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    How a snack stand sold 4 tons of potato chips in one day using Facebook

    How a snack stand sold 4 tons of potato chips in one day using Facebook

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 2, 2022 | Success Stories |

    After spending time and money looking for tutorials and tips on the internet, Ana Paula Pereira Vieira and Thiago D'Angelo Guarabyra found in Camila Porto's Training the knowledge they needed to improve the results of Mais Batata, a French fries stand located in the Rio de Janeiro.


    • More than 4 tons of French fries sold daily;
    • 18 thousand page likes in just 3 months.


    Ana and Thiago started working with Digital Marketing 3 years ago, serving only companies in the Gospel segment. In a short time, they realized that they could open a branch and expanded their client portfolio, starting to serve businesses in other branches. That's how THD Digital came about.

    One of the first clients of Ana and Thiago's agency was Mais Batata, a snack stand in Praça K11, in Nova Iguaçu, Rio de Janeiro.  

    The business was starting from scratch, in a place with little movement. The couple was hired to take care of all communication for the snack stand and make it known in the region.


    As it is a new and unusual business (a stall that sells French fries in bags), the challenge was to make the company gain visibility and stand out among its competitors.


    The couple used what they learned in Camila Porto's Training to promote Mais Batata using Facebook.

    Step 1. Ana and Thiago started by doing a study to create a persona. This topic is discussed in the first classes of the Training.

    They went deep to understand who Mais Batata's customers were and what would be the best ways to impact them.   

    Step 2. The couple also took care to gather information and analyze the competition. They wanted to better understand who they would compete with for customers.

    Step 3. Then, they identified that making posts that generated conversations with the public had great potential. So they started using the “power questions”.

    Step 4. Another aspect also drew attention: the public on the snack stand page was interested in humorous posts. Therefore, one of the bets was to take advantage of the memes of the moment adapted to the French fries theme.

    Step 5. They also started to produce informative publications, with content relevant to the audience, seeking to create authority on the subject.

    Step 6. In addition, they worked with the mental trigger of scarcity, creating lightning offers that sharpened customers' sense of urgency.

    Step 7. Based on information about their audience and what the best content on the page was, they started investing in Facebook ads, between R$5 and R$10 per post. They created custom audiences, filtered by geographic location, interests, age group, and gender.

    All this so that their campaigns would reach only those who were really close to the snack stand and could go there to consume.

    Step 8. The next step was to look for other ways to increase the reach of their publications. For this, they chose to partner with other pages.

    “Based on Camila Porto's tips, we implemented partnership strategies with other pages that linked our actions and also with youtubers who produced business videos for their channels, thus expanding our reach beyond Facebook barriers.” Thiago D'Angelo Guarabyra

    The power of live streams

    Step 9. Attentive to trends, Ana and Thiago found in live broadcasts the most effective way to reach the customers of the snack stand and generate engagement.

    They did lives showing the day to day of the business and rewarded those who watched and interacted with these contents. It was through the live broadcasts that they achieved the best results.

    “One of the techniques that generated the greatest results was live broadcasting. We were able to impact the audience with the images of the juicy potatoes being served and the reactions of the customers. The level of interaction in these Lives is unparalleled.” Thiago D'Angelo Guarabyra


    In a few months, the brand was already reaching unexpected numbers, selling 4 tons of French fries in a day.

    Results after Training
    • More than 4 tons of French fries sold daily;
    • 18 thousand page likes in just 3 months.

    The good work and results obtained through Facebook made Mais Batata gain the recognition it wanted in its region.  

    With the visibility achieved, sales increased and the business gained a branch in another region of Rio de Janeiro.

    “Great opportunities open up as we advance along the course. The understanding and application of the techniques presented generate surprising results.” Thiago D'Angelo Guarabyra


    Just like Ana and Thiago, who used Facebook to promote Mais Batata, you can also get good results for your business.

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