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    What is NIS: 6 portals to consult your registration

    What is NIS: 6 portals to consult your registrationWhat is NIS: 6 portals to consult your registration

    by Team AllYourVideogames | Dec 18, 2022 | Entrepreneurship |

    If you have worked with CLT registration or received any social benefits, you certainly have an NIS number. But what is NIS and what is it for? Let's talk about that in this post.

    The acronym NIS stands for Social Identification Number. It is a unique record, that is, each person has their own. It is as if it were the CPF of the social register of our country's citizens.

    This identification number has 11 digits and it will be necessary to inform it in all social operations carried out on your behalf. Examples: benefits such as the Bolsa Família Program, unemployment insurance, FGTS, maternity leave, retirement and others.

    Now that you know what NIS is, see why this registration is important.


    For all naturalized our countrymen, it is very important to have the registration and know what NIS is. He is the one who guarantees access to labor rights and social security in our country.

    The registry is organized by Caixa Econômica Federal and controls the distribution of public income among citizens. The registry serves to prevent fraud and misuse of public funds.

    In this sense, it is impossible to receive any benefit from the Federal Government without having your registration in the NIS.


    As we mentioned earlier, the NIS registration is your social identification number. The acronym NIT refers to the same thing, that is, NIT and NIS are the same numbers and means Worker Identification Number.

    The difference is that NIS is the register of formal workers and NIT is the register of informal workers such as: liberal professionals, domestic workers, self-employed and others.

    PIS, on the other hand, is the Social Integration Program, when a person registers for the first time with a formal contract. That is, the NIS is the identification number of the person within the PIS program.

    Finally, PASEP is an old program created by the Federal Government which means: Program for the Formation of Public Servant Heritage. It would be like PIS, however, focused only on federal, state and municipal civil servants and other public jobs.

    Finally, a tip: if you still do not have a work card record, it is interesting to consult your data and find out your NIS. Thus, you will be able to inform your future contractor and prevent the NIS number from being generated in duplicate.


    If you want to know if you already have a NIS application, you can make an inquiry in several channels.

    1. CadÚnico

    We have already talked about the Single Registry, also known as the Citizen Consultation Portal. To check your NIS registration, just download the app and log in using your CPF and other personal data.

    If you are the family representative, you can consult the NIS records of all participants in your family group. It is worth remembering that this option is only valid for those who are already beneficiaries of the Federal Government's social programs.

    2. Citizen Card

    If you have your citizen card, please note that your NIS number is available right on the front of the card. Remembering that only the first 11 digits are the NIS inscription. The furthest 2 digits do not belong to your registration.

    3. Work Card - CTPS

    On the Employment Card, your NIS number is on the first page, along with your photo. In this document, it will appear with the nomenclature PIS.

    4. My INSS

    Both through the application and on the Meu INSS website, it is possible to consult your NIS. For the first access, you will need to register and create a login and password.

    5. FGTS Statement

    You can access your statement on the Internet on the Caixa website and it will be possible to find out your NIS number. For the first access, as well as my INSS website, you will need to register and create a login and password.

    6. Bolsa Família Card

    As with the Citizen Card, for those who receive the family allowance, the NIS can be found on the front of the social benefit card.

    Just below the name of the beneficiary and cardholder are the 11 digits of the NIS record.

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    All public policies of social benefits of the Federal Government will only be intended for a citizen after he/she has completed his/her NIS registration.

    Normally, this registration is already carried out by government agencies as soon as a beneficiary is registered in a social program.

    Therefore, most people already have their NIS number, but are unaware of it.

    Having the NIS number available facilitates access to consultation on entitlement, receipt, withdrawal, duration and cancellation of enrollment in social programs.

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