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    What is OnlyFans and how does this social network work?

    What is OnlyFans and how does this social network work?

    by Equipe AllYourVideogames | Jan 31, 2022 | Social Networks |

    Have you ever thought about making money by producing your own content? So you need to know which is OnlyFans, how it works and how you can use technology to monetize your ideas, with a social network.

    OnlyFans was launched in mid-2022 and is based in London, UK. The main idea is to be an environment where users can sell some content on demand.

    The good thing for anyone who is a content producer on the platform is that in addition to being reliable, it can also be a good option for people to work or earn money from a hobby.

    For followers, it is a way to learn something new, to have exclusive access to content that interests them and to have greater contact with their idol.

    How it works?

    OnlyFans works like other social networks, where the user has followers who like what the user shares and unlike traditional networks, he has to pay for it.

    The contents vary between photos, videos, texts and live streams. To have access to the content of a particular influencer, a monthly subscription is required.

    In addition, the follower also has the option to buy the contents individually, through pay-per-view. That way, the content creator sends it directly to the person for a price he or she determines.

    It is even possible for the buyer to tip if they really like the content. Payments are made by credit or debit card, as long as they are international, or by Wallet Credits, a type of digital wallet.

    Although the vast majority of content is paid, users can choose to post free content. That way, anyone is able to get access.

    Despite this, even to have access to free content, it is necessary to link a payment method to your OnlyFans account, as soon as you create your profile, either as a creator or a fan.

    OnlyFans has a Portuguese version, but payments are only in dollars. This money is converted from dollars to reais on your credit card statement.

    Regarding the price of subscriptions, they range from US$4,99 to US$49,90. Being that, 80% of the value goes to the profile owner and the other 20% goes to OnlyFans for operating expenses.

    The balance is made available to the creator within seven days after the follower pays for the subscription or individual product/service.

    OnlyFans does not have an official app available, access is through the website, directly in a browser.

    To create an account as a content creator, you must upload a photo of your official document and a selfie holding the document.

    It is important to note that, as a creator on the platform, you must choose a bank account that allows international transfers.

    As a creator, you should also know that photos or videos can leak, so the social network has the option to insert your content into “copyright protected” and if something like that happens, you have your rights reserved and right to appeal.

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    Or what about not Only Fans?

    Used by millions of people around the world, OnlyFans has several types of products, among them we can mention content aimed at the fitness world, such as a catalog of exercises, for example.

    Just as models can also sell photos, professionals from different areas can create content based on their knowledge and sell, such as music classes, yoga and consulting.

    It is also common for artists to produce some type of exclusive content and make calls to be closer and more intimate with their fans.

    Although there are several types of content, what gained the most prominence and made the site move more than US$ 2 billion (approximately R$ 10 billion at the current price) was adult content, which grew tremendously in 2022.

    For this reason, the site gained more visibility and became famous around the world, earning and generating money with more than 130 million users. Many people didn't even know that there are other types of content on the platform.

    Adult content was posted and sold by thousands of people. They were, because recently, according to the site, he started to ban sexual content.

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    The ban on adult content and the impact on the network

    As we mentioned, adult content was responsible for most of its audience and revenue for the site and its creators.

    However, even though this was a boost to the platform's economy, the creators of OnlyFans announced a ban on explicit content, but that nude photos and videos would still be allowed.

    The new policies are due to the fact that OnlyFans partners do not accept this type of material linked to their names, so they asked for its removal and ban.

    The new policy should gain more details and guidance to users, in a way that they can maintain the sustainability of the site and its active audience.

    As one of its strategies to deal with the situation, OnlyFans announced the creation of the OFTV app (Android | iOS) that prohibits any nudity or pornography.

    That's how OnlyFans got space in the official stores of Apple and Google and that it intends to attract creators of exclusive content, such as chefs, musicians, dance teachers, among others.

    Despite the ban on the dissemination of content that contains nudity, there are still “lighter” adult content such as videos of celebrities in the industry and podcasts on the subject.

    At the time of this post, the app is ad-free and does not charge for access to the available content. There is also no need to create an account to enter the app.

    Onlyfans how to make money?

    If you have some kind of content that you want to offer for some price on the internet, then OnlyFans can be a good alternative. As we said earlier, just create your account, link a bank account that accepts international transactions, and that's it!

    The next steps depend on you, what you have to offer and how many fans you can reach. All you need is willpower and quality content.

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