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    8 ideas to sell more on Mother's Day

    8 ideas to sell more on Mother's Day

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Apr 9, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    Anyone who works in commerce knows the potential that Mother's Day has to move the economy of our country. The vast majority of people like to give a treat to thank those who brought them into the world or who took care of them with lots of love. So today we are going to give you tips on how to sell more on Mother's Day to better take advantage of the potential of this commemorative date in your business. 

    If you have a store and sell any product that can be a gift, you can't miss this time of year. The celebration, which takes place on the second Sunday of May, is the second date with the highest sales volume in our country, second only to Christmas. 

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    Therefore, it is essential that you organize a sales plan to serve this audience. After all, orders tend to increase and this requires a greater flow in your activities. 

    It is natural that during this period you will receive new customers, who will have their first contact with your business. For this reason, care with customer service needs to be redoubled, as it is your chance to retain new consumers. 

    In addition, small actions can help you increase your sales satisfactorily. The first step here is to set a sales goal and think of actions for you to reach your goal. 

    To help you with this whole organization, today we are going to talk about actions you can take in your business to sell more on Mother's Day. 

    8 ideas to sell more on Mother's Day

    1 – Have a variety of products to suit different types of mothers

    There is no standard mother. There are a variety of profiles of women who are mothers. Different ages, professions, tastes, desires, hobbies, styles. The more you can diversify your product offering, the more consumers you will be able to serve. 

    2 – Customize kits for mother's day 

    Instead of offering a single product separately, why not organize them into kits? So, in addition to increasing the number of items for each sale, you also speed up the decision process for customers who are willing to spend a little more. 

    8 ideas to sell more on Mother's Day

    Kits can be assembled by product group, price range, styles of mothers, use creativity at the time of elaboration. Another nice tip here is to partner with other establishments to add items to the basket. So you can have a point of sale outside your store and your partnership too. 

    3 – Prepare for the large influx of customers 

    Everything is favorable to increase your sales that day. Therefore, you need to take advantage of this moment, after all, it only happens once a year.

    To do this, agree on delivery times with your suppliers, so you don't run out of products in the days before the commemorative date. If you have a website, make sure it will support the high number of hits. Supply your establishment with packaging, cards, gift paper. 

    4 – Meet the undecided 

    There's always that person who doesn't know what to buy or who is terrified of making a mistake in the present, isn't it? 

    For this audience, an alternative is to create a gift card. You can customize a physical card or online. Separate gift card options by price range. To help with your organization, set a deadline for them to be exchanged in your store. 

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    5 – Invest in social media 

    If you have a store, physical or e-commerce, it is kind of impossible to think that your business is not on social media. However, if this is your case, the tip is: create a profile on social media for your brand. 

    To get started, choose that social network that your audience uses the most (Facebook, Instagram, Tik Tok and others). Share photos of your products, give gift tips, announce discounts and promotions for Mother's Day. 

    To help you even more in managing social media, click here and see the tips we have separated for you. 

    6 – Communicate with the buyer 

    It's Mother's Day, but whoever will buy this gift can be a husband, a son, a father. Therefore, the strategies adopted in your promotion campaigns must have an accessible language for this audience. Your customer service team also needs to be trained for this. 

    7 – Work with a different schedule 

    If the legislation of your local business allows, extending the hours the day before the date can guarantee you to sell more. There are always those who leave shopping to the last moment. In addition, you can think of alternatives for deliveries and home service. 

    8 – Ensure a great shopping experience 

    And finally, this tip sounds like a cliché. But it is not so easy to think of actions that make the act of purchase unforgettable for the customer. Actions that every time he needs to buy the same items as his mother's gift, remember his store first. 

    The shopping experience needs to be planned from the first contact. And that doesn't mean it's when the consumer is in the store or website making the purchase, but since when he starts researching your products. 

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    The first contact can be via website, phone or social networks, most of the time it doesn't even happen in person. So it's important to keep the information detailed and organized in these places, professional photos help a lot. Plus, opt for nice colors and quick navigation with intuitive links. 

    Another crucial point is friendliness, good humor and the information passed on during human service. Therefore, it is very important that your sales team is trained and mastered the information about the products. They are key to your sales success. 

    Sell ​​more on Mother's Day: Conclusion

    The commemorative dates are an excellent showcase for your company. That's because they attract a larger and mostly new audience to your store. Therefore, every effort made on this date of high sales volume for the trade is valid for your business to grow.

    It is worth remembering that at this point, many people will contact your business, but they will not necessarily make a purchase. If possible, make a database with these services and collect the contact of these potential customers. 

    Thus, on an upcoming commemorative date, you can anticipate and offer a gift option and promote promotions. Use this moment not only to sell more for a period, but to win your customer throughout the year. 

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