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    8 Online Group Games

    The arrival of the internet greatly affects the daily lives of many people, especially young people. If in the past games were played on the streets, now friends get together on computers without leaving home.

    Online Games are the perfect combination of fun and friendship, which is why they have gained a lot of popularity among teenagers.

    In this article, the Free App, will present 8 best Online Games for you and your friends to enjoy. So stay tuned and don't miss a thing! 


    Among Us

    Among Us is the first of the Online Games on the list. It was launched in 2022, but its heyday was in 2022, conquering many users.

    The story revolves around a group of crew members who are in space, but among them there is an imposter planning to kill them all.

    With that, for the group of crew to win it is necessary to find out who the imposter is and expel him from the ship, but if the imposter kills everyone on board he is the winner.

    Among Us mixes action with mystery, making players feel like detectives.

    It is possible to gather a group of 4 to 15 players in each match, but it is also possible to enter online rooms and play with random users.

    Among Us is available for Android iOS and Computers.

    8 Online Group Games


    Roblox is an MMORPG and MMOSG game with an open map, allowing the creation of scenarios, games and buildings. The game was released in 2006, but gained its popularity around 2022.

    The game allows you to create your own avatar in a personalized way, in addition to creating your own world, or playing on someone else's map.

    In addition, with Roblox, it is possible to gather friends, or meet new users, using the in-game message chat. That is, it is possible to make new friends around the world.

    Roblox is available for Android iOS e Computers.

    8 Online Group Games


    StopotS is the online version of a well-known game that has passed through several generations, also called Adedanha, Adedonha, Fruit Salad, Uestope, Stope or “Name-Place-Object”.

    The main purpose of StopotS is to complete a sequence of themes chosen with the drawn letter of the round. That way, it takes quick thinking to be the first to complete and shout. Rates.

    At the end of the round, points are distributed, if the player wrote a word that was not repeated, he earns 10 points, but if two or more players thought of the same word, they earn 5 points.

    The points for that round are added up and the game continues. In the end, whoever has the most points wins.

    StopotS is available for Android iOS e Computers.

    8 Online Group Games


    UNO is another well-known game that has gained its online version. Among Online Games, this is probably the best known, responsible for making fun of young people at school break.

    The game available for mobile devices has all the functions and rules of the card model. Thus, to start the game, 7 cards are distributed to each player and a random card is chosen to start.

    During the game, you must discard your cards according to the color or number of the last card played, buying new ones whenever you don't have any to put on the table.

    To win, you must get rid of all the cards, but don't forget to shout UNO when playing the second to last card.

    UNO is available for Android e IOS.

    8 Online Group Games


    Gartic is one of the best known Online Games among artists, created in 2008 it guarantees to bring fun to you and your friends.

    The game starts in a room with up to 10 players, and each turn one is selected to create a drawing with a word.

    The other 9 players must get the word right just by looking at the drawing, so each player who gets it right gets an amount of points.

    The first player to reach the game's point goal is the winner.

    Even containing a base room to play, Gartic allows the creation of custom rooms, where the user chooses the themes of the words and can call up to 50 players.

    Gartic is available for Android, IOS e Computers.

    8 Online Group Games


    Trivia is an online game designed to help with studies and, at the same time, bring fun to play with friends.

    The purpose of this game is to challenge friends, relatives or other users to a round of Questions and Answers, and the player who correctly answers the most questions wins the game.

    There are many topics on Trivia, so you can choose the one you are most knowledgeable about. In addition, the game also has missions that you can do to have fun alone.

    In this way, the best players enter a weekly and monthly Ranking, showing their skills and knowledge.

    Asked is available for Android e IOS.

    8 Online Group Games

    Suspects: Mystery Mansion

    Suspects: Mystery Mansion is very similar to AmongUs, but it tells a different story and offers more possibilities in your Chat.

    In Suspects a group of players gathered in a mansion, among them there is a Suspect who will kill everyone and the others are responsible for finding out who the Suspect is.

    If the Suspect kills all the players, he wins, but if the players find out who the Suspect is, he loses and the victory goes to the players.

    Unlike AmongUs, Suspects offers a voice chat for meetings, in this chat players choose a character to eliminate from the game and find out whether or not it was the Suspect.

    Suspects: Mystery Mansion is available for Android e IOS.

    8 Online Group Games

    Silly Royale – the devil among us

    Silly Royale is the last of the Online Games on the list, this one has a very similar theme to the previous one, but with some differences.

    The game consists of a game of hide and seek, where players must hide and fight the devil.

    The game is prepared for 4 to 12 players, 11 Fools and 1 Devil, the Bobos' job is to hide and the Devil's is to find and eliminate all players.

    The most fun thing about Silly Royale are the scenarios and modifications that are possible to make during the rounds, bringing more fun to the group.

    Silly Royale is available for Android e IOS.

    8 Online Group Games

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