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    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Home rental apps provide a vast catalog of property options for accommodation, whether long-term or seasonal, in the palm of your hand. It is possible to filter and find the house the way and value you want.

    Are you in the business of looking for a new home or just want a place to enjoy your vacation? Then check out our list of the best home rental apps on the market.

    1 Airbnb

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    It is no exaggeration to say that Airbnb has revolutionized the hosting service around the world. The platform allows ordinary people to make their homes or rooms available for others to spend a season or extended stays (minimum of 4 weeks).

    There are more than 190 countries and millions of possibilities. Inform the destination city, check in and check out date and the number of guests. To find the place the way you really want it, you can filter by preferences, such as pool, gym, crib, office, etc.

    Before deciding if you really want the property, check out the reviews from other guests. Payment and communication with the host is done through the service.

    • Airbnb (free): Android | iOS

    2. Zap Real Estate

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Zap defines itself as the real estate specialist. The service allows you to search for residential and commercial, whether to buy or rent. The user can refine the features to find the house, apartment or shop of their dreams.

    Let us know if you want a specific type of building, such as a studio or a penthouse. Or filter by price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, garage, square footage, among others.

    If you prefer, you can see on the map the locations that fit your wish list by moving the location by dragging your finger across the screen. There is also the option to receive alerts about new properties that appear in your region.

    • Zap Real Estate (free): Android | iOS

    3. VivaReal

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    VivaReal defines itself as the largest real estate portal in our country, with an offer of more than 5 million residential and commercial options. Define whether you want to buy or rent and then inform the type of property (house, apartment, service room, etc.).

    Indicate the number of rooms, such as bathroom, bedrooms and parking space that you want. Also enter the maximum amount you are willing to pay and the neighborhood or city where you want to live.

    The app will list the locations that fit your definitions. The visit can be easily scheduled through the app itself. Or, if you prefer, send a message to the advertiser also through the app.

    • VivaReal (free). Android | iOS

    4. OLX

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    OLX is a platform for buying and selling items online, ranging from electronics to apartments. After downloading the app, go to Category and select the Properties option. Then, let us know if you want to see houses for sale, for rent, just for the season, etc.

    Fine-tune the result by informing the price range you are willing to pay, as well as the minimum number of rooms. The desired size for the house or apartment can also be defined.

    OLX emphasizes that it only offers the hosting and business tool. Therefore, it highlights that “all transactions and communication are the sole responsibility of the parties”.

    • OLX (free): Android | iOS


    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Despite being known as a hotel search engine, provides information on different types of accommodation. Including houses and apartments or rooms in residences for seasonal rent.

    Just inform location, travel period, number of people and desired room. Then filter by property type. It is also possible to include in your filters the option for free cancellation, price range of your budget, amenities, etc.

    The search can be displayed in a list or viewed on the site map. The entire booking process is done through the service's app or website. Payment can be made locally, depending on the ad.

    • (free): Android | iOS

    6. WebRoom

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    WebQuarto can be a good solution for those who are short on money or want to save on rent. The app aims to unite those who have a room available to those who need one.

    To avoid profile mismatch between residents, the service prompts users to fill in a roomate profile. Then just look for a room to call your own. The negotiation with the owner is done through the tool.

    The Safe Change feature is worth mentioning. The function allows the first rent to be paid through the service. The advertiser only receives the amount after the change is successfully performed. Even so, those who rent have up to 24 hours to communicate if something is not as expected.

    • WebRoom (free): Android | iOS

    7. Free Season

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    As its name suggests, Temporada Livre is an app aimed at those looking for vacation rentals. According to the creators, the platform brings together thousands of houses and apartments in its catalog.

    Just tap or type the destination city, select the neighborhood or beach, then set search filters. Then, you can filter the results by the number of rooms, garage availability and, interestingly, by the distance from the sea.

    The user can trade with the merchant within the app or over the phone, provided in their data.

    • free season (free): Android | iOS

    8. PlaceMobi

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    PlaceMobi is a service specialized in renting rooms, kitchenettes and studios. Inform where you want to live and, that's it, the results are listed. Then you can insert filters to refine the search. Say the type of property, price limit, facilities you are looking for, among other requirements.

    You can check the available options in a list or by checking the map. If you like any, you can see images not only of the property but also of the street. Contact with the owner can be done by message within the app itself or directly by phone.

    • PlaceMobi (free): Android

    9. Mitula Real Estate

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Mitula is a search engine that brings together in one place searches for cars, jobs, clothing items and real estate. The Mitula Imóveis app, however, is specifically for those looking to buy or rent a house or apartment.

    As the service works in different countries, it is possible to search for housing in different parts of the world. Just inform the location, what you are looking for and if it is to buy or rent. Advanced search allows you to filter by price, size and number of bedrooms and bathrooms.

    You can also enter keywords you want to find in the ideal ad. The result can be displayed in list and on the map. You can schedule a visit and make a proposal without leaving the app.

    • Mitula Real Estate (free): Android | iOS

    10. Your new home - Trovit Imóveis

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Your new home - Trovit Imóveis is another option to find a new place to rent or buy. With the service present in dozens of countries, it is possible to extend the search to different parts of the planet. Or simply search for housing in the surroundings of where you are.

    The app redirects the user to different websites, leading them to a wide variety of advertisements. The search can be refined by informing the price range, number of bedrooms and bathrooms, size, etc.

    If you prefer, you can save the ads as favorites and access them later. As the app redirects to real estate portals, each of them works according to its own rules and policies.

    Your new home - Trovit Homes (free): Android | iOS

    Precautions before renting a property online

    Real estate listing apps and websites undoubtedly make it easier to find a new home. However, as with any online business, there are risks of falling into scams or scams. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to some aspects before closing with an owner.

    Here are some tips obtained from the rental services themselves. Check out:

    1. Keeping an eye on the reviews

    In the case of vacation rental advertisements, it is unlikely that you will be able to visit the location. So, before closing the deal, carefully check the reviews of former guests and check the items offered by the owner.

    2. Visits or local

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    For long-term rentals, the recommendation is that you never deposit any amount without visiting the location. Be wary if the owner claims he is traveling or living in another location and will not be able to show you the location, but still asks you to deposit an amount to guarantee the property.

    This is a common scam in the market and, in general, the rent values ​​are usually well below those you find on the market.

    3. When alms are too much…

    Be wary if the asking price is much lower than what would be appropriate for a particular property. Of course, you might be lucky to find a good deal, but this can often indicate a scam.

    Usually, this action is accompanied by the request to send amounts before even knowing the house, room or apartment. And, as we indicated above, this is not recommended.

    4. Ask for documents from the property and the owner

    The tip is ideal for checking and making sure the information is true.

    5. Contract

    10 home rental apps to find the ideal property

    Ask or make a contract to formalize the lease. Thus, you will ensure your safety and also that of the owner, avoiding evictions or requests for undue payments.

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