived from the word Wife which means "wife". The derivation can be translated as “little wife“, in the diminutive.

20. Bunny – rabbit or bunny

21. Pie box

Cutie pie means "fluffy pie” to the letter, but this nickname refers to a beautiful, charming and cool woman.

22. Mi'lady – my lady

23. Hon (diminutive of honey) – mel

24. Toots

There is no literal translation for Toots, but the nickname refers to people who are small.

25. Pooh bear

Pooh bear means Winnie the Pooh, the cartoon character. But, Poo has an indigenous origin that means “small”, giving another meaning to the term.

26. Teddy bear – teddy bear

27. Dumpling

Dumpling's translation is "Scone“. But this term can be used as "love", one of the names that are common among couples.

28. Sugar

Sugar is "sugar“, this nickname is to refer to a loving, sweet and caring person.

29. Treasure - treasure

30. Doll – Boneca

31. Cutie patootie

This term does not have a literal translation, it is a sound joke that refers to a person "cute".

32. Peach – peach


Ace has a few different Portuguese translations: crack, genius, right. But it has connotation, to refer to a girlfriend, of “the best".

34. Flawless

Flawless means "no flaws“. This nickname can be used to characterize someone as “perfect” or “wonderful”.

35. My one and only

This is an expression that means “my only".

36. Superwoman ou Wonderwoman

Both can be used for a female superhero.

37. Lioness - Leoa

38. Vixen

Vixen is "fox”, is a well-known nickname used for women who have an attractive profile and personality.


Button means “open”, but this nickname does not mean that the person is literally a button, but rather that he has the biotype of a small person.

40. Apple of my eye

The literal translation of Apple of my eye is "apple of my eye", but as a nickname it can be translated to something like "girl of my eyes".

41. Shorties

Shorty is "short”, but as a nickname it can also be used in the sense of referring to an attractive woman.

42. Baby Face

Baby face is translated as “baby face”, can be used for a person who has a younger appearance than they really are or someone beautiful.

43. Sweet honey pie – Twelve honey pie

44. Little – small

45. Angel - angel

46. ​​Strawberry – Strawberry Shortcake

47. Blossom - flower

48. Butterfly – butterfly

49. Cherry - cereja

50. Pretty – bonita

affectionate nicknames for boyfriend

51. Kitten

Kitten is the word used to refer to a kitten.

52. Good-looking

Good-looking can be translated as “nice".

53. Handsome

Handsome is also one of the ways of referring to someone”nice" in English".

54. Prince charming

Prince we already know he is a prince. Prince charming means “charming prince”, which in English is the name used for the heartthrobs of fairy tales. In Portuguese, we can translate to “charming prince".

55. Peanut

Peanut means “peanut“. Although it seems like a strange nickname for us, in English it is very common to be used.

56. Stud

The literal translation of the word Stud may vary depending on the context, but when used as a nickname, it means that you consider your boyfriend a powerful man, who stands out, who knows how to make decisions and has to be respected.

57. Loverboy

The translation for Loverboy is “lover“. This nickname can be used to refer to the boyfriend or to a crush, the sense of lover as the partner of someone unfaithful is not taken into account in this case.

58. Muffins

Muffin is the word used to describe a cake. As a nickname, it can be used to say that someone is sweet, cute and hot.

59. Sexy

Sexy is a more daring nickname, used to refer to someone who is sensual.

57. Heartbeat

Heartbeat means "beat of the heart", it can be used as a way of saying that that person is what makes your heart beat faster or what is the reason for your life.

58. Rockstar

Rockstar is the famous “rock star”, ideal to refer to a person who has freedom of spirit, someone who is very dear to everyone and always attracts attention wherever he goes.

59. Big guy

You know that guy who has a giant heart and is a great person? So he's a big guy.

60. Heart thief

Heart Thief is “heart thief“, fits romantic nicknames as well as funny English nicknames

61. Hubby

Hubby is a nickname derived from the word husband and means "hubby".

62. Dearest

Dearest is another word in English that can be used as "dear", it would be as a superlative of the word, being translated as "the dearest".

63. Hunk

Hunl is “piece”, a nickname often used to refer to a muscular man, who takes care of his body and is handsome.

64. Beefcake

Already that muscular man, big not only in heart but also in physique, so this nickname fits like a glove. Beefcake is a “meat loaf”, but it can be used to refer to a handsome man who has great muscles.

65. Bub

Bub is slang that means “friend“, but over time people began to adopt this nickname for boyfriends and husbands.

66. Snuggy

The word Snuggy means “aconchegante“, can be used for that person who has a hug that is welcoming and that you feel snuggled close to.

67. He-man

He-man is the name of a cartoon character who has characteristics of being a strong and upstanding man.

68. Tater tot

Tater tot is the name of a typical food from the United States, they are grated and fried potatoes in the shape of a cylinder. As a nickname, this word can mean that your man is very loved, hot, or exceptional.

69. Hulk

The character of superhero movies has the characteristic of being big and strong. A good nickname for your boyfriend who is also big or very strong.

70. Heartthrob – Heartthrob

71. Sir – Sir

72. Hottie - gostoso

73. Charmer – charming

74. All mine – all mine

75. Wonder Boy – Wonder Boy

76. Beast – fera

77. Other half – other half

78. Dream – dream

79. Captain - Captain

80. My beloved – my beloved

81. Lovey – amor

82. Chief

83. Hero - hero

84. My Life – My Life

85. Love Angel – angel of love

86. Braveheart – Braveheart

87.Snuggle Bear – Snuggle Bear

88. Lollipop – lollipop

89. McDreamy – dream

90. Bubbie – another word for baby

91. Eye Candy – eye candy

92. Haven – haven

93. Heaven – paradise

94. Brownie – eponymous cake in our language

95. The One – Chosen

96. Superman – superman

97. Goofball – term of endearment for “idiot”

98. Soldier

99. Little Saint – saint

100. Tiger – tigre

101. My Everything

102. Elf - elfo

103. The one – the only one

104. My everything – my everything

105. My king – my king

106. Muscle Man – muscular man

107. Passion Fruit – Passion Fruit

108. My song

109. Sexy Angel – anjo sexy

110. Dreamer – dreamer

111. Goofy – bobo

112. True Love – True Love

113. Daddy – Daddy

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Affectionate English Nicknames for Best Friend

114. Giggles

Giggles means "laughs“, if you have a very laughing friend who is always happy with life, this is the perfect nickname.

115. Diamond

Diamond means "Diamond“, is a nice nickname to say that your friend is precious and that she brings brightness to your life.

116. Lucky Charm – Lucky Charm

117. Cutie – cuddly or cuddly

118. Bae – abbreviation for before anyone else, meaning “before anyone else”

119. Gorge – short for gorgeous, which means beautiful or beautiful

120. Cherished – querida

121. Cuddle Bug – cuddle bug

122. Lil Wolf – Wolf or Wolf

123. Bestie – best friend or best friend

124. Sweet Little Dumpling – sweet dumpling

125. Cuddle Bug – cuddle bug
126. Rainbow – rainbow

127. Lucky Charm – Lucky Charm

128. Speedy - speedy

129. Hummingbird – hummingbird

130. Buddy – companion

131. Babycheeks – Baby Cheeks

132. Snowflake – snowflake

133. Shine Star – Shining Star

134. Precious

135. Fruit Loop – Crazy

136. Lil Treasure – Little Treasure

137. Nugget

138. Shortie – short

139. Sis - is a slang word for “sister” as if it were “mana” in Portuguese

140. BFF – abbreviation for Best Friend Forever

141. Joy – Joy

142. Cutte Stuff - coisa fofa

143. Movie Star – movie star

144. Dear Heart

145. Sparkles - sparkles

146. Magic Lady – Magic Lady

147. Sleep Queen

148. Pretty Princess – pretty princess

149. Daisy – Daisy

150. Foxy Lady – fox lady

151. Beauty Queen – beauty queen

152. Soulmate - Soulmate

153. Curls – curls

154. Shining Star – Shining Star

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See how cool it can be to nickname someone with English terms and still learn a little more about the language? And if you have little affinity with the language, check out the amazing tip on Cintya Sabino's channel to know how to pronounce words correctly in English:

We hope you've found the perfect nickname to use with your friends or partner. Share with us in the comments if you use other endearing nicknames in English to refer to the people you love.

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