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    Youtube for kids: the 27 best channels to watch

    Youtube for kids: the 27 best channels to watch

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jan 25, 2022 | Youtube | 0

    Parents, teachers, babysitters, tutors and others who work directly with children may need a little free time or help when dealing with children. One tool that can be quite useful is YouTube channels for kids, if you know how to use them properly.

    There are several options available on the social network for posting videos, whether channels focused on games or other things to distract the child and get a little rest, or educational channels that can also be used for learning. So, with the aim of helping in this arduous but rewarding task of taking care of the little ones, below we separate the best YouTube channels for children, just enter, check out the contents before presenting to the little ones and relax.

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    Youtube site – The best YouTube channels for kids

    1- The Moon Show

    Luna is one of the most popular scientists among kids, and she has a YouTube channel for kids that might be excellent, called The Luna Show. With approximately 2,86 million subscribers, the virtual space has songs, episodes and character clips to entertain the little ones. The channel stands out for addressing a different curiosity in each of its episodes, contributing to the growth of the minors who watch.

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    2- Sung Word

    Presented by the duo Paulo Tatit and Sandra Peres, Palavra Cantada is a channel with more than 2,14 million subscribers and, as the name suggests, has an almost entirely musical approach. The main duo is known for being the authors of great hit songs among children, such as “Sopa” and “Bolacha de Água e Sal”. You will be able to find concert videos, music videos and many other materials by Paulo and Sandra who have been working with children's productions since 1994.

    3- Backyard of Culture

    One of the main and largest channels on YouTube for children is Quintal da Cultura, which has more than 1,71 million subscribers. Six characters are responsible for presenting the videos of the virtual space, they are: the brothers Doroteia and Ludovico, the aunt Ofélia and the friend Osório, the turtle Quelônio and the worm Minhoquias, who are always together learning new things and having fun. 

    The best part is that Quintal da Cultura can also be watched on open TV, not being limited only to the online video platform. It is possible to follow the program from Monday to Friday from 07:45 to 12:30 and, in the afternoon, from 14:30 to 17:14. In addition, on Saturday there is a great marathon all afternoon, starting at 45:XNUMX pm.

    4- My FriendZão

    With 1,33 million subscribers on YouTube, Meu AmigãoZão is the official channel on the platform of the Brazilian series of the same name, which became known when it was shown on closed TV, more specifically on the Discovery Kids channel. Indicated for children up to seven years of age, Meu AmigãoZão receives a rotation of up to five animated episodes and some extra materials to be followed weekly, on Saturdays.

    The stories follow the characters of Yuri, Lili, Matt, Goliath, Nessa and Bongo, who always seek to celebrate their bonds of friendship. The YouTube channel for children is great, as it works on topics such as respect, friendship, family, imagination and many others.

    5- Minute from the ground

    For those who want to teach stories and science to their children, the YouTube channel for children, Earth Minute, may be just what you are looking for. With 722 thousand subscribers, the space has several short and easily absorbed videos, making life a lot easier for those who watch. You will find educational materials with humor and creativity, the channel being the authorized national version of the “Minute Earth” channel. 

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    6- Stories Clothesline

    As its name suggests, Varal de Histórias is a channel for children on YouTube focused on storytelling, with more than 502 thousand followers. Presented by Juçara Batichoti, new videos and stories are released every Saturday at 11 am, in addition, on Wednesdays, at 19 pm, videos are released of the making of resources that she uses in her videos, sharing knowledge with the small.

    7- Fafa tells stories

    Another YouTube channel option for children who like stories, Fafá tells stories is presented by actress Flávia Scherner. With more than 256 subscribers, the channel contains stories for people of all ages, so check out the video you'll be showing your children in advance to find out the age indication.

    Bringing varied materials, ranging from classics, through fables and also new releases, the videos can also contain the profile of some important figures of Brazilian culture, contributing a lot to the knowledge about children's history.

    8- Alcoholic

    One of the classic YouTube channels for children, Ticolicos – Children's Channel addresses themes such as diversity, respect, imagination, creativity and several others, being led by the orange puppet presenter, Ludi. Weekly, Ludi answers questions sent by the children themselves, sharing healthy recipes and conducting interviews. Interaction is possible through the social networks of Ticolicos.

    9- Adventurous Hands

    At the time of writing this text, the Mãos Aventureiras channel has not received new videos for almost three years, however, the available content can still be very useful for children. With material about pounds, which is little found compared to other topics on YouTube, the channel is more suitable for children with hearing impairment. The videos are presented by Professor Carolina Hessel and tell stories of different literary works. Even without updating new content for years, the channel has 18,5 subscribers.

    10- Min and the little hands

    Min e as Mãoszinhas is another YouTube channel for children that uses pounds, but unlike the channel mentioned above, this one is constantly updated and has more than 30,5 subscribers. Bringing accessibility to deaf children, the episodes are animated in the form of a drawing, being suitable for children with a minimum of three years of age, and a maximum of six years. The channel was conceived by production director Paulo Henrique dos Santos.

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    11- Julius Channel

    You must have heard of, or even watched, the famous TV Cultura show, Cocoricó. The character Júlio, who became known for his catchphrase "Puxa, pull, que pull!" also has a YouTube channel for children, called Canal do Júlio. With 48,6 million followers, the channel features videos with stories, interviews with famous Brazilians and games, all led by Júlio and his grandfather, who is behind the camera.

    12- Mari Bigio

    The channel Mari Bigio is a creation of the poet who has her name in the title and her sister Milla Bigio, a musician. Mixing storytelling with cordel, sound design and music, the YouTube channel for children, with almost 20 subscribers, aims to bring children closer to the culture of Pernambuco, more specifically to Cordel literature. 

    13- Telmo and Tula

    Although it has only 7,68 subscribers, the Telmo and Tula channel, cartoons is an excellent option to entertain children online. The title brothers are two cooks that show what a true partnership is like. The focus is on teaching kids great healthy recipes, all with a mix of humor and companionship. The entire process in the videos is supervised by the mouse Paquito, and remember, whenever a child is going to cook, an adult needs to be around.

    14- Carol Levy

    With 83,5 subscribers, the YouTube channel for children Carol Levy is hosted by the headliner and singer. Passionate about music, history and literature, Carol brings together all her passions and talents on the channel. Thus, it will be possible to find animated videos with clips of their music, educational content, literature and stories.

    15- ZiS is the Channel

    Offering more than 130 different children's songs, the YouTube channel for children, ZiS is the Channel, is a great request, with 132 thousand subscribers. The program is presented by an award-winning artist who has been singing famous children's songs since the 90s, some of which he even wrote, Hélio Ziskind. The channel has several animated videos and the presence of the singer.

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    16- Children's University (UFMG)

    The Federal University of Minas Gerais (UFMG) has a project called “Children's University”, which, even without having new content for almost a year, until the time of writing this text, can be a good content space for minors. The scientific dissemination project addresses topics that can be difficult to explain normally to children, all through the production of animations, books, videos, tutorials and workshops.

    17- Alex, educational cartoons

    With content for and educational resources aimed at children, babies and preschoolers, the Alex channel, educational cartoons can save your life when caring for a child, having just over 16,1 subscribers. With this YouTube channel for kids, you can entertain and educate the little ones at the same time. Starring friends who go through jungles, sea, vegetation and music, the teachings can be about musical instruments, animals and plants.

    18- Rafa and Luiz

    The presentation of the Rafa e Luiz channel is the responsibility of the title couple, which brings content aimed at older children. With just over 16,1 subscribers, the videos stand out for being fun and funny, bringing content almost daily, at 18pm. The public can participate through the comments of the videos, in addition to having access to several series created by the couple.

    19- Erlania and Valentina Pontes

    Being among the biggest YouTube channels for children, with more than 22 million subscribers, the Erlania and Valentina Pontes channel stands out for its super fun series that feature the sisters in different stories with their friends and family. In addition to fun, the content also involves adventure and educational videos.

    20- Pintadinha Chicken

    One of the biggest phenomena among children, Galinha Pintadinha is also present with its YouTube channel for children, with more than 29 million subscribers. You will be able to find fun videos about the drawing, with the classic musical numbers, joy and entertainment for the kids.

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    21- Monica's Gang

    Monica's Gang is a classic that is successful to this day, including new and current content being released all the time, and on YouTube for children it would be no different, since the channel of the most famous gang in Brazil has almost 18 million people. enrolled. The videos show the group's adventures and curiosities about the production of the drawing and some extra series.

    22- Manual do Mundo

    One of the best and main educational channels on the video social network, Manual do Mundo is almost reaching its 16 million subscribers. For kids who are curious, energetic and who like to assemble things and learn, the channel is exactly what you are looking for. The videos stand out for the fact that the presenters always explain how all the experiences happen, as well as showing how you can do it at home.

    23- So Rachel

    Formerly known as the channel “De Pai Pra Dilha”, the YouTube channel for children is now known as “So Raquel”. Presented by girls Roberta and Raquel, the videos feature simple and easy recipes, toy reviews for kids, beauty tips with girls and much more. With almost 57 thousand subscribers, the channel is a success and can be very interesting.

    24- Carousel

    The Brazilian broadcaster SBT has already broadcast several versions of the soap opera Carrossel, and with the tremendous success of all, it is clear that it would not take long for the children's soap opera to gain a YouTube channel for children. The videos available show the best and main moments of the telenovela, but in addition, the little ones will have access to all the chapters of the telenovela. Indicated for people over 10 years of age, the channel already has 3,68 million subscribers.

    25- Planet of the Twins

    With almost 15 million subscribers, the YouTube channel for children, Planeta das Gêmeas, is another excellent choice to entertain the little ones on a daily basis, especially the older ones. Presented by the twins Nicole and Melissa, the videos bring challenges, fun and show the routine of the two sisters.

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    26- Beautiful Mess

    Bela Castro is responsible for the YouTube channel for children, Bela Bagunça, with almost 13 million subscribers. As its name suggests, all the videos on the channel are pure mess, bringing content with various trolls, fun stories, challenges and much more. At just 14 years old, of course, the channel will also show Bela Castro's life and growth throughout her videos.

    27- Maria Clara and JP

    Last but not least, we have the YouTube channel for children “Maria Clara e JP”, with over 30 million subscribers. The 10 and 12 year olds, respectively, present the channel that has videos with its educational and fun content for children, also highlighting the importance of family, friends, respect and support.

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