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    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    Online lottery apps dispense with the need for the traditional piece of paper and can be very useful in numerous situations where you need to make random choices.

    These tools help you choose winners in Instagram promotions, decide which movie will be watched on Netflix, distribute tasks at work and even choose which family member will do the dishes.

    With all these possibilities in mind, we've selected four online sweepstakes apps, as well as three websites and a bonus tip. Choose the option that best suits your profile.

    Apps to do online sweepstakes

    1. Random Number

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    Random Number is the best raffle app on Google Play Store. Rated 4,5 stars, the app has five very versatile modes.

    In addition to the traditional drawing of numerals, the tool has a “list” option, which can be used to make random decisions, such as choosing movies to watch or deciding which family member will wash the dishes.

    Those who are playing a board game will also find the app very useful. That's because it allows you to play dice with up to six faces. It is also possible to play “heads or tails” and guessing with the “lot drawing” modality.

    Another highlight of the Random Number is that the app weighs only 2,2 MB, ideal for users who are low on mobile memory space.

    the App is available for:


    2. Easy Draw

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    Like the application above, Sorteio Fácil brings together several modalities in one tool. It is possible to draw numbers, colors, names and also associate elements. This last function can be useful in the random distribution of household tasks, for example.

    In relation to numbers draw, which is the flagship of the app, you can do it by simulating a Bingo, with the history of the numbers drawn, or in simple mode, just indicating whether or not you want them to be repeated. There is also the option to use data.

    Unfortunately, the Easy Draw loses in size. the app weighs 11 MB, which makes it the heaviest draw app on this list. If you're running low on space on your phone, you'd better download Random Number.

    The App is available for:


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    3. Quick Draw

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    If the Random Number application is already light, the Quick Draw is ahead in this regard. weighing only 247 KB and rated with 4,5 stars on the Google store, the tool doesn't have an interface as beautiful as its current one, but it does what it promises.

    When opening the app, the user must choose the type of draw: with or without repetition. Then, you must enter a minimum and a maximum number.

    Once this is done, just tap on “Draw”. The ball will start to spin and, in a few seconds, the drawing app will indicate the number chosen.

    Quick Draw is available for:


    4. Name Raffle

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    Rated 3,9 stars on the Google Play Store, the Sorteio de Nomes app allows you to register a personalized list of names and use it as many times as you want. With an interface as simple as the Quick Draw, the tool is just as easy to use.

    It works like this: the user must add the desired names to the list and tap the “Draw” button. After selecting the winner, the app will ask if you want to remove them from the list. Tap 'Yes' if you cannot repeat the draws.

    An advantage of the Name Sweepstakes is that the list with the participants is saved in the application, which facilitates the realization of new sweepstakes.

    Name Sweepstakes is available for:


    Sites to do online giveaways

    1. Sorteiogram

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    Free and easy to use, the Sorteiogram tool makes life a lot easier for digital influencers or brands that need to do giveaways on Instagram.

    It works like this: first, the user needs to inform the login and password of the social network. Then, you must choose the post referring to the draw. Sorteiogram will load a list of all comments on the post, which will receive a specific number.

    Once that's done, just click on the "Draw a number" button to choose the lucky one.


    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    The Sorteador website is a good choice for users who want to draw numbers online. With a simple and intuitive interface, the tool works with a few clicks. Just inform how many numbers will be drawn, the minimum and maximum digits and tap on “Draw Now”.

    After choosing the winner, the website allows you to create a link to the draw and share it on social networks. With this function, participants can check the authenticity of the promotion and verify that there has been no fraud.

    3. – Names Raffle

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    If you need to draw names, you can use The site is as simple as the Draw: you just need to select the number of winners, write the names of the participants and press the “Draw” button.

    At the end of the draw, you can copy the link and share it on social media or hold a new draw.

    Google search engine

    Online Sweepstakes – Best Sites and Applications

    If you want to do online sweepstakes without installing anything on your cell phone, Google can help you – and we're not talking about searching sites that specialize in this activity!

    The search engine hides a random number generator that allows you to carry out simple draws quickly and easily, eliminating the need for apps.

    To activate the random number generator, simply type “random number generator” in the search bar.

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