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    What is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s?

    What is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 31, 2022 | Technology | 1 comment

    When deciding which is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s, many parents cannot make a decision.

    The insecurity is justifiable, especially in the face of so many alternatives available on the market. 

    To help you in this process, we made a complete list with 5 options, highlighting how they work, benefits, among other curiosities.

    After reading the content, it will be easier to take care of your child's financial life. 

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    Can I open a digital account for anyone under 18? 

    Yes. Digital banks were created with the aim of simplifying the consumer's relationship with money, including those under the age of 18. 

    If you are looking for “Next seat under 18”, you can be carefree. After all, it is a safe bank with many advantages for your child.

    However, not all digital account alternatives on the market contain this functionality.

    If you see a link to open a “digital account for under 18 Nubank”, be careful, as it is fake news, as this company does not yet offer the possibility for minors.

    The same rule applies to those people looking for “C6 Bank to open an account for under 18s”, “digital account for under 18s Neon” and “Pan Bank under 18”. 

    What is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s? 

    From now on, we are going to present a complete list of different digital banking alternatives to open an account for people under 18. 

    1. Digital bank to open an account for people under 18: Banco Inter

    What is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s?

    Let's start our list of digital bank to open account for under 18 talking about Inter.

    One of the best financial institutions in the country allows the customer to open a complete account at no cost.

    It's a great opportunity to plan your child's next steps, without bureaucracy. 

    By opening an account for the child, you can make their money work with safe and profitable solutions.

    Fixed income contains an alternative for customers who need liquidity or for those people who want to keep their money saved for a longer period.

    Among the most common options are: CDB, LCI, LCA and Savings Account. 

    In investment funds, the client can be part of other investors to complete investments in various assets that are available in the financial market.

    And the best: there are options that offer cashback, that is, the user receives part of the administration and performance fees back. 

    Private welfare is a good alternative to start building the child's future with less worry.

    The most interesting thing is that it is not necessary to have a large amount.

    Just have R$100 to choose the most suitable for your goals and invest every month with the aim of improving profitability.

    The credit card is another benefit that cannot be ignored in this article.

    It is made with the child's name.

    With the support of this feature, your child does not need to travel around the city with money in his pocket, ensuring more security during the routine. 

    The child is entitled to a Mastercard debit card.

    Through the application, the user can block this feature in situations of loss, theft or robbery. 

    To open a kids account, there is no bureaucracy.

    The process can be done through your mobile device. All you need is a computer with internet access.

    However, it is never too much to make it clear that the child must have a CPF and an identity card to guarantee the benefits of Banco Inter. 

    The first step is to access your app store and download the Banco Inter app.

    Then add your child's personal information and also the details of who is responsible for the account. 

    Now, you have to upload selfie and documents.

    It is necessary to register a selfie and documents not only of the minor, but also of the person responsible. 

    2. Digital bank to open account for under 18: Next Joy

    The proposal of the online financial institution is to promote the union between customers and Disney's most beloved characters, in an incredible journey through financial education.

    The digital account is free and with features that help control costs. 

    To be entitled to this benefit, you must have a Next digital account.

    Then, just access the app, click on 'nextJoy' and open the account for the kids.

    The little ones will be able to enter an application where it is possible to customize it according to their characteristics. 

    One of the main benefits of this digital account is the programmed allowance.

    This is a feature that allows you to schedule an amount that you want to forward every month to your children's account.

    In this way, they can learn from an early age to manage finances more safely. 

    You can even set alerts and monitor all motivations that run through the application.

    It is a great resource to bring more security in the relationship between children and money. 

    The user can guarantee several exclusive benefits. Find out which are the most important below:

    • CNA: the client guarantees a discount in the initial stages of the course;
    • Disney +: possibility of subscribing to the service, through the application, in a few minutes; 
    • Bookstore Culture: discounts available on books and other items sold by the company; 
    • Multilaser: discounts on exclusive items and free shipping for some products;
    • Razer: 20% discount on all products that are available on the site. 

    There are also other benefits, such as transfers between parents and children.

    They are ideal for parents who want to send extra money to their child.

    You can make transfers free of charge and without limits, ensuring more practicality for your routine. 

    3. Digital bank to open an account for people under 18: PicPay

    It is one of the best payment apps in the country.

    By registering with this company, the customer can receive and pay bills.

    In addition to the various benefits that are offered, the technology allows users under the age of 18 to open a checking account. 

    With PicPay, customers can perform various operations over the internet, without having to waste time in queues.

    You can receive and send money to other users, pay bills, purchase credits for your mobile device and even recharge your transport card. 

    As a benefit, every amount that is sent to the PicPay wallet, the consumer automatically guarantees income.

    The most interesting thing is that the value is greater than a savings account. 

    The customer does not need to pay fees to download the PicPay application.

    You still don't have annuity, monthly fee or membership fees.

    To improve your financial planning, the technology does not yet contain costs for certain services. 

    The opening of an account for those under 18 years of age is only released to customers who meet the following standards:

    • Minimum of 16 years; 
    • CPF without restrictions; 
    • Mobile device line in operation;
    • Enter personal data correctly at the time of registration. 

    At the time of registration, the company may still require other types of data:

    • Full name;
    • Email address;
    • CPF;
    • Phone number.

    To complete the process, PicPay can also ask the user to send a photo of their face, in the form of a selfie. 

    It is essential to make it clear that the customer cannot have more than one account, since it is related to the user's CPF.

    On the other hand, the company authorizes the creation of an account for each version, ie: legal entity and individual. 

    It is never too much to remember that PicPay does not contact customers to request personal data through email or social networks.

    The entire process runs in the app.

    It is important to keep this guideline so as not to suffer from virtual scams. 

    4. Account for minors under 18: Banco Bradesco

    Traditional banks are also betting on a bank account aimed at children and teenagers.

    Bradesco Click Conta contains several benefits for the consumer, such as:

    • Online courses to ensure a better future for your child;
    • Possibility to learn English with the CNA school;
    • Discount at an exchange agency. 

    In addition, you can enjoy the benefits of the programmed allowance, establish a daily movement limit according to the child's routine, guarantee an exclusive card to help with routine expenses, among others. 

    5. Account for minors under 18 years old: Bank of our country Conta Jovem 

    Let's finish our list of digital banks to open an account for under 18s by talking about the Young Account, which is made available by the Bank of our country.

    It is indicated only for those clients who have not yet entered the university and are aged between 12 and 21 years.

    Here, the user has access to their digital account, with card and check. 

    To open the account, the customer must go to a bank branch in our country with the following documentation. 

    • Identity card and CPF (original). If you are under 18 years of age, we recommend bringing your guardian's ID card and CPF;
    • Proof of residence, issued within the last 90 days. 

    It is important to remember that if the holder is over 16 and under 18, it is necessary to sign the opening contract accompanied by a legal guardian. 

    For those under 16, the legal guardian is required to sign the account opening agreement and other documents required by the financial institution.

    After knowing our list of 5 options available on the market, it became easier to find out which is the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s, right?

    However, before making a decision, carefully analyze the characteristics of each one to choose the best alternative for your child. 

    Now that you know the best digital bank to open an account for under 18s, learn about the 10 best digital brokers to invest in. 

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