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    How much does ex-BBB Juliette charge per Instagram post?

    How much does ex-BBB Juliette charge per Instagram post?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Jun 17, 2022 | News |

    Do you know How much ex-BBB Juliette charges per Instagram post? Former participants of the reality show Big Brother our country BBB on TV Globo are usually successful after leaving the program, especially if they are winners. This was the case of Juliette Freire, 31, the lawyer who was the champion of the 2022 season.

    Since joining the show, she has already achieved an incredible 30,8 million followers on Instagram @juliette.

    How much does ex-BBB Juliette charge per Instagram post?

    More and more companies and brands are turning to social media advertising, especially with the presence of digital influencers on Instagram or even other platforms. However, of course this is not free.

    And if you and your company want to use this strategy to promote your brand or product, the value can be very expensive depending on which influencer you choose.

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    Juliette usually charges R$400 for advertising on social networks, which includes a post on the social network feed and three Stories on Instagram, with a positive image or message using or talking about the product.

    We can get an idea of ​​how high this price is by doing the following math: if the influencer does four jobs like this, she would earn BRL 1,6 million, BRL 100 more than the BRL 1,5 million she received when she won. the reality show. Of course, the value obtained by her can be even greater by the other services and contracts she has.

    Market experts say that this high value is due to lack of space on the agenda. Therefore, to know how much ex-BBB Juliette charges per Instagram post, it is necessary to see her availability to carry out advertising.

    Taking into account only the approximate values, as the prices will depend on the campaign and the negotiations of the companies and brands with Juliette, she is charging approximately 100 thousand reais for a sequence of Stories and R$ 200.000 for a publication in her feed, being the most six-month contracts. 

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    The advertising values ​​on social media of influencers, not just Juliette, will depend on several factors. It is necessary to take into account the influencer’s moment, its main segment and its availability. An example is that if the person has a niche focused on cinema, then he will probably charge more for brands related to the cinema area. 

    The public usually has an intimate relationship with the influencer. This makes their chance of buying something advertised by their idol much higher than buying something that was not advertised by them. Furthermore, the public identifies with him.

    Based on this, influencers also become more selective with their advertising according to the number of followers they have. The higher the number, the tendency is for it to be more expensive or more difficult to promote advertising. 

    This happens because the greater the number of followers, the greater the credibility that the influencer has. So, by indicating a product that is not so good, for example, your credibility with your followers will also drop. So it's more than a financial issue.

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    As for ex-BBB Juliette charges per post on Instagram: comparison with other famous

    Image: Rede Globo

    A survey carried out in April 2022 by the influencer marketing agency MField shows that of the 17.590 participants, 19,8% said they buy products on the recommendation of influencers they usually follow and like.

    Already 7% of the participants stated that they buy the products or services with the aim of helping the influencer and 23,7% buy because they see the person they indicated on social networks as a reference in the area of ​​the advertised product or service.

    We can compare Juliette's profile on Instagram with that of singer Anitta, who on the same social network has almost twice as many followers as the former BBB, with 54,1 million.

    The funk singer charges the same amount of advertising as Juliette, R$400. The average charged by her for the combo of Stories and a post on the social network feed can be R$300 thousand.

    Other profiles that we can track the average prices charged for advertising are:

    • Bruna Marquezine: the actress has 40,6 million followers. Value per advertising: R$200 thousand (approximately);
    • Isis Valverde: the actress has 25,3 million followers and charges half the price of Marquezine. Value per advertisement: up to R$100 per advertisement.

    If we compare the amount charged between Juliette and also ex-BBB Sarah Andrade, we can see a big difference. Sarah has 8,6 million followers, which in itself is an excellent number, but still far below Juliette's number of followers.

    Therefore, the amount charged by her in her advertisements is from R$35 thousand to R$40 thousand for a post in the feed and a series of Stories. This amount is close to that charged by comedian and YouTuber Julio Cocielo, who has 15,8 million followers. 

    Now that we know how much ex-BBB Juliette charges per Instagram post, we can see that being a digital influencer can be a good source of income.

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