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    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Nov 8, 2022 | WhatsApp |

    WhatsApp is constantly being updated. It stopped being just a messaging app a long time ago and nowadays it can be considered a social network and even a payment app. However, it still has some problems and lacks resources, which even the modified version of the APK has, such as WhatsApp Immune.

    In this post you will be able to check all the main features of WhatsApp Immune, such as downloading, information about your data security, and some other relevant points to let you know about this subject.

    What is WhatsApp Immune 2022?

    Anyone who has suffered from a zap lock knows how this situation is very annoying, not only does the application start to crash, but how the device can get buggy. In addition to being uncomfortable, it causes concern that personal data will be stolen, which can fall into the wrong hands.

    Therefore, it is common to use WhatsApp to send credit card information, passwords, social media login, and even very personal photos and videos. This is why application security is essential.

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    So, WhatsApp Immune, according to its developer, is an improved version of the official app that makes it the antidote against zap locks and even brings some more features, such as customizations with themes and use of passwords.

    Unique Features of WhatsApp Immune

    Password to open WhatsApp Immune: you can enter a password every time you access the application. It is important to warn that the password may be different from the screen unlock, for example.

    Password to protect selected chat: now, if you don't want to put a general password on WhatsApp Immune, you can also put passwords only on certain conversations.

    Two layers of passwords: you can still mix the two previous features, that is, put a general password for WhatsApp Immune and another specific password for your conversations, which will generate much more security and privacy in your account.

    Customization: It is also possible to make customizations in this app. So, it is allowed to change the theme, adjust the notifications, change the transitions, among other modifications.

    Security against zap lock: this is the main feature of this modified app, because it has ways to block malicious codes that can totally bug your WhatsApp, the famous and annoying zap lock.

    How to install WhatsApp Immune

    First of all, it is important to note that WhatsApp Immune only works on mobile phones from Android 4.0 onwards. Another point you need to know is that the application cannot be downloaded from the Google Play Store, as it is a Mods APK.

    Therefore, in order to install any application downloaded outside the Play Store, it is necessary to activate the function of apps from unknown sources, as shown in the following tutorial:

    Step 1: the first step may vary a little depending on the version of your device, but, in general, the path changes little. That said, go to the Settings app on your phone

    Step 2: then scroll down to the “Apps” (or applications) option

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    Step 3: on the screen that opened, choose the option “Manage Apps”

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    Step 4: you need to choose the app where you downloaded the APK, usually Google Chrome is used. Then tap on it.

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    Step 5: scroll a little until the option “install apps from unknown sources” appears and choose it

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    Step 6: now just activate the key.

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    That done, now just download WhatsApp immune and install. It is important to download the modified app from the official website of the developer. Then, you can go to the WhatsApp Plus page or go straight to this link. So, just click on “Download” and it will start automatically.

    What is WhatsApp Immune? Is it safe to use?

    After downloading, you need to go to the folder where the APK is saved and tap on it to start the installation.

    With the app installed, the rest of the procedure is similar to the official WhatsApp, that is, you fill in your number and an SMS will be sent with a security code for you to put in the app, then just put your name and surname, after that's just enjoy your new app.

    Points you need to pay attention to

    WhatsApp Immune developer recommends that you backup your original WhatsApp data before installing the modified APK. To do this, just open your application, tap on the three dots in the upper right corner, now choose the “settings” option, then tap on “conversations”, on the screen that opens, go to the option “backup conversations” and to finish tap on “back up”.

    It is also important that you enter the official website of the constantly modified application to always download the latest version of the app, so you will have all the security features up to date on your updated WhatsApp Immune.

    And speaking of security, according to the APK developer, WhatsApp Immune uses the same security protocol methods as the original app. This means that all chat and group conversations are secure with end-to-end encryption.

    It must be said that WhatsApp Immune is compatible with Android phones, that is, these modified versions of WhatsApp are not available for IOS mobile devices.

    And if an error occurs while installing the app, make sure you've done all the steps mentioned above. If you've done everything right and you're still having problems, according to the developer, your Android may be out of date, if that's what you need to update and try to install again.

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