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    Check out how to number Word pages quickly on PC and mobile

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    Numbering pages in Word is critical in certain official documents, such as course completion work (TCC). Although pagination is a simple feature, the tool may not be so easily found by users.

    explains below how to insert numbers into pages, starting either from the beginning or from whatever you want using Microsoft's text editor. Also check out how to perform the step by step through Word for mobile.

    How to number pages in Word

    The tutorial below shows how to number a Word document starting from the first page. The walkthrough can be performed by both Windows and Mac OS users.

    1. Open the desired Word document. on the tab Insert, Click Page number;

    2. In the tab that opens, choose whether to include the number at the beginning or at the end of the page;

    3. Then choose the type of formatting you want. Automatically, the numbers will be inserted in the chosen location and format on all pages of the document;

    4. press the key Esc to go back to editing the text file.

    How to number non-Word pages from a certain page

    The following tip is ideal for those who want to number a file starting from a different page than the first.

    1. Open the desired Word document and click before the first character of the page from which you want to start numbering;

    2. Then go to the tab Page Layout and access the item breaks;

    3. No menu to open, opt for Next page;

    4. Double-click on the header (top) or footer (bottom) area of ​​the page where you want to start numbering;

    5. Now click on link to previous, to disable the option, unlinking the footer or header from the previous page.

    • This disassociation is performed separately in each of them. So if the number is in the footer, turn off footer linking;

    6. Go in Page number. Choose whether to include the number at the beginning or end of the page and the type of formatting you prefer;

    7. To include the desired starting number, click again on Page number and then in Format Number of Pages;

    8. In the window that opens, check the box start at. In the field beside, enter the number 1, if you want that page to be numbered as the first, or the number you prefer;

    9. Confirm your choice in OK;

    10. To return to document text editing, press the key Esc.

    How to remove first page numbering in Word

    This function can be useful for documents that have a cover or cover page and the user wants to omit the numbering on that page.

    1. Open the desired Word document and, in the Insert, click Header ou Baseboard, according to where the numbering will be inserted;

    2. In the menu that opens, go to edit header ou edit footer, depending on the option chosen in step 1;

    3. The document will open the tab Design. Check the box for the option different first page;

    4. Then, just follow the procedure explained above, in How to number pages in Word.

    How to number pages not Word hair cell

    The process of numbering Word pages on mobile is very similar to that done on the computer. For this, however, it is necessary to have the Word app installed on your Android or iOS smartphone.

    1. Open the Word app and then the document in which you want to include page numbers;

    2. Tap the pencil icon at the top of the screen to resume editing the file;

    3. In the lower menu, tap on the image of an arrow, in the right corner;

    4. Tap on the option Home and, in the menu that opens, go to Insert;

    5. In the next menu, choose Page number;

    6. Choose the place on the page where you want to insert the numbering;

    7. Finish the process in Close Header and Footer.

    How to number pages in Word according to ABNT standards

    The Our Country Standards Association (ABNT) is the entity responsible for technical standardization in our country. It is the body that indicates standards to be followed in order to ensure standardization, whether of products or services.

    As a rule, the Course Completion Works (TCC) must follow the ABNT rules. Among them, the one with regard to pagination.

    All pages in the document must be counted, but not numbered. That is, the cover is page 1, the cover page is page 2, and so on. However, they must not contain the number.

    The numbering should only appear from the Introduction item, in the upper right corner. Therefore, just follow the procedure indicated in the step-by-step How to number non-Word pages from a certain page.


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