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    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    Diet apps help maintain a healthy eating routine and can also help those who want to lose weight to lose weight. There are several diet apps for Android and iPhone that use technology to their advantage to achieve their goals.

    Attention: The apps listed below are not a substitute for professional advice. Don't rule out a visit to the nutritionist to get the right help for your case.

    1. MyFitnessPal: Diet and Training

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    MyFitnessPal is an app that helps you track your diet and calculate calories. The user must record all the food they consume throughout the day. In addition to counting calories consumed, the app makes observations and gives tips about your diet.

    Despite having more than 14 million items available, the user can add their own. There are still millions of other products registered to obtain nutritional information simply by scanning the barcode with the cell phone camera.

    If you want to make the process global, you will need to provide your height and weight so that a diet and exercise program can be created especially for you. You can also connect the app to other apps and devices, such as smartwatches and Fitbit.

    • MyFitnessPal (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS.

    2. Diet and Health

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    Diet and Health is a complete option for those who want to eat well and lose weight in a healthy way. When installing the app, calculate your body mass index (BMI) and indicate how much you lose weight.

    Automatically, the service will indicate the amount of calories that must be ingested daily to reach the goal. The app offers four diet styles: Points Diet, Low Carb Diet and Detox Diet. That way, you can follow the one you most identify with.

    In addition, a kind of diary is available, where you must record your eating habits. With the records, you will be able to understand more easily where you have been exaggerating, what you should eat more and understand the best way to eat.

    • Diet and Health (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    3. Ketogenic Diet | Keto | weight loss in 30 days

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    The ketogenic diet, also known as Keto, is based on weight loss through low carbohydrate intake. The Keto - Weight Loss in 30 Days app is suitable for beginners in the method.

    To do this, it gathers explanations on how it works and customizable weekly menus for four weeks. There are even tools to assemble shopping lists, make daily weight records and write your challenges and achievements in a personal diary.

    To remind you of meal times, the app sends you personalized notifications.

    • Ketogenic Diet | Keto | weight loss in 30 days (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    4. FoodPrint

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    Create a true encyclopedia of your eating habits with FoodPrint. The app helps you define your daily needs, preferences and keep an eye out for possible allergies.

    To achieve your goal, the service indicates recipes based on your interests. The user can also set up a meal plan, creating a kind of food schedule.

    The app also allows you to closely monitor your progress. Include information such as weight, height, waist, body mass index and fat to periodically check your progress. The app is only available in English.

    • FoodPrint (free): Android | iOS.

    5. FatSecret Calorie Counter

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    FatSecret provides nutritional and caloric information for your favorite foods. The user can photograph the food or scan a product's barcode to view nutritional data.

    You can even log complete meals and receive diet progress reports. The app also allows you to create a diary to track your eating habits and include physical exercises.

    In the weight control tool, find out how much you lost and what you need to achieve your goal.

    • FatSecret Calorie Counter (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    6. Daily Diet: Lose Weight

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    As its name implies, the Diet Diary serves as a place to record everything you ate throughout the day. The method helps to monitor food, discover mistakes and successes and progress with the weight loss process.

    In addition to counting calories, the app indicates the types of nutrients you have been consuming daily, such as proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Thus, depending on the diet you follow, you can adjust the consumption of each one.

    • Diet Diary: Lose Weight (free to download but requires plan subscription): iOS

    7. Weight Diary - aktiWeight

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    As the name implies, the Weight Journal is premised on providing the best possible monitoring of your weight. It's easy to record information and calculate body mass index in the app.

    After a few days of registered data, the program is easy to understand if you are on the right track or if you need to make adjustments to your diet. That way, you can chart a clearer path to reach your goals.

    • Weight Diary - aktiWeight(free, but offers in-app purchases): Android

    8. Lifesum

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    Lifesum is designed to help its users eat in moderation and healthily. Therefore, it provides diet plans, recipes and health tips.

    The food plan calculates calories and macronutrients ingested, as well as providing nutritional information for various products by scanning their barcode.

    To adapt to your style, it offers ketogenic, high-protein, low-carb, or intermittent fasting options. The application also has several recipes to have delicious and healthy food ideas whenever you need it.

    • Lifesum (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    9. Diet and Lose Weight Fast

    9 diet apps to lose weight and have a healthy diet

    Losing weight quickly can be an ambush, as miracle diets tend to be harmful to health. However, Diet and Lose Weight Fast has a different proposal.

    The app brings together a table of foods, juices and dishes with a focus on slimming with healthy. There are also exercise tips to do both at home and at the gym, as well as the possibility to analyze the daily nutrients consumed.

    The user also has functions for counting calories, body mass index and ideal weight calculator. Another highlight of the app is the online nutritional service, allowing you to have specific guidance so you can achieve your goals.

    • Diet and Lose Weight Fast (free, with in-app purchases): Android | iOS


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