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    Lalamove: is it worth using Rappi's rival? know everything

    Lalamove: is it worth using Rappi's rival? know everything

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Oct 26, 2022 | Shopping | 0

    Who doesn't like a convenience, right?

    And thanks to the internet, people can easily buy products without having to leave their homes, get discounts on purchases and many other advantages.

    That way, it's not enough to just buy a quality item.

    Delivery also needs to be fast and efficient, even more so today when agility is an essential requirement.

    And it is precisely in this way that the lalamove is gaining more and more space.

    In this post, you will check:

    • What is the Lalamove service and its benefits;
    • How to register as a delivery person or as a company;
    • What are the amounts received;
    • The requirements made by the startup to enter the platform;
    • Other pertinent information on this subject.

    What is Lalamove?

    The first step of all is to understand what type of service is provided in the application.

    The startup was founded at the end of 2013 with the aim of creating a delivery service on the same day as the order was placed, with the aim of delivering the greatest possible convenience to customers.

    Since its inception, Lalamove has only grown, and it already offers its service in Asia, Latin America and the United States. According to the startup, the app has 7 million users and 700 partner drivers.

    Through the application for mobile devices and the website, it is possible to register to use their service as a driver or be a client of the startup.

    Deliveries can be made with cars of various sizes, such as motorcycles, vans, cars and even trucks.

    How does Lalamove work?

    For those who want to use Lalamove's service, it's very simple.

    Anyone who wants to work with an application flag needs to follow some rules that will be explained in detail later.

    The user just needs to create an account on the app or website and start using it, all very simple and easy.

    At Lalamove you can choose where your item should be picked up and delivered, as well as the option to decide which type of car will deliver it.

    Thus, app drivers receive order requests only when they are online on the platform, and it is up to them whether or not they want to accept delivery.

    In cases where drivers accept the order, he will pick up the order at the appointed location, pick it up and take it to where the customer asked.

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    And one of the coolest features is being able to track the delivery in real time and choose whether to place additional stops.

    In this way, payment can be made in cash or prepaid credit added via credit card.

    The customer can still choose if he wants the delivery to be carried out as soon as possible or schedule.

    But be aware that you can only use the service if you have a balance in your wallet, whether it's a personal or corporate account (with extra payment options for companies).

    Users of the application and, above all, couriers need to be aware that the app does not allow the transport of living beings such as animals and people, nor items that can cause any kind of risk to drivers, for example, objects that have tips, chemicals or that are illegal.

    If the driver picks up a package and is suspicious that there is something illegal in the package, Lalamove suggests that the delivery person go to a nearby police station and file a police report. Once the BO is done, contact the app using the app's chat and send the photo of the document.

    The modalities of work at Lalamove

    In addition to offering delivery services, Lalamove also offers opportunities for work with logistics, moving and help from delivery people.

    The application has a tab with separate categories according to the car and the type of order that the customer needs to transport.

    Therefore, the categories are also divided into two types of two-wheeled vehicles: LalaGO and LalaPRO.

    In this way, LalaGo are drivers who use the vehicles with gray plates.

    LalaPRO, on the other hand, is the delivery people with red plate cars. This issue of plates will be more detailed in another topic of this content.

    So, people who are on the platform can make deliveries with any car of the following models:

    • Florin;
    • Combi;
    • Minivan;
    • Motorcycle (gray or red plate);
    • SUV;
    • VUC (truck).

    Also the possibility for your customers to add filters when placing their order. These filters are:

    • thermal bag;
    • Queue service;
    • Driver help;
    • refrigerated car;
    • Home moving;
    • Extra assistant.

    If the work received by the driver requires several hours, the customer must select the option: 6h or 8h service.

    Still the possibility of putting two extra hours.

    In this way, each of the filters has an increase in the amount to be paid to the delivery person.

    Speaking of drivers, they can get Lalamove trunks and bags through prizes given to the best couriers.

    To achieve this benefit, the courier has to prioritize platform runs and have high grade consistency.

    Cities that Lalamove delivers

    When Lalamove arrived in our country, it made its services available only in our city and in Rio de Janeiro.

    Now, in addition to the two states already mentioned, the app operates in the following cities:

    • Belo Horizonte;
    • Curitiba;
    • Porto Alegre;
    • our city;
    • Goiania;
    • Savior;
    • Recife;
    • Strength;
    • Aracaju;
    • Bethlehem;
    • Florianópolis.

    And according to Startup there is a project to further expand the service.

    Lalamove for companies

    If you have a business and want to use Lalamove's services, you need to access the app (Android and iOS) or the website and register your business.

    The first form to be answered asks for some simple data, such as: full name, contact and position held.

    The second stage of the form will focus on the area in which you work, considering the following characteristics:

    • The delivery time of the order;
    • Availability of geographic locomotion;
    • Great taxa of guaranteed offer;
    • Offer security of the products to be delivered;
    • The transport value.

    When you're done registering, you need to wait a while for a startup manager to contact you to proceed with your account.

    And as this is a corporate account registration, the customer has some more advantages compared to the individual registration, such as:

    • Business Profile: You can add multiple users to your account;
    • Billing: postpaid credit for platform users following credit analysis;
    • Priority in care: if you need it, you will have immediate care;
    • Monthly reports: assistance of expenses in the account.

    Lalamove for couriers

    Individuals can also register on the platform, but the document requirements are slightly different from the corporate account.

    Still, the first step is to fill in your full name, your email, your phone number, the city where you are located and the car you intend to use and, of course, be of legal age.

    In addition, there is a differentiation of documents required by Lalamove depending on the type of license plate that the user's vehicle uses.

    Therefore, there are documentations for cars with gray plates, which are private vehicles, the most common to be seen.

    And the ones with red plates that are transport and rental, such as: collectives, buses, taxis and trucks.

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    The documents that need to be uploaded to the app are as follows:

    • National Driver's License (CNH) with EAR (Exerce Remunerated Activity) active in the city where it is located. It is worth noting that the EAR can be exchanged for the MEI registration with an exercise that is linked to deliveries;
    • Proof of bank account: the person's name, branch number and account must be included. To prove this, just send a photo of your credit or debit card, bank statement or screen print of your bank's application;
    • Document of your vehicle (CRLV), regardless of your car.

    In the case of vehicles with red plates, in addition to the documents already mentioned, it is still necessary to present the following:

    • Vehicle document (CRLV) with the rental category;
    • Cardeirinha do Condumoto (for couriers who are in our city);
    • Motorcycle Freight Authorization.

    Users who work using heavy vehicles still have the possibility to send the National Registry of Road Cargo Carriers (RNTRC) from the National Land Transport Agency (ANTT) as proof of documents.

    Once registered, the Lalamove analysis process will begin.

    If all the documentation has been approved, the driver is now able to work on the platform.

    It is worth noting that the downside is that Lalamove does not report an average waiting period to respond.

    The time varies according to the number of demands being met.

    In any case, do not forget to check all documents before sending to avoid possible delays.

    How much does a Lalamove courier get paid?

    It is important to make it clear that the drivers of this application pay 17,99% commission on the deliveries of orders made on the platform. The percentage is standard for all automobiles.

    In addition, each state and the Federal District has a value for deliveries. But in all regions, the price of the race is the same or very similar to each other.

    In this way, see how much delivery people receive per trip using our city as a base:

    LalaGo drivers

    • Base rate: R$9,50 up to 4 KM;
    • Trips from 4 KM: R$1,15 per KM;
    • Additional stop: R$1,10;
    • Queue service: R$14 (30 minutes), R$22 (1 hour)

    LalaPro biker

    • Base rate: R$12 up to 4 KM;
    • Trips from 4 KM: R$2 per KM;
    • Additional stop: R$3
    • Queue service: R$14 (30 minutes), R$22 (1 hour)

    Car driver

    • Base rate: R$12 up to 3 KM
    • Trips from 3 to 15 KM: R$2,20 per KM
    • Trips from 15 to 30 KM: R$2,50 per KM
    • Additional stop: R$3
    • Queue service: R$14 (30 minutes), R$22 (1 hour)

    van driver

    • Base rate: R$60 up to 2 KM;
    • Trips from 2 to 15 KM: R$3,70 per KM;
    • Trips from 15 to 25 KM: R$2 per KM;
    • Trips from 25 KM: R$1,20 per KM;
    • Additional stop: R$4

    Utility driver (Fiorino)

    • Base rate: R$2 up to 2 KM;
    • Trips from 2 to 15 KM: R$3,70 per KM;
    • Trips from 15 to 25 KM: R$2 per KM;
    • Trips from 25 KM: R$1,20 per KM;
    • Additional stop: 3

    Truck (Carriage)

    • Base rate: R$100 up to 3 KM
    • Trips from 3 to 22 KM: R$7 per KM
    • Additional stop: R$5

    And for overnight delivery orders (00h to 6h), you have to pay an additional amount:

    • Car: R$10
    • Utility: BRL 30
    • Truck: R$30

    Check the rates of other states and the Federal District.

    Lalamove: is it worth using Rappi's rival? know everything

    So, as the income from each trip is variable, it will depend on how many deliveries you make in the month to have a base on how much you will collect.

    That is, it is not possible to measure exactly how much you will get.

    It all depends on your routine, the vehicle you use and the extras you make.

    Is it allowed to make more than one delivery at the same time?

    Lalamove does not allow the delivery person to make more than one delivery at the same time.

    That's because, according to the platform, the priority is to offer the best possible service to customers. Thus, the driver only focuses on the ride he took, which increases delivery care and reduces the risk of a problem occurring.

    Also according to the app, with drivers making only one delivery at a time, Lalamove is able to offer races more equally and benefits a greater number of drivers who work on the platform.

    What to do if there is a problem with delivery?

    And finally, in addition to the recommendation that has already been given if the delivery person thinks he has picked up a suspicious package, if the driver experiences any unforeseen circumstances, it is necessary to immediately contact Lalajuda, the Customer Service.

    Opening hours are every day from 9 am to 23 pm (time in our city), including holidays.

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