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    What is TBT: 6 ways to use the hashtag and engage followers

    What is TBT: 6 ways to use the hashtag and engage followersWhat is TBT: 6 ways to use the hashtag and engage followers

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 16, 2022 | Social Networks |

    We have already explained here on the blog what hashtags are. Today, let's talk about one in particular: #tbt. You've probably seen this expression on social media, haven't you? Especially on Instagram, the hashtag has gained a lot of popularity. But what is TBT?


    The acronym TBT is an abbreviation of the term Throwback Thursday, which means in English as Throwback Thursday or Return Thursday.

    The idea is to post a photo or video of something that happened in the past, as a way to remember that moment. The day of the week to make this remembrance is, as the name says, always on Thursday.

    Now that you know the meaning of tbt, let's understand how this expression came to be in the digital world.


    There is no evidence of authorship of the tbt hashtag. One of the ideas spread is that a brand of children's shoes called Nice Kicks, started the game in 2006.

    According to reports, the company posted on its social media on Thursdays a series of photos of old sneakers. Thus, the concept of the tbt hashtag was widespread.

    The most curious thing about it all is that Instagram was only created in 2010. Hashtags were created in 2022. Even after 5 years, #tbt has gained a lot of popularity on the social network.

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    1. You can use the Nice Kicks idea and use the hashtag to post product photos from an old collection.

    2. In conjunction with strategy 1, you can use it to liquidate a stalled stock and promote products from the old collection. How about posting a #tbt and giving the merchandise a discount?

    3. Another alternative is to use #tbt to tell a little about your company's history. Take advantage of the nostalgic character that this hashtag brings us and engage your audience with the trajectory of your brand.

    4. Post an image of the first store, first office, first product, first logo, etc. Curiosities like this, when shared, bring your audience closer to your story.

    5. Use images or videos relevant to your persona. It's no use posting anything just to enjoy the wave on Thursday.

    I mean, the content needs to be of interest to your audience. Otherwise, it will just be one more image in your followers' feed.

    6. Combine with more hashtags. These signals are great for spreading your content organically.

    That is, it is the chance to show the face of your company to more people. We have prepared content with the most used hashtags in the world, enjoy!


    1. TBT is one of the most popular hashtags today. On Instagram, it has had more than 480 million hits.

    2. Can also be written as #Throwback or #ThrowbackThursday

    3. The definition of TBT has already been Googled by our countrymen over 183 thousand times.

    4. There are variations of #tbt for other days of the week. This is the case of #fbf which means Flashback Friday, that is, the Friday of the flashback. Despite not being so well known, it follows the same idea as #tbt, changing, of course, the day of the post.


    Now you know what tbt means and you have tips on how to apply this hashtag in your business. How about starting this week?

    Hashtags are yet another way to generate engagement and deliver your content to more people. You have no reason to let this strategy go.

    A final tip: monitor the social networks of companies that are references in their market, see which # they use and test in their publications. Here you can find other possibilities to increase your audience on the networks.

    Now tell us here, do you already use hashtags in your posts? What are the most used on your social networks?

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