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    What is the best digital bank to store money?

    What is the best digital bank to store money?

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Aug 26, 2022 | Technology |

    To discover what is the best bank to store money it's a big challenge.

    This is because the market contains several alternatives that, at times, people even get confused because of the services that are very similar.

    However, each one has its particularities. 

    With that in mind, we have developed a complete list. After reading this content, you will have great inputs to know which is the best digital bank to invest your money. 

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    What is the best digital bank to store money? 

    From now on, we will show you which are the best digital banks in our country authorized by the Central Bank, highlighting how they work, positive and negative points, among other important issues.

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    1. Inter Bank 

    It is a financial institution that is recognized for being one of the main responsible for the spread of fintechs in our country. 

    When it comes to digital banking, the platform is one of the most suitable in the area, with several advantages, exemption from fees and an application with many services that help to uncomplicate your relationship with money. 

    It is not necessary to pay any fee to open a digital account at Banco Inter.

    Another positive point is that there are no fees for making transfers and using the most common services of the financial institution.

    Per month, the user can generate up to 30 slips. 

    You are also entitled to a credit card with a manageable limit, cashback, the possibility of depositing money via bank slip and check, PIX, investments (Treasury Direct, CDB, LCI and Savings), in addition to mobile recharge. 

    The user can also make withdrawals, free of charge, on the networks of Bancos24Horas. To top it off, Banco Inter also offers access to insurance, financing, exchange and consortium. 

    By investing their money in Banco Inter, the investor has a profit of 0,11% per month.

    The user receives the amount whenever the applied balance reaches the monthly anniversary.

    If you have doubts about which digital bank yields the most, Banco Inter contains a tool for investors to better understand which products are most suitable for their profile. 

    2. Nubank Bank

    The next alternative on our list always appears in the top positions when asked about the best digital bank to store money. 

    The startup our country, which is a reference in digital financial services, contains several options to ensure a healthy connection with its customers. 

    The main objective of the solution is to include your consumers as the center of your decisions regarding money.

    Given this scenario, the institution allows customers to manage transactions through a free application.  

    In this alternative, you can open an account for free. As with Banco Inter, Nubank does not charge fees for transfers and any type of deposit. 

    The PJ Account and the international card with a manageable limit are other advantages that bank customers have access to. 

    For consumers who enjoy many benefits, Nubank does not disappoint.

    The account holder can choose the physical or virtual international card. 

    The deposit in this financial institution is allowed not only by means of a bank slip, but also by transfer. 

    If you intend to invest your money, the company allows applications for CDI and savings. In addition, you can have access to traditional services.

    Among the most common are: PIX, payment by approximation and mobile recharge. 

    Despite not having maintenance fees, the withdrawal in this alternative is not free. The fee for the entire Banco24Horas network is R$6,50. 

    The account holder still has available loans and the loyalty program, which is known as Nubank Rewards. 

    In this bank, your capital gets a great return. To give you an idea, the profit corresponds to 100% of the CDI.

    Contrary to what happens with other alternatives on the market, the balance is available for the user to redeem at any time. 

    Therefore, when you have doubts about which digital bank earns more CDI, Nubank can be a great alternative. 

    To open an account at this institution, you do not need to go to a bank branch. Just download the app, which is authorized for both Android and iOS. 

    3. Banco Neon

    Banco Neon's proposal is to simplify the financial life of its consumers. It is a national fintech that is one of the main highlights in opening and digital checking accounts. 

    You are still entitled to three types of cards: credit, debit and prepaid. They are issued thanks to a partnership with the financial institution Votorantim. 

    For those who are looking for a no-cost option, the bank does not charge fees for opening an account, transferring and the most common services offered by an institution. 

    Boletos are also exempt from fees, but the limit is established according to the profile of each consumer. 

    If you are looking for an international card with no annual fee, it is worth requesting the Neon option.

    The credit limit is manageable according to the institution's analysis. 

    In addition to cell phone recharge, the bank allows you to make deposits through boleto and even loans.

    On the other hand, the institution charges a value of R$5,90 per withdrawal. On Neon+, the bank offers three free withdrawals on the Banco24Horas network. 

    Here, you can invest in CDI and CDB with daily liquidity. The bank also contains payment by approximation, ensuring more convenience for the consumer. 

    For many people, Neon is the best bank to make money. The system is safe and simple.

    It is possible to guarantee a yield of 95% of the CDI. It is a value greater than savings, which have a profit of only 70% of the CDI. 

    Anyone who thinks it is necessary to have a lot of money saved in the bank to make their applications is wrong.

    Just invest at least R$10 to start realizing a financial return. 

    It is a great alternative for those people who are looking for the best digital bank to save money and still have a guaranteed return.

    4. C6 Bank 

    Undoubtedly, this is one of the most complete institutions in the financial area. With a few clicks, you have access to a digital checking account and payment account. 

    The user does not only have access to investment products. On the contrary, it contains international dollar bill, free toll tag for all consumers and solutions for legal entities. 

    When opening your digital account, it is essential to make it clear that the bank does not charge fees from the customer.

    In addition, there are no transfer costs and some services that are offered by the institution. 

    In one place, you have access to a physical and virtual credit card, in addition to the Black card with exclusive benefits.

    His limit is manageable, according to the analysis of the consumer profile. 

    C6 Bank is a great alternative for customers looking to manage a MEI account and make investments in CDI and CDB. 

    The negative side of this institution is that it only offers one way to deposit money (boleto). 

    On the other hand, mobile top-up offers special advantages for TIM consumers, and withdrawals are made free of charge on any Banco24Horas network. 

    You also have access to several services that are exclusive to the institution, such as: C6 Kick, C6 Tag, C6 Pay, C6 Travel, Atoms and C6+Benefit. 

    5. Original Bank 

    It is a national bank managed by the holding J&F, which began its operations in 2001, through the merger of two financial institutions: Banco JBS and Banco Matone. 

    In its product portfolio, Banco Original contains solutions for individuals, companies and retail banks. 

    6. Paid Market 

    Developed by Mercado Livre, the payment platform is a great resource to help entrepreneurs and bring less bureaucracy in the online environment. 

    With the evolution of the application, Mercado Pago is gaining a competitive edge in the market.

    This is because, in addition to practicality and security, it contains great features:

    • QRCode payments; 
    • cashback;
    • Investments in CDI;
    • Transfers;
    • International cards. 

    Now that you know that Mercado Pago is on the list of the best digital bank to save money, just open your account online, for free.

    7. Banking

    The next name on our list is a PagSeguro digital bank.

    It offers a payment functionality through credit and debit machines.

    For this, she uses her application in a practical way, including for those customers who are not tech-savvy. 

    Among the services offered by the free digital account, there are: loan through the internet, recharge of services, health plan and payment QRCode for companies. 

    The company offers free withdrawals to sellers.

    However, to be entitled to this benefit, it is necessary to have a profit above R$50.000 per month. Other customers get two fee-free withdrawals per month. 

    If it is necessary to rely on the support of this service again, the customer pays a fee of R$7,50 per withdrawal.  

    You are entitled to an international card with no fees, cashback and cash deposit. 

    When researching which digital account makes the most money, we recommend getting to know PagBank in more detail.

    In it, the client does not need to invest any amount, as the balance yields 100% of the CDI, which corresponds to 110% of savings. 

    Which is the best digital bank to save money: Conclusion

    Here in this post, we mention a list of the best digital bank to invest in 2022. So, get to know each option in detail.

    Thus, it will be easier to apply your money more safely. 

    To choose the best digital bank to save money, observe the benefits of each one, what is the income, characteristics, among other issues.

    After discovering the best digital bank to save money, learn about the best credit cards, with no annual fee. 


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