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    When will I be vaccinated? Estimate your vaccination date on the website

    When will I be vaccinated? Estimate your vaccination date on the website

    by Team AllYourVideogames | May 13, 2022 | News |

    "When will I be vaccinated?” is a constant doubt after the coronavirus pandemic.

    With the dissemination of daily information, one of the hopes of the population is vaccination against COVID so that life can return to its normal state, albeit gradually.

    On social networks, Internet users follow the latest news released by the media and eagerly await the moment they will be vaccinated.

    I'm so happy for mamis!!
    I'm really excited for my turn to be vaccinated??

    — Maria Rita (@MahMartens_) May 7, 2022

    Today I saw three friends posting that their mother was vaccinated I can't wait for my turn to say the same thing

    — b (@beckystars) May 6, 2022

    To bring hope to thousands of Brazilians, information technology specialist Renan Altendorf, together with a group of people, created a website capable of projecting when you will be vaccinated.

    With simple information like your age and the name of the state you live in, you can have a rough estimate of the days left until you can finally receive your first dose of COVID-19 vaccine. See how it works!

    Check out the website “When will I be vaccinated”

    The website “When I will be vaccinated” is part of a voluntary initiative that emerged at the beginning of the pandemic with the profile Coronavirus our country (@CoronavirusBra1) on Twitter.

    Based on information from the State Health Departments, people can ask questions, see the latest news on the subject and have access to a more detailed database on the disease in our country.

    Before taking the test, you need to know that information can change daily. This is because the average vaccination rate in each location may change according to the number of vaccines applied, in addition to changes in their distribution and rules for vaccine application.

    According to the platform, “the calculation is made by the average of the last 7 days of vaccination in each state”. Therefore, many municipalities may follow a plan different from those stipulated by the State Departments.

    Individuals who are part of the priority groups follow the National Immunization Plan, the PNI. In this way, people belonging to a certain priority group will also be susceptible to certain rules that may change.

    People with comorbidities, pregnant women or members of certain professional categories will be vaccinated according to the prioritization stipulated by state and municipal governments.

    How do I calculate my vaccination estimate on the website?

    The site layout is simple and intuitive, which facilitates the experience of the person who wants to know if they will be vaccinated later this year. Click here to find out.

    To calculate, follow the steps below:

    1. Access the website When will I be vaccinated;
    2. Fill in the field indicating the selection for “Age”;
    3. Fill in the field that indicates the selection for “State” with the location you want to search;
    4. If you are part of the PNI group, check the prioritization option;
    5. Then press the button “When will I be vaccinated?” to calculate.

    When will I be vaccinated? Estimate your vaccination date on the website

    When will I be vaccinated?: Step-by-step research


    After the search, the forecast will appear accompanied by information about the calculation used and a message of reinforcement about the need to take the vaccine when each one's turn comes.

    The search result will appear accompanied by an explanation of how the calculation for the estimate was made.

    When will I be vaccinated? Estimate your vaccination date on the website

    But after all: when will I be vaccinated definitively?

    It should be noted that the site estimates probable dates. However, there is still no exact information defined or released by the Ministry of Health of our country. For now, it is possible to monitor the distribution and application of doses through the “vaccinometer” made available by the Federal Government.

    When will I be vaccinated? Estimate your vaccination date on the website

    Until the vaccine arrives

    It is necessary to maintain the safety protocols recommended by the World Health Organization and the Ministry of Health:

    • Always wear a mask;
    • Keep sanitizing your hands;
    • Avoid agglomerations;
    • Keep social distancing.

    If you are at Home Office, check out how choosing a good chair will help you preserve the quality of your physical health. Exercise with caution and always maintain healthy habits.

    To win the pandemic, everyone needs to take care of themselves to also take care of the next.


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