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    What is telemetry? Know everything here

    What is telemetry? Know everything here

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Mar 10, 2022 | News | 0

    Are you familiar with the concept of telemetry and the benefits that can come with it? With each passing day, the volume of information and data available in the world increases and becomes even more valuable for the vast majority of companies. This is because it is increasingly important to carry out measurements and collection processes.

    Thus, telemetry gained its space in several market segments. The subject is even more addressed and studied by professionals and experts in real-time collection and monitoring of data. If you are interested and want to learn more about telemetry, in this text we will explain what it is, where you can use it and what benefits it offers.

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    What is Telemetry? 

    Literally, the term telemetry means “the art of measuring things”, but when we take that word into the industry, it will have a slightly different meaning. It becomes a technology that enables the communication of information between systems and also allows their remote measurement. All this is done through wireless technological devices, which work with satellite signals or radio waves.

    Telemetry normally refers to the wireless communication system, where a monitoring system works by performing the storage and collection of data. A very interesting point is that telemetry can perform remote commands by developers or system operators. In addition, you can also perform simpler activities, such as reading the captured data.

    Do not be surprised if you find someone using the term telemetry to refer to the technological monitoring system itself, as this is very common. This system is also widely used to measure, track or command devices remotely. 

    If you need to measure moving points geographically, this system also has the ability to do so, such as cars, motorcycles, buses, planes and others, ideal for logistical control. A very good example is Formula 1, since Telemetry is used so that all vehicle components in the race are monitored, avoiding major problems.

    Another concept that is related to telemetry is telematics, which can be explained very simply. It is the remote communication of several, or only one, computer services provided through a telecommunication network.

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    Where can you use Telemetry?

    You can apply telemetry in several different ways, to make it easier for you to understand, below we list the main ways you can use it.

    IoT – Internet of Things

    We can say that the Internet of Things is based precisely on telemetry, remote control, which we have already mentioned above, can be done in smart thermostats, autonomous industrial production machines, automated lighting and many others. The Internet of Things system has grown a lot, precisely due to the low cost of the sensors that connect the devices. 

    Information system and infrastructure 

    The information technology area usually uses a lot the monitoring of devices and systems that telemetry offers. Especially the infrastructure area that uses this system a lot to monitor and measure the states of equipment that support the business processes.


    Another sector that uses telemetry a lot is logistics, especially in the control of vehicular fleets, with vehicular telemetry. All data and information that involve driving the vehicle are sent to the monitoring system in real time. Data such as vehicle fuel, number of vehicles in your fleet and even the location can be remotely monitored by the manager and his operation.

    Thus, control is made of drivers' habits, monitoring of risk situations and real-time interactions with the customer. A simple example is tracking your order, when you can know the location and delivery forecast through the tracking code.

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    One of the main highlights of the national territory is agriculture, much of this is due to the technological development that is applied in this area. Telemetry is used especially for tracking livestock through sensors. Automated drones are also used to map all agricultural areas that serve to identify climate change and pest identification. All of this is done through the use of telemetry.

    Oil Industry

    Telemetry is also widely used in the oil industry, more specifically in the transmission of important information regarding the mechanical part of a drilling well, all this being done in real time. In this way, errors and problems are avoided and the work in the industry is considerably optimized. 

    Energy Monitoring

    When we talk about energy consumption in homes, buildings and factories, it ends up being monitored through a system connected in several places, with telemetry. Thus, information related to energy is sent to the central which enables an increasingly efficient use of energy. The maintenance of power generators and other electrical equipment is also done through this system. 

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    The benefits of Telemetry

    Image: Superchip

    As you can see, the concept and technology of telemetry is not exactly new. To make its operation even clearer, we have separated the main benefits that result from telemetry:

    • Costs are reduced considerably: by using the precise data that telemetry makes available, it is possible to learn and understand the steps of the processes in which a waste or failure is happening, working on top of that to correct. It is also possible to perceive “gaps” that serve to optimize the entire process and increase efficiency while spending less;
    • Production undergoes optimization: in addition to cost reductions and greater security, the processes, consequently, undergo an optimization that increases even more the profits obtained for your company/business;
    • Creates more security for those involved: if before many works were based on “guessing”, precise telemetry data eliminates this. With reliable information, decision-making can be made in precise and assertive ways, increasing the safety of employees and the company in general. 

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