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    How a cosmetics retailer made BRL 10 by investing only BRL 50 on Facebook

    How a cosmetics retailer made BRL 10 by investing only BRL 50 on FacebookHow a cosmetics retailer made BRL 10 by investing only BRL 50 on Facebook

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 1, 2022 | Success Stories | 4

    After Camila Porto's training, Alana made her client, a cosmetics retailer, invoice the equivalent of 2 months in just 14 days. All this with an investment of just R$50 in a single Facebook campaign.


    • In one campaign, he earned R$10 by investing R$50 in Facebook.


    Alana Fernandes Morschel was born in Novo Hamburgo, Rio Grande do Sul. At just 19 years old, she decided to manage Facebook pages and open a digital marketing agency.

    “When I turned 19, I was leaving home, leaving my city and my state, aiming for something bigger, going to live alone. The company I was freelancer closed and what for some would be the end of the world, I considered the beginning of my life as an entrepreneur.” Alana Morschel

    That's when Alana decided to invest in Camila Porto's Training to improve her knowledge.

    One of Alana's first customers was a cosmetics retailer. He worked with products aimed at beauty salons, didn't have a website and used Facebook as his main sales channel.


    The main challenge for this professional was to increase the number of customers in his business and, consequently, the amount of products sold.


    Step 1. As soon as Alana took over the management of the dealer page, she started a customer profile study.

    Alana wanted to understand who the page's audience was and what subjects interested them, in order to create relevant content.

    “Overall, the biggest problem in managing my clients' pages was the lack of a strategy and understanding of the persona. Which caused problems at all other stages, bringing insecurity when defining the public and interests.” Alana Morschel

    Step 2. The second step was to study the competition, to better understand how other businesses in the segment were acting on social media.

    Step 3. Combining the research on the public with that of competitors, it was possible to create a publication schedule for the Facebook page. This schedule focused on generating relevant content to generate engagement.

    For example, videos were published explaining the product application techniques and also showing the “before and after” results for customers.

    “I started the posts with the aim of engaging the public, I didn't 'pamphlet' (as Camila Porto says) at any time. We involved professionals in the area to understand that that page would always have relevant content, videos demonstrating results and product application techniques.” Alana Morschel

    Step 4. The next step was to invest in ads.

    With great results in organic reach and low cost per engagement in the first two campaigns, Alana created an ad showing the results of one of the products and invested R$50.

    “I put together this ad worth R$50 to run for 14 days. We needed to reach beauty professionals, which is the persona of this client of mine. I structured the ad very well, created a table with the groups of people and started to run the ad with the purpose of involvement. In just a few hours of sponsorship, I could already see that the campaign was going strong. It soon went to 1 cent per engagement and comments poured in from interested people.” Alana Morschel


    With this action alone, around R$10 worth of products were sold. Before, the cosmetics retailer would take two months to invoice this amount.

    • In one campaign, he earned R$10 by investing R$50 in Facebook.

    “I followed the work that Camila Porto did and I always thought it was amazing, I was really inspired and still am very inspired by her. I wanted to learn from the best in the field, from the person who best fit the style of marketing I'm passionate about. Until I was 'hooked' by the beautiful marketing she applied to her own company. That's when I took the initiative to buy the course.” Alana Morschel


    Just like Alana, who used Facebook to increase sales from a cosmetics retailer, you too can get good results for your business.

    How are service providers and freelancers generating more sales using social media?

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