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    10 fashion apps for you who have style and want to dress well

    10 fashion apps for you who have style and want to dress well

    Luckily for fashionistas, fashion apps are quite versatile. The apps, available for Android and iPhone, allow you to organize your wardrobe to create complete looks.

    You can also get to know your style better, shop without spending too much and create clothes as if you were a stylist. Check out the 10 best fashion apps to always stay in style.

    Your Closet

    YourCloset - Closet Organizer & Style Planner App for Android - Introduction

    Your Closet works like a virtual wardrobe. The user must take pictures of all their clothes and accessories and insert them into the app divided by categories and colors. Don't want to waste time in the morning before going to work? Leave your looks of the month already planned in the calendar feature.

    It is also possible to indicate if the piece is available or to be washed, so there is no error. Those who have difficulty packing for travel can use the luggage planning function. In a practical way, you'll be able to see what you really need to bring, without cluttering your closet so much.

    • Your Closet (free): Android


    With Drest, you can get a taste of what it's like to be a famous stylist. The game allows you to assemble looks with real pieces from prestigious brands, in addition to choosing hairstyles and makeup.

    How about a Burberry dress paired with Chanel shoes? Make sophisticated compositions for the red carpet, beach parades, photo shoots and more. Each look assembled earns points to advance to new stages.

    • Drest (free, but offers in-app purchases): iOS


    GetWardrobe defines itself as a wardrobe assistant, with which you can catalog and organize the pieces that are in your closet. Thus, it is easier to visualize and assemble compositions and not forget any item at the bottom of the drawer.

    Photograph the items, insert them in the corresponding category and, if you want, include in the description data such as brand, price, washing care, etc. Then assemble your favorite combinations and classify them according to the occasions and seasons of the year.

    It is also possible to plan what you will wear in the next few days in the diary, taking into account the weather forecast. For more inspiration, you can also follow other users of the app, rate and comment on their looks.

    • GetWardrobe (free, but offers in-app purchases): Android | iOS

    Smart Closet

    Smart Closet is yet another app option that helps you digitize the pieces that are in your closet. After photographing, you must enter the item in a category, define the color, appropriate season and include size and annotations if you feel necessary. Also let me know if it's available, for washing or if it's just a piece you want.

    You can save your favorite combinations and schedule the clothes you want to wear throughout the month. The app can also help with travel preparations, by selecting virtually everything you want to pack. This makes it clearer to understand the needs and avoid excesses.

    The statistics count how many pieces of each type and color you have and the most purchased brands. They also identify those that are most used and the amount of clothes they have for each season of the year or specific occasion.


    Combyne is a social app where you can explore your creativity to create different looks. It is possible to use images of your own clothes, of pieces included by other users and of well-known branded products.

    Combinations can be saved or shared with the community. The social part is also on account of a resource that combines people with common tastes and interests in fashion. You can choose to receive or give style tips.

    only patterns

    For those looking to start creating their own clothes, Solo Patrones can help. The app allows you to easily create cutting and sewing patterns.

    Just enter the desired measurements and let the program generate the models. In addition to the patterns, it also gives tips (in Spanish) on where to cut and sew the fabric.

    My Wardrobe

    My Wardrobe is a simple and very easy to use organization app. Just photograph and inform which category of piece that is. You can also include annotations about the item.

    In the Outfits function, the user can assemble the combinations and, right there, schedule the day he wants to use them. And, if you don't like to repeat clothes, you can check how many times you've programmed to wear a certain piece or combination.


    Prêt-à-Template is aimed at those who want to create their own sketches, whether for men, women, children and even pets. You can use ready-made parts as a base or design everything from scratch.

    The free version only offers two writing options (pencil and pen) and five prints. However, the user is able to upload images with the desired pattern from the cellphone's Library.

    The app allows you to record your screen during the entire creative process. The result can also be saved as an image and easily shared in other applications.

    Fashion Squad - Best Friend Fashionista

    The Fashion Squad is a fun game in which you have to choose the style of five female characters. You can select hairstyle, clothes, shoes and accessories.

    The background can also be changed, as a way of thinking about looks for different occasions. The result can be saved as an image in the gallery. Simple and light, the app is ideal for weaker phones.


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