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    Subtitling videos: discover 4 free apps to use

    Subtitling videos: discover 4 free apps to useSubtitling videos: discover 4 free apps to use

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jul 31, 2022 | Content Marketing |

    With the growing use of cell phones, your business is literally in the palm of the customer's hand, wherever they are. Therefore, producing and subtitle videos for social networks it is essential for your product or service to stand out from competitors and catch the attention of your audience.

    Did you know that about 85% of videos are viewed without audio?

    Cast the first stone whoever never skipped a Stories or passed straight through that Facebook timeline video because they were not interested in the subject. Whether it's being in a place where it's not possible to activate the sound of the video, or even without the headphones.

    When you caption your videos, in addition to increasing engagement and retention, you make your content inclusive for people with hearing impairments, for example.

    So, how about learning how to insert captions and gain the attention of your followers for longer?

    Subtitling videos: 4 apps

    We separate 4 free programs to subtitle videos that work on both Android and iOS:

    1. AutoCap

    It's not an editor with other features, but it's the only one on this list that transcribes your video's audio. With AutoCap, you can record a video on the spot or choose one from your phone's gallery, which is up to 5 minutes long.

    Its use is simpler, despite being in English. When adding the video, just choose the language (Portuguese Brazil) and it automatically creates the subtitles. If there are any errors, just edit manually.

    If you want to save the file without a watermark, AutoCap has 2 plans: monthly or yearly.


    AutoCap for iOS
    AutoCap for Android (not available for all Android phone models, so check compatibility)

    2. InShot

    Because it has several free features, it is the most suitable video editing application for those who produce content on the internet. What made it among the first on our list is because it is all in Portuguese and one of the most complete.

    In addition, another great advantage is that when saving your edited videos or photos, the app does not put a watermark, since ads are displayed at the end of the process.

    The part of putting subtitles on the video is done manually and you can also choose the font and background. It also adds music and makes playback speed adjustments.

    InShot also allows editing with filters, frames and voice recording option, a feature widely used today to record narrated videos on your Youtube channel, for example.

    If you want to purchase the Pro version, it has 3 plans: monthly, annual and one-time purchase.


    InShot for iOS
    InShot for Android

    3. Video show

    It is a great application to edit video in different formats in Portuguese. In it, it is still possible to make gifs of up to 10s and extract audio for free.

    Like InShot, it only allows you to add subtitles to the video manually, whether it's recorded on the spot or chosen from your phone's gallery.

    The app also provides hundreds of themes and filters.

    If you don't want to see multiple ads, export watermarked files, and other features, VideoShow has a monthly and annual VIP plan with many more features.


    VideoShow for iOS
    VideoShow para Android

    4. Movavi Clips

    Movavi Clips is on this list of apps to create videos with subtitles because it has a version that you can install on your computer, in addition to working on both Android and iOS.

    It has free features, but they are somewhat limited if we compare it to InShot, for example.

    Another disadvantage is that, despite being very intuitive, it has an all-English interface.

    It does not allow you to choose the subtitle exposure time. For not doing this, our tip is that the video is cut before inserting the texts.

    There are also options to save the file on your phone or share it directly on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram. However, unless you buy the perpetual license or subscribe to one of the plans (monthly or yearly), the app will put a big watermark.


    Movavi Clips for iOS
    Movivi Clips for Android

    Subtitle videos: you should not use videos that are not yours

    The internet is no man's land. When using videos to promote your company, they must be authored or licensed by you. Otherwise, you will run the risk of having your account blocked or even banned from social media.

    There are a number of free video banks that provide more copyright free content for use in your projects.

    Click here and access our top bank of free videos.

    So, do you already create subtitles for your videos on social media?

    What apps to add subtitles do you recommend? Leave your suggestions in the comments.

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